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  1. Nope. I saw people go into operator mode and thought it was just some weird mechanic I haven't unlocked and I didn't understand at all.
  2. warframe is still officially in beta testing, it's fine. 🤣
  3. I assume repairing parts to use on railjacks but with the term "wreckage" to me that also suggests scrapping it for divracs or whatever it was might of count. Because's honestly no one needed to repair 30 items to use on their railjack and after they took away instant repair drones for plat well yeah...
  4. this better have multiple relics at the same time for how long the railjack missions take vs something like a relic capture or exterminate run or a two birds one stone mission where you get relics and kuva like a relic kuva survival.
  5. I've done everything that I've found enjoyable and the leaders of the team are really slow on meaningful story updates. the last thing that got me excited to see where it goes is the founder of the Corpus coming back into the fold and utterly destroying Nef Annyo with words. This whole Lotus arc is taking far, far to long to resolve. Steve really seems to want to make Warframe into a warioware-esq game just in like 30 mins bursts rather than 60 second games. I haven't truly touched Warframe since starting my job as I find it a far more rewarding grind then warframes grind. If I want to r
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