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  1. Can we get an option to replace the reticle with just a single dot?
  2. Any plans for letting new clans research the ignis wraith?
  3. How is Orb Vallis going to compare to the plains difficulty-wise? Is there any chance of level 100+ bounties?
  4. I have, it sucks to wait around for an hour waiting for stuff to get difficult.
  5. I want level 250 enemies. I want a significant challenge
  6. Why was the starting level lowered? Level 60 seems a bit low. I'm a bit worried that the difficulty of elite alerts are being balanced based on the dev's ability to complete them. In reality, the dev's should struggle, or not be able, to finish any truly difficult content. Reb and Megan are cool, but I've seen Reb aim. I don't want to be mean, this mode just seems so close to what I've wanted for so long and I hope it won't be too easy.
  7. Are enemies on venus going to be higher than level 20? It looks like a really cool area and I don't want to one shot everything just by looking at it
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