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  1. Nijuroku

    Recurring Nightmares: Hotfix 1+1.1

    That was quick
  2. Nijuroku

    Hotfix 14.1.2 +

    Well, there it is.
  3. Nijuroku

    Hotfix 14.0.10

    Literally started the launcher then the update happened. O_O Edit: Rhino Prime's Gold skin is back!!!
  4. Sugoi! (No metallic colors yet?) *sobs
  5. Nijuroku

    Hotfix 14.0.5

    It matters not for I am already MR 15.
  6. If DE has gone public, maybe I need to buy shares of stock. :3
  7. Nijuroku


    JUST when I was about to log in then BAM! "A new version..." *sigh Anyways. Thanks, DE ltd.!
  8. Nijuroku

    Hotfix 13.8.5

  9. Nijuroku

    Update 13.8.0: Breeding Grounds

  10. Nijuroku

    T-Shirt Design Contest- Poll

    RayhanMH's design looks really nice. It's so ingenious.
  11. Nijuroku

    Gif Thread

  12. Nijuroku

    Gif Thread

  13. Nijuroku

    Update 13.7.1

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^DO YOU EVEN BB CODE?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What sucks is getting a Unc5 Fusion core from T4 MDef.
  14. Nijuroku

    Gif Thread

    idk if someone already posted this but... POTATO-DONO!!
  15. Nijuroku

    Hotfix 13.6.1

    I don't see the "Fixed Orokin Drones not being affected by melee" here...