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  1. I also like that there's no cap on farming, but now this cap on trade-ins makes even less sense. Farming cap could be explained with preventing the players' burnouts. Trade-in caps are only explained with the devs' uncertainty that they balanced things right, so they put in this safety guard that prevents the players from exhausting the content in one day. It's not a good excuse. Either way, cap or no cap, the tediousness of the exchange process is still there.
  2. In order to get all the Necralisk goodies one has to do this, preferably every day: Go to Daughter, check out Exocrine Assignments, hover over every assignment, decide if the cost is acceptable, click > "Give" > wait for the animation to finish for each assignment you decide to turn in. Go to Otak, check out Extraction Expeditions, hover over every expedition, decide if the cost is acceptable, click > "Give" > wait for the animation to finish for each expedition you decide to turn in. Go to Father, check out Parts Requisition, hover over every requisition, decide
  3. I have "Music Volume" at 0, "Self Mandachord Volume" and "Ally Mandachord Volume" at 100. I don't hear any mandachord sounds in the game. It seems like these settings only help to mute mandachord while keeping BGM, but I want to do the opposite - mute BGM and still hear mandachords. Octavia is one of my least used frames, because this always has been an issue. I find BGM distracting, so I play without it, but I need to hear the mandachord to use Octavia properly.
  4. Missed one of the alerts. So sad 😥
  5. In the menu, below Nightwave button, there's an "Update History" button.
  6. Oh no please don't lock cosmetics and decorations within bundles with functional items. I'm speaking of Lavos Transmutation Probe Decoration (and you did this with Baruuk Mandala before). It's no fun buying warframes & weapons rather than earning them! Let us get this cute little thing without cheating please!
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