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  1. okay if your point is low MR weapons should beliterallyy useless, why are you supporting their rivens exiting?
  2. MR ranks of weapons and frames have nothing to do and should have nothing to do with how useful they are.
  3. I'm talking about in the next 3 months. so that is kind of duh moment.
  4. Yep. Rifle Rivens Pistol rivens Melee Rivens Zaw rivens Kitgun Rivens Archgun rivens That's 15 slots for each class. some people will say " do you really use 15 rivens in each weapon class?" (archgun rivens dont have 15 AFIK but still) Meanwhile maybe you got a riven that's utterly useless right now but it has a visibly insane roll. Are you really going to throw something like this away?
  5. the stats can be so S#&$ that even any riven won't make people use it.
  6. this is DE's biggest problem in development. They seem to never think things trough .Estinally there's 10 levels of standing on fortuna. As you need something like rank 3-4 with the people then you get to grind 5 levels of standing for little ducks BS. This killed my interest in the exploring the comics. And they certainly never test as well as they should. the only things they care about is bugs. But they shipout Frame Fighter and for a while IIRC you could only find a Ordis orb or a Frame fighter orb on maps, but never both. Meanwhile when has anyone played Framefighter? Like cool concept, terrible execution and now it's left to rot.
  7. But they won't touch Ninkondi because it just primed just watch. They won't piss off the people who paid them money.
  8. Base riven changes off the weapons stats vs popularity. But that requires actual hard work for a system that went unchanged and unchecked for well over a year.
  9. DE do you want to know why some people never use weapons even with high dispo rivens? This is why. The Hind will always suck when you put out things like Tiberon Prime, Fulmin or anything remotely decent. Nerfing rivens isn't going to make people use a Hind. the only thing that can is buffs to the weapon itself. because as you can see with a riven rolled somewhat well it's still terrible.
  10. The second dream being 20 hours into the game or more depending on player speed is a joke. The community largely doesn't spoil it when possible not to and until now IMHO DE's done nothing to tide new players over apart from gameplay. This has been far worse then a intro trailer spoiling something that it doesn't spoil.
  11. console transfers have happened but never console to PC.
  12. If they ever did this, then I think they should allow plat on PC to buy TennoGen. But that won't happen. My biggest concern about Warframe on consoles is Switch verison. I don't think it will be getting the engine/lighting update Steve showed at tennocon. But it's a port by another company that works on switch ports so I dunno what to expect there.
  13. Largely anyone into rivens have non-meta rivens. of course gram riven isn't non-meta and DE refuses to touch it because of the fabled melee 3.0 which has been delayed for well over a year by now. So guess what melee I'm gonna use.
  14. I fully understand you wouldn't know this, but once you have everything in the game like I varely nearly do, the only thing left to do is 1. wait for content drops by DE 2. farm plat 3.engage with rivens. 4. fashion frame/decorate. "Fashion frame is endgame" is a joke because it's true and a example of how Warframe becomes bad once you are left with nothing to do asides challenges you make for yourself. fashion framers aren't having their fashion screwed up plat farmers aren't suffering unless they are sitting on sets when a prime is either made free or an unvaulting happens. But riven rollers? Yeah every two-three months now they are getting their you know what kicked in. How dare they use and roll whats popular. This is why I barely rarely roll anything let alone farm kuva. in general rolls are damn awful. But lots of people keep pulling that lever.
  15. We all preform exactly the same, the rivens don't. Personally I'm fine with rivens changing even if it's based on pure weapon useage time across active player base. But there should be exceptions like sniper rifles, because I firmly believe that no one asides ones whom have lead paint chips in a bowl at their desk or coffee table are using them outside of the two open world maps.
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