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  1. Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Kamen! Helped by my friend @Lisec2dot0
  2. Heat proc (from wiki) Corrosive proc Is Corrosive at risk of becoming redundant? There's Heat proc that also offers a similar armor stripping effect - although 50% compared to 80%, and its duration seems to be shorter. But with changed armor scaling 50% might be enough, and Heat also adds crowd control and damage over time on top of that.
  3. Kuva Liches often spawn way behind in the mission, requiring something like half a kilometre trace-back. I hope it's a bug to be fixed, and not an intentional thing.
  4. Just failed the mission because the drone got stuck at that grineer camp near the boil and refused to move.
  5. The picture doesn't do this syandana justice. It's very, I should say, dynamic ☺️. And also has a gradient that looks wonderful with the right combination of colours. I thought I was getting just another cloak, but was stunned when I saw the real thing.
  6. Dojo map overlays all floors on top of each other. This happens in other people's dojos after we park the railjack. If I just go to my own dojo normally, the map is fine.
  7. Also experiencing a bug where after getting out of the wing turret (360 view intrinsic unlocked) the railjack stops being rendered apart from the doors. You can still run around as if it's there, but you have to navigate mostly by memory. The stations work, if you remember where they are and find that prompt in space. Occasionally there are black boxes too. This happened a good number of times to me, both as a host and as a client.
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