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  1. The story of Warframe hasn't progressed in like 3 months now since the teralyst fight. If DE would let me I'd be willing to bet plat that virtually no one cares about season 2's storyline because it yet again has no basis or connection with whats going on in the actual plot.
  2. New players still can do the red war, war mind and curse of osaris. They are quests they can complete and start at any time. Destiny 2 New Light is setup so you can start working on anything like Warframe is. There's no more handholding.
  3. You clearly never seen "where are raids?" and anything else people have asked of DE if you think all anyone does is complain with no suggestions or desires for Warfame. DE has a very bad habit of ignoring 99.999% of the fourms. Don't act shocked when you personally want to boil down everything to " I'm bored, DE sucks, etc"
  4. They talk about pointlessness yet they'll continually post in the same topic just to try and detract from it. It's odd behavior to me I figure people like that would just ya know play the game they enjoy if there's no problems.
  5. Exactly. Which is why people continually ask about Raids coming back, why they ask when next mainline is, why they aren't begging for nerfs, why they complain when a update is yet again cosmetics.
  6. Do any of the mainstream youtubers? Jim Sterling was the catalyst for DE to finally move Cosmetic primes out from the bundles. Yet when was his last Warframe video since then? Oh yeah never. DE can care far more for someone who doesn't play their game then their own partners like Brozime.
  7. They just need to copy you and be like " Nothings wrong with warframe" and wait for them to roll in.
  8. if the game's good, why are you hating on someone who currently isn't enjoying it. Just go play.
  9. I log into warframe since I'm like 4 days away from Zenith. I don't play a single mission now I just log out. Even the 250,000 USD check isn't enough for me to do a mission for the daily entry. You're the one who's caring about what you assume they do to the point you ask about it. You don't have to play the game every day to post on the forum.
  10. You say you fail to see the point of this topic yet you are still here. You are a odd one. For those of us who do the problem is clear, there's nothing for US to do in warframe.
  11. Who said they are playing and why does it matter to you so deeply?
  12. Nah. all they need to do is make it it's own node or take out Sergeant's and put Arlo there.
  13. The Wolf fight will too. Some day Railjack will come out too. I'm seeing a pattern.
  14. They aren't impactful to any story outside of their own so far and even then they go no where. Nobody gives a you know what about Onkko despite him faking his death from his friend and his own wife, despite being what. 10 meters away? That's never going to be touch upon ever again, it's just... over and left up in there air. there's no conclusion. just more questions. For season of the undying. You literally progress it by simply playing the game. In nightwave you have to do some pretty convoluted things. Also I do both.. they aren't hard. Well, not after DE removed 1 hour kuva survival without using air towers.
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