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  1. Watched the whole thing and nothing.... Lets see whut today brings ay...
  2. Umm Hmm I came looking this up too. I have been murdering Denial Bursa's, I'm sure they think I hate them and no dice
  3. Ah I hear you.....I just set reminder on twitch and let that do the work for me lol
  4. Timezones b..... They are based in Canada. Im in UK ima just be up and watch..... If you a fan tine is nothing.
  5. Blowing my dice for luck..... Today has to be the day
  6. Damn, Bloody Prodders Glyph this time round.......tonight has to be my pallet night lol
  7. Hope so too......And for the UK guys that means from 16:00........
  8. Wanted the pallet and they gave me a dolly lol
  9. I got the dolly for yesterdays one....so in before someone gets 4 dollies, I also now feel like I cursed myself lol
  10. Saw your comment the other day..... I had faith in your call
  11. I read it n was like 'ffs got one on build right now' lol
  12. Welp there you go......Get in and get that Banshee Prime and Supra Vandal and the rest will take care of itself.
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