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  1. We've already seen the red flags but just from DE's design choices or sometimes just lack of them in the past 3 years. deadlock/steel path are both decedent updates for veteran players and this new update seems to have something for all level of players. But my point is that it took 3 years of misteps for people to drop the game either for good or take a very extended break. So long as skins don't go Path of Exile pricing. I can't see there being a big, red flag Tencent imposes onto DE or the game. Unlike Microsoft Tencent doesn't seem to be in the habit of rocking the boat. My disdain of Tencent right now isn't " oh they destroyed grinding gear games/path of exile". It's simply that are an arm of the Chinese government and they have more then enough revenue they shouldn't need Warframe.
  2. If they can't even utter the word Tencent when they aren't even owned by them then it's likely already to late for any PR recover.
  3. Why shouldn't they? Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile) did an entire post when they sold themselves to Tencent. And to cap it off. DE did the very same thing when they sold themselves to Leyou. https://www.digitalextremes.com/news/2014/10/partnership-announced
  4. I know DE can't stop the sale at all given they sold themselves to Leyou long ago. But the number of days that go by without DE even talking about it is deeply concerning to me and it'll only grow. I figured if they didn't say anything on monday they won't say anything this week or even for the rest of july. If they say nothing about it during Tennocon I think it'll be the straw that broke the camel's back for me.
  5. it's too new. IIRC they don't touch rivens of new weapons for like 3 months (prime cycle).
  6. show me the player stats proving it should be nerfed. I can understand the gram prime being nerfed further but Ninkondi? How? Why?
  7. Rivens were, are and will clearly always be a deeply flawed execution on what's a good idea. The fact DE doesn't play test warframe enough to the point they just use usage statistics to "balence" shows how out of touch Rivens are. IMHO the best thing to do would be remove rivens and it's system. But DE would be to scared to do that and kuva is probably the biggest selling point of resource boosters.
  8. Just standard operating procedure there.
  9. I'm always going to keep my option open to fully delete my Warframe account and if that option is taken away I'll fully be prepared to launch a lawsuit to obtain such an option, though I think it's a requirement for california residents like myself.
  10. They really can't do anything but stop producing the game in protest or make it clear that if they are sold out to Tencent it won't be good for anybody. and frankly I don't see Steve or any leadership trying that or the lower level workers at DE trying such a thing. I'd be very happy to be proven wrong though. It would help give Warframe exposure too.
  11. With Epic Games Tencent only owns like 10% stake in it. Not nearly enough to make any changes or see user information, unlike Tencent's full ownership of Grinding Gear Games. Plus with their investment in reddit they can glem a lot more of personal lives, not that they need to own part of reddit to gain ablity to do that.
  12. IDreamSky (which Tencent is a heavy investor in), Sony and Tencent itself are or we're in talks of buying out Leyou. Leyou wholly owns Digital Extremes. So far it's all just talks but of the three I think Sony is by far the best fit for players and DE.
  13. I've done maybe 16 runs on the middle teir one I have everything else but the protea part from it won't drop. The insanely low drop rate combined with the fact I have to wait at least 120 seconds just for a stupid token carrier to spawn made me not give a S#&$ anymore.
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