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  1. Please implement at least some of these measures to improve both tracking and free target hunting:
  2. This needs to work on the conservation animals themselves at the very least. Other suggestions from this reddit post would be worth looking at, as well:
  3. The fish parts RNG was a deliberate choice? What???
  4. They're already doing that by way of slowly nerfing rivens for popular weapons into the ground. The only thing actually stopping them from doing proper balancing is that it takes far more work than nerfing flavor of the day, week, month etc. weapons and being done with it. It's part of their continued refusal to revisit older content as opposed to chasing new players with big, flashy, new updates. The one Warframe: Revisited patch we had wasn't enough. We need like five more, and balancing could be part of them.
  5. Power fantasy isn't an argument against balance, it's an alternative to it. And it's necessary, considering DE has proven time and time again that they're absolutely awful at maintaining balance. Look at the current state of secondaries vs. primaries, guns vs. melee, the massive chasm in usefulness between the best and worst frames, the supposedly-balancing riven system, the varying usefulness (and uselessness) of the different sentinels and companions, and so on. The one "balancing" move DE has up their sleeve is going after whatever people happen to be enjoying at the moment, and all th
  6. Well, in that case, they better get started sooner rather than later!
  7. And every ability being competitive is bad, because...?
  8. I guess it's way less work to nerf the best abilities than to buff the bad ones.
  9. It would be a nice gesture to refund platinum spent on Drop Chance Boosters in the week following the launch of Steel Path. EDIT: I wrote this before seeing the in-game mail and booster. That's also a nice gesture. It may not be enough for others, but personally, I'm good. 👍
  10. Thanks for not forgetting the Khora BP. ❤️
  11. Yeah Voltage, this ain't it. Just be glad DE's actually generous about something for once, it happens rarely enough already.
  12. Increase the lower dispo cap to 1.0. edit: Gonna use this post to highlight, to the people streaming in just to point and laugh at people's misery, what exactly the problem with our current system is:
  13. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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