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  1. No. we don't need 40k endo just to do 100% extra damage on the first shot of a sniper rifle.
  2. Not really. At best you help contribute to the 1 hour window spike every day. the reason why Kuva Lich's take 2 and a half hours after generating them to kill or convert them is so players keep playing. A player who stays and plays for 3 hours is far more worthwhile then one who logs on and then right off just to obtain a daily login bonus. The kicker is no one likes thrall farming, no one I've ever seen anyhow. I got burnt out on on after hind, bramma and nukor so I'm not touching it with a 500 meter pole. It's not like any of the other kuva weapons are nearly as good as these new three. And then after you farm then you still have to level them SIX times.
  3. I love selling sets for the lowest (5-15 sometimes even 20p) cheaper on WF market because the time it takes for someone to be like "WTB ember prime, 135p" is much, much longer then "WTB Ember prime 110p". Time is money. And just like the person who paid me 350p for baza prime set in the first 90 mins of it's release, people will pay to save time themselves. The biggest reason I think is that new primes are added all the time, not everyone wants to MR chase and DE is actively unvaulting frames that are getting to high in price. Now unvaults are happening right next to each other and now last two months due to the vault getting something like 8 new bundles since I've been playing. Rhino, ember, aren't going back to 300p each AFIK. Nor do I think they should.
  4. the solution for this IMHO is for someone to volunteer and open get this, two maybe even three relics at once. But remaining so they can only chose one of the four rewards. (asides the rare bug where a 5th person is in squad)
  5. Is there really anything left to discuss on this topic? It's objectively a net gain for the game, for the community.
  6. I'm not even remotely shocked. they want to be viewed as the big you know what's of Warframe when the reality is nobody, not a single soul in the world cares not even people in their clans because they'll likely just resent it.
  7. Skana prime and lato prime too. (Not that they are good at all, but it is 12k mastery no one else will ever get. Well, unless DE changes mastery system.)
  8. nothing about primed chamber returning impacts lets alone negates that. The people who had primed chamber before it's finally public release still had primed chamber the eintire time they had it. The ONLY vaule that's gone is it's plat worth of some ten's of thousands of plat. They didn't sell it then for a well more then reasonable amount, now they whine. If they wanted exclusives, they should of bought the highest Excalibur prime package. Because that'as the only legally exclsuive thing in the entire game.
  9. This is what brought me back. I'm still ignoring Railjack to the point I'd rather go help treat cornavirus then play it. Not lying or a joke.
  10. because it's a artificial timegate/RNG gate and one DE isn't going to remove.
  11. I know this is a unpopular opinion for some players. But just letting primed chamber be tradeable for plat people can just buy with next to zero gameplay time was quite lousy. thankfully now everyone get's to enjoy a next to worthless mod.
  12. They are fine. What's with fixing of whats not broken.
  13. I'd wonder if Oberon was unvaulted because he was higher priced then Trinity on player market but it looks like that wasn't the case.
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