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  1. This week's Nightwave has a task to do 3 assassination missions. So I thought, cool, Ropalolyst is one of the most exciting boss fights, I'll do that 3 times. The first run reminded me why I'd rather go kill Sergeant instead. The Lotus obstructing half the screen feels so uncomfortable, it almost hurts to play this mission. Can she please be moved to the usual communication spot (and size)?
  2. Please reduce the grind for this event. It'd be good fun if it required 10 or 20 matches to buy everything from Nakak, but with the current cost the fun turns into disappointment and frustration once you realize you need to repeat this more than 80 times. And that's if you're satisfied with only one copy of each roller fluff.
  3. Yay! I was actually missing Nightwave. Everyone's so critical about it, but I enjoyed the challege and the incentive to attempt things I had never done before. I never stayed in survivals for an hour before Nightwave, but now I'm beginning to get why people do long runs. Learned how to use the recruiting channel too 😁 (though I am glad to see the friends requirement go).
  4. Another annoyance with it is that though normally you have buttons in the Inbox like this: For some reason on these transmissions it's I'm used to DELETE button being there, so I often accidentally click DELETE ALL READ MESSAGES against my intention.
  5. It would be nice if the credits we earned during the season were still exchangeable for a week or two after the season ends.
  6. So the energy colour on warframes got separated into the energy colour of the warframe itself ("Emissive") and the colour of the abilities it casts ("Energy"). That's cool and logical. But what is the point of having both "Emissive" and "Energy" on everything else - syandanas, attachments, weapons? If "Emissive" is how they glow, then what is "Energy"?
  7. When using Balefire in Aegis Storm, the aiming is obscured by her arm, especially before the shot. Then she raises her arm a bit for a few seconds and it at least moves above the reticle, but I feel the field of view is significantly limited by the arm and the body. This is rather inconvenient.
  8. For future weekend wars, maybe we can have some personal progress alongside the global one? Maybe a counter on how many enemies of required type we killed during the event?
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