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  1. Well this certainly coincides with Scott like a few years ago saying on dev stream that veteran players have so many resources and that's why you at DE will constantly be pumping out new ones to obtain. Without this change new players to warframe that get helmith would of been locked out regardless of the MR cap being dramatically lowered. At the same time it pretty much forces them into railjack. That said I really have no desire to touch warframe anytime soon because with this helmith system it really feels like DE's making nerfs left and right, simply because they never once considere
  2. People who were selling primed chamber for like 100,000 plat were never reported nor could they have been for it. There's no pricing rules ever.
  3. you know what solves bad plat? Removing plat down to zero if DE must and remove any cosmetics bought if they so feel the need but not ban people because some doof somewhere stole their wife's boyfriends credit card or whatever and they traded with said doof. Of course my personal solution is diversifying trades between many people. I'm not going to sell 15 mirage prime sets to the same person.
  4. Tell me asides from prime parts and rivens, what's worth a good amount of plat now. If someone wanted to make a large amount of plat FAST, what should they farm? Arcanes dropped like a meteor due to whatever the event was and it's been said it will be repeated in the future just like plague star is. Acyotle mods are now in this newest update year round, condition overload now drops in open world. DE has zero issue destroying plat markets left and right..
  5. I dunno people who say WF updates are just fine generally rally together. I'd say cracks are forming but this is more of a fissure and not the relic kind.
  6. imagine saying there's nothing wrong with the fights and then getting zero likes.
  7. if you attempt this mission solo without using Mesa the odd's the grinners will aimbot and kill steal most of the spawning infested are EXTREMELY high. Combined with the fact the infest are red and orange against a red and orange background, yeah you're going to have nothing but problems.
  8. I just had wisp buffs on so I ran trough. I didn't even know it was stealth.
  9. cut them one at a time. doing multiples only nets multiples of the item on the far right. 😞
  10. conservation on Fortuna was 100% optional for cosmetic rewards or another way to earn standing. I have no desire to do it and now I'm forced into doing it for standing. fun times.
  11. But the mechs are old war, that makes it okay. Probably what DE's reasoning will be.
  12. How DE expects us MR27+ players to be.
  13. just like how plains got updated.... two years later.....with more trees for dashing operators to get stuck in.
  14. We've already seen the red flags but just from DE's design choices or sometimes just lack of them in the past 3 years. deadlock/steel path are both decedent updates for veteran players and this new update seems to have something for all level of players. But my point is that it took 3 years of misteps for people to drop the game either for good or take a very extended break. So long as skins don't go Path of Exile pricing. I can't see there being a big, red flag Tencent imposes onto DE or the game. Unlike Microsoft Tencent doesn't seem to be in the habit of rocking the boat. My disdain o
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