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  1. The reason many people say she's bad and awful and needs dire help, is because, outside of stripping armor, which is almost entirely worthless given our weaponry, just about everything she can do currently is actually worse than it was before her "rework". At best her tweaks gave side-grades or something totally insignificant. It takes a masochist to want to play her and work around her drawbacks/restrictions at this point. If you can stomach it, more power to you.
  2. I bought 1 forma from Plague Star. Maybe next time it comes back, I'll get another one? I can certainly dream....
  3. I'm really not sure how you can solve the abort-farming in the Sentient Anomaly but it still happens quite regularly. I've lost as many Tokens as I've gained because of this and being unable to finish the mission after a host migration. Trying to get the Shedu parts and these Tokens is tiresome. I look forward to any solutions you come up with. Unfortunately, I have none of my own at this time. I'm a little frustrated is all.
  4. This is a sensible way to approach it, but it might also lead to the opposite problem. If the stat used to boost the movement speed goes into the negative, it makes it worse. Unless you're talking about literal sprint-speed mods, in which case that would be fine, too. I'm not really sure why this wasn't implemented. Surely a middle-ground could be reached.
  5. This gun has a horrendous amount of particle effects and I hope it never causes anyone seizures. However, on top of that, it also messes with the game's dynamic lighting settings. When this gun is being fired, it makes the entire screen go black. This makes playing basically impossible. Either reduce the particle effects or fix the interaction it has with the dynamic lighting. I can only say that this problem makes the gun completely unusable for anyone that experiences this. Note: I don't even possess the gun myself. I'm still missing parts. But when other people are using it, I can only hang back and roll my eyes because it means I can't engage.
  6. I would love to get the cosmetics in these sets minus the other stuff. In the case of the Sigma series, I like all the items, mostly, but I have no need of the weapons. A bundle option for the rest would be really nice. For the Kuva Lich cosmetics, those are locked in a ridiculously expensive bundle with colors and relics and all kinds of other things. I would love a separate bundle for that, too. I don't need relics or mods or anything. Essentially, I'd like Bundle options for both cosmetic sets. At least you can purchase the Sigma stuff separately, should you not desire everything, but the Kuva Lich cosmetics are not so lucky. Options are nice!
  7. While I appreciate the ability to block effortlessly in the air, this is actually preventing jumping. After executing a jump, if you begin blocking, your vertical momentum is halted immediately to perform a block. It really hurts combat performance. I'd like to still be able to carry my momentum, and be able to perform jumps, while jumping and blocking. There are also weird times when you get "block-locked" in mid-air and you float right across the platform you wanted to land on. That's also pretty frustrating.
  8. I found another one on Earth. This one only shows up in Capture missions(I think) and is probably not well known. For reference
  9. This has been happening for a while now. I have no idea what is the cause. However, I noticed it happening to an extreme after a Railjack session and returning to my orbiter. It even carries over to the desktop after the game is shut down. I have no idea what is causing this but it's rather annoying. I hope something can be done about this. Sorry I don't have any information. Edit: After doing a few rounds of Plague Star, I remembered where I can pinpoint a situation where this almost always happens. When leaving either of the open world areas, PoE/Fortuna, the game has to dump a bunch of cached memory/assets/whatever. Upon loading into the orbiter, the mouse acceleration and movement is all messed up. The only way to fix this is to restart the entire game. This has been happening for a long time.
  10. If the enemies in general followed a consistent power-level it might be fine. But it seems like they are all over the place. The latest examples being the Grineer Space Program units. For example: Seekers have a Kraken pistol but are one of the most deadly things in the game. Long range, accurate, relatively quiet and hard to notice in groups, these things are my most hated Grineer enemy by a large margin. These do not need any type of damage buff at all. When there's an enemy toxic-buff in Disruption, or in a tier 2-3 Sortie, you can really see how sickening these things are. I know some people like the "difficulty" of the Corpus in The Vallis, but I detest them. With such a volume of enemies, having to play Mesa or something equally cheese-ball to remain effective isn't my idea of fun. I would hate to see the Grineer follow this line. We'll just have to wait and see, though. I don't want to jump to any conclusions.
  11. Would it be possible to have this addressed? These weapons all have slightly different IPS and Elemental stats. Because of this, I'm never touching the Valence Transfer system. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1154338-kuva-weapons-still-rolling-variable-ips-stats/?tab=comments#comment-11310704
  12. I had hoped the rebuilding of relays would be a massive resource sink where unbelievable amounts of resources would have to be contributed by many, many players. This would slowly but surely revitalize a lost relay. Instead, we got another tiny island that was utterly laughable. That's something I thought that would be a good, and fun, counter to the resources hoarded by long-term players. Of course, nothing would force them to contribute anything but it's more enjoyable and community-driven. Heck, this could be a common occurrence if the Fomorians and Razorbacks actually blew up relays from time to time. Not to mention the costs themselves could be made variable based on player counts at the time.
  13. Ya, based on what you said, it sort of makes sense. And maybe there's something here to balance out the fact that it's a shotgun, but how can we tell? I'll take your suggestion under advisement. My timetable doesn't really line up with the devstreams and stuff but I'll see what I can do. 🙂
  14. While this may be true, it seems inconsistent. The fact that the elemental damage can roll in a range in the first place should be the check and balance against power creep. ***** Anyways, here is the Kuva Kohm. It also has variable stats, but, surprisingly, they are inverted when compared to the Quartakk and Drakgoon. Where each of those seem to get overall stronger IPS with a stronger elemental bonus, the Kuva Kohm became weaker in its IPS with its stronger elemental bonus. Original and the second
  15. I don't like this effect at all. If I don't like the Prime skin, I can easily swap to the default(which I did). But this effect is there regardless of the skin. Since Ivara tends to be in Prowl often, there's no escaping it. It's incredibly distracting. Also, no, the update didn't really improve it enough in my opinion, but that's subjective. I don't play Ivara very often so I can easily handle playing the non-Prime Ivara. However, this is something that shouldn't even be happening. I should always want to play the Prime over the default.
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