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  1. Hopefully dx10 won't be unplayabe from now on, huh?
  2. Thank you!! good you remember the DX9 players!! don't forget that dx9 issue that is happening on Orb Vallis too! =D
  3. Thanks!! But i still wonder when you gonna fix this.
  4. Thanks DE! but... still no fix for this...?
  5. Cuz always i report a bug on dx9 they said is my computer, even when other people report the same issue
  6. Thank you!! but when you going to fix this?!?! https://imgur.com/a/YOk6N2g I play on dx9 cuz in dx10+ is unplayabe, PLEASE FIX THIS DE!!! (YES MY PC IS A POTATO THANK YOU)
  7. When the black squares and rectangles popping out on screen on dx9 will be FIXED?? Ty for the hotfix tho
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