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  1. I just checked that the Mutalist Cernos is still broken. It has been broken since at least October. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1135352-mutalist-cernos-not-applying-all-statuses-with-cloud/?tab=comments#comment-11098257 I'm pretty sure Kuva Weapons are still rolling RNG IPS stats, too. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1154338-kuva-weapons-still-rolling-variable-ips-stats/?tab=comments#comment-11258121
  2. You know you make a good argument for this. It does feel cheesy sometimes, though. I suppose this would inevitably occur at some point regardless, so the when is less important when considering your other point; Scaling rewards. I was thinking about how horrendous the grind is now for the arcanes, needing 21, and their horrific drop rate. I've been picking up Arbitrations a bit lately for a change of pace and these things are totally soul-crushing to get. Fortunately I can live without them and only want them from a collection standpoint, but ugh. Anyways, that's off-topic and best left for another thread. 🙂
  3. Just some feedback on this from my experiences in an Arbitration: These things really get to hitting hard. I was playing Vauban and that shield gate was pretty handy. Those things pack a serious punch. I'm not sure if it was a bug or not. We planned to ditch at wave 30 anyways, but the very last enemy killed me. It was a basic Leaper or Runner, not sure which. It basically 1-shot me through the shield gating somehow. Even if it was a multi-hit attack, the brief invulnerability period should have eaten it. It was being supported by an Arbitration Drone. That's the only thing that makes me think it was a bug. Final Verdict: I'm not sure it's good. It basically boils down to "play perfect or get mauled super-fast". This is very noticeable in Arbitrations where drones can push units into your lines and kill with ease. This is just my opinion, though.
  4. I just want to make a point that there is no dedicated thread to talk about the changes to statuses themselves. They all seem to be lumped together into some amalgamation. I'll chalk it up to an oversight. My thoughts: I don't use many shotguns other than the Tigris Prime, but, with the reduction in armor, it's really hard to gauge the difference. If I change the modding around, it still annihilates almost anything; especially viral status. However, its functional behavior, one I quite enjoyed mind you, is radically different. It used to just shred heavy units and if it wasn't instantly killed, the slash procs would get it. Now, I can dump two in the chest and it still might be alive. There may not even be enough slash procs to finish it off. This isn't the end of the world but I absolutely loved how this gun behaved and it's just so very different now. This also doesn't take into account that the Corpus shield gates absolutely can hamper this weapon fairly negatively if it's not particularly well-aimed. Before, you only had to sorta get close and whatever was there would cease to exist. The other shotgun gun I've been messing around with is the Kohmak. I rebuilt my single because I don't care for dual secondaries and it seemed like a good time to level it up. This thing is an absolute monster. It absolutely vomits status like there is no tomorrow. It's like the old Tigris Prime but a lot less awesome. I'm really not sure how to feel about this since it seems like such an extreme outlier compared to how other shotguns with more pellets fared in the transition. As for the statuses themselves: Slash - Minor nerf to its effects regarding shields but still pretty good. There is a major nerf to being able to weight it as a reliable proc given the status elemental weighting changes. Impact - I originally didn't think this was a big deal but it can be quite annoying in certain situations. The Kohmak I mentioned above, when shooting a Nox, would have to cycle through 2-3 knockdowns before it would die. This is pretty ridiculous. Puncture - I'm fine with this effect. A lot of people say it sucks but not everything is 100% dead at all times for everyone in every single instance of the game. "It doesn't help you kill" but who cares when there are several other effects that do that already? A couple of defensive ones are fine. It also gives Vauban an indirect party buff ability by increasing everyone's durability in a way. Though this was possible even before so it's not new. Fire - This is absolutely boss with Nightwatch Napalm. It might be too good on its own since Corrosive was changed. I like it how it is but adjustments wouldn't be out of the question. What adjustments? Maybe ramp up the armor reduction? I don't know. Electric - Don't really use it. Never did before. Don't now. No comment at all. Toxic - Status effects are the same as before but shortened a bit to mirror slash. The damage still bypasses shields rendering magnetic fairly redundant. Cold - Also didn't use it a lot before as a standalone element. No comment. Blast - Absolutely love this effect. Like puncture, I do appreciate some defensive effects. I really appreciated this in Arbitration Excavation using my Ogris. Long range enemies couldn't hit anything! To echo many, perhaps swap this with Impact, though. You can mod for blast but you often cannot mod for impact. It's almost always there. Corrosive - Still good but kind of a wash when viral exists in its current state. I'd rather just mod for viral and heat in most cases. Being unable to overstrip is a huge boon to this element, too. That's a solid change. Viral - Totally awesome effects. Might be too good. Perhaps adjust the ramp up to do more damage at the later procs instead of the earlier ones? Something exponential? No idea. I just know it's good. On high rate-of-fire weapons it just melts enemies. Radiation - Again, it's fine. It's not hurting anything. If enemies aren't shooting me, I don't really care what they are doing. Gas - This is just very limp. It feels very weak in combat. Please adjust. It's one of my favorite elements. Perhaps give the gas-infected enemies a chance to reproduce the gas proc upon death to surrounding enemies. This would be a cool way to ramp up a lot of procs on a lot of enemies. Given its current low damage, it might be fun. Magnetic - Rendered almost entirely defunct by Toxic existing. Maybe give this a bonus effect for Corpus/Grineer that would cause them to sometimes reload sooner than normal. Something akin to a gun jam because of the magnetic fields. This way it's not so narrowly limited in function to just one faction. Some of this could be cleaned up by changing how the damage types interact with the different health and shield types but I don't even know where to start with that. I don't envy you, DE, haha. Other comments: I'm not sure how I feel about the status weighting being different. It's just different I suppose. Though, I would enjoy some IPS+status mods in the future. It would also be awesome if the basic IPS mods functioned like the elementals in regards to their bonus damage. Especially the common ones. Those things are practically worthless. I might even say buff those slightly, too. It would also be nice to see some of the status-duration bonus mods improved. Some of them are laughably small increases and with the reduction in overall duration to some statuses they definitely won't offer the same effects. Do they round up a tick if they fall short? With everything becoming a bit more standardized, I feel these mods should also follow that line of thinking.
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