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  1. It's the Dullahan mask, referencing the Headless Horseman, who sometimes wears a jack-o-lantern for a head. Not necessarily Halloween or Day of the Dead, but still in the general spirit of the season. 😋
  2. Really looking forward to these changes, especially heavy attacks and the return of blocking. What I'm not looking forward to is the return of 'melee toggling'. Cutting that out was one of the best parts of Phase 1, and bringing it back is totally unnecessary. I'm assuming it was added to facilitate manual blocking, but even though heavy attacks are taking the place of channeling (which would have been my first choice for a block key) there's still an empty key binding that would be perfect for blocking; the 'reload' key. It does nothing during melee, and mapping this as a block key could also enable blocking with guns simply by holding the reload key with a gun equipped. Please consider doing this instead of the 'dedicated melee' system which only serves to slow combat and makes little sense with the new system.
  3. Hold to cast works smooth as silk on a controller and doesn't disrupt any movement, this game really should not be played with a keyboard. Aim to cast would be much more awkward, especially if primarily using melee, and while it might work with Vauban or Wisp, it makes less sense with Ember or Gauss and limits the potential for future dynamic reworks or abilities by forcing reliance on aiming - when abilities are often more for crowd control.
  4. Shouldn't it end on November 2, so we could actually use the Day of the Dead stuff on, you know, the Day of the Dead? Otherwise just call it Halloween.
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