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  1. They could still come out and say why, if that's the case. A lot of people are asking for this.
  2. Hi! o/ Hold heavy attacks are currently very easy to trigger accidentally on most melee weapons, disrupting flow and resulting in loss of combo count. Do you have plans to make them toggleable? If not, why not?
  3. Can we have a toggle for hold heavy attacks, please?
  4. A hold heavy attack toggle would be nice.
  5. Looking forward to a long press heavy attack toggle making it in in 2020.
  6. These are all great. Thanks so much. ❤️
  7. You guys did a great job with this update. Y'all should be proud. ❤️
  8. Long-press heavy attacks can be accidentally triggered on every weapon type except single swords and sword and boards, which are currently also bugged in that you cannot trigger long press heavy attacks on them at all. For the rest of the weapon types, accidental longpresses can happen more or less often depending on weapon attack speed, ping, framerate, and whether or not you're hosting.
  9. Filigree Prime is the first non-holiday-themed Orbiter Interior. Why is it exclusive to Twitch Prime?
  10. I recently grabbed a Lacera, and Defiled Snapdragon's forward + block combo feels very sluggish to me, even at ~2.1 attack speed, especially compared to other stances' forward + block combos.
  11. We need a toggle in options for long press heavy attacks. They're too easy to trigger accidentally.
  12. Ooooorrrrr, you could just restore both the mods dropping instead of relics and the Kuva and stop being so incredibly tight-fisted with rewards all the time.
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