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  1. Hello!! I've being playing with WISP, and i have to say: - She needs MORE EXCLUSIVE ANIMATIONS!! 1- Aim walk, she doens't have feets, so the normal animation does NOT FIT ON HER! she should levitate or something 2- Crouching animation! again, she does NOT have feets/legs, so the current animation does not make any sense 3- Bullet jump animation! a consequence of the crouching animation 4- MELEE and DUAL WIELDING ANIMATION, when in this mode, she will have the same animations that others warframes (they have legs, she don't), it's VERY weird to see that animations on her! That's all! thanks!
  2. I want this frame on the game, RIGHT. NOW! But i would say he needs some CC Abilities, cuz one-target frames are not much usefull for squads, i mean Garuda is an example, she's powerfull but i don't play with her in squads, u know what i mean?
  3. Hopefully dx10 won't be unplayabe from now on, huh?
  4. Thank you!! good you remember the DX9 players!! don't forget that dx9 issue that is happening on Orb Vallis too! =D
  5. Thanks!! But i still wonder when you gonna fix this.
  6. Thanks DE! but... still no fix for this...?
  7. Cuz always i report a bug on dx9 they said is my computer, even when other people report the same issue
  8. Thank you!! but when you going to fix this?!?! https://imgur.com/a/YOk6N2g I play on dx9 cuz in dx10+ is unplayabe, PLEASE FIX THIS DE!!! (YES MY PC IS A POTATO THANK YOU)
  9. When the black squares and rectangles popping out on screen on dx9 will be FIXED?? Ty for the hotfix tho
  10. Thanks DE! always getting better! ^^
  11. Hi DE! Just passing to say WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORK!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Aaaand, when fortuna is comming out? any estimate date already?
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