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    ❤️ I love warframe dreamers
  2. -Syo-

    WTS Pyrana Riven

  3. https://imgur.com/UcgKj07 price~ 1500p or WTT for godly pyrana riven
  4. https://imgur.com/a/pXtl3Hy 2000p
  5. hi my opinion is godly but not ,,the best'' best stats is 3 good stats + good negative, CC+DMG+CD+neg. or Range, if you use only spin attak: DMG+CD+Slide crit+neg.
  6. -Syo-

    WTS Godly Pyrana Riven SALE

    if someone believes in myths about negative statistics, it's his business. it all depends on the weapon, my price is fair for Visi-Saticron <dmg + multi + crit chance> I can earn 4k
  7. -Syo-

    WTS Godly Pyrana Riven SALE

    I answered you
  8. -Syo-

    WTS Godly Pyrana Riven SALE

    https://imgur.com/a/BeYC5 your difference, on the right with negative. the whole is stronger by 10%, ps. it's a slash weapon, for corpus and plage, and for 150 lvl will do it without a problem
  9. -Syo-

    WTS Godly Pyrana Riven SALE

    show me statistics on this level now, even with negative ones are not so big, it's old mod :)
  10. : DMG 195.8% | multishot 108% | Crit DMG 83.9% price: 1500p SALE test in simarus: