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  1. Game stop responding every time I try to go to any of featured dojos...
  2. That would be fun... for 15 minutes...
  3. Give back Arca Plasmor projectile appearance.
  4. Please, give us original Arca Plasmor projectiles visual. New is outright horrible.
  5. What have you done to Arca Plasmor projectiles? They looks outright horrible now!
  6. Why to fix what's not broken? Tribute system is fine as is.
  7. DE, you're to good developers to be real! Also, I really enjoined live stream, so I wouldn't complain about not getting Ash Prime anyway)
  8. Thanks for UI improvements! Much better now.
  9. Sorry, but new UI is bad. Recolor itself is ok, but it's extremely uncomfortable to browse inventory now since too many icons looks identical. Expecially uncomfortable with prime parts - I must hover over every icon to know what is what and how much ducats it worth.
  10. Here is link to solution Here is link to solution:
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