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    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Is there any chance you guys could have another look at stasis? Now that Fetch is in the game, I switch to pets more often, and the clunkiness of the stasis system—the multiple dialogs, menus, and having to wait for long animations to finish—is really getting in the way. Are there any plans to remove it and just let us pick our pets from a list, like with moas and sentinels, or to at least streamline the process?
  2. kxZyle

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Any chance we could have a UI element showing which relics/prime parts are vaulted? My account's getting older and looking up relics each time I want to farm Baro fodder is annoying.
  3. kxZyle

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Any chance we could have a UI icon for vaulted relics/prime parts?
  4. kxZyle

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    Why on earth would you mastery gate a UI addition?
  5. kxZyle

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    How's Login 3.0 coming along? Any chance you guys could, when it's implemented, let everyone have a free weapon/mod pick? It would be for people who might've passed any important milestones in the current system, but missed their chance to get what they wanted (eg. those got Primed Vigor instead of Primed Shred).