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  1. Bath-o-sphere This is clearly the name.
  2. I have done this several times now and my kavat is always MIA. Venari works but not the regular companion. I have no idea what is causing this.
  3. I really enjoy this. I never bothered with Profit Take due to lack of interest. However, this is well put together. For the most part. Like many, I criticize the throwing a bit. The momentum and arc seem just a bit off. This is also problematic with the erratic speed the giant orb manages to move itself. Outside that, I think the worst part is having Exploiter near the mountain. I did the both parts entirely solo(I had no idea what I was getting into and was poorly equipped to handle it. Nonetheless I prevailed!). It dragged on forever due to the Coolant Raknoids spawning over the hill and behind rocks. Getting Exploiter to over heat was tiresome. Still, I had a lot of fun doing this. It had just enough information to get me through it even on my first try. It was also sufficiently to the scale of awesome boss fight. It also didn't require a ridiculous meta loadout. It was simple enough with Khora and the Opticor Vandal(not ideal, haha).
  4. I saw him for the first time today. I was leveling the Opticor Vandal with Ember as my frame. This was on Lua, farming for Broken War parts. I eventually got killed. I really didn't know what to expect. Shattering Impact ate away his armor but his HP wasn't going anywhere. It was laughable. I'm not sure how they thought putting a weapon on him was a good idea. If you aren't already stacked it's either going to result in a death or a horrendously boring encounter. His HP puts the Hydrolyst to shame!
  5. I was closing some Thermal Fissures with Revenant and some of the Reinforcement Beacons were invincible and couldn't be destroyed until the enemy that placed it was killed first. This is likely some weird interaction with the Thrall ability because it wasn't present when I was doing this with other frames. Obviously, this seems like a problem.
  6. I'm not sure why, but this is broken. I could not heal Helios Prime no matter how many times I dashed towards it. This was on the Vallis. I loaded in from the star chart, not through Fortuna. The bug persisted after visiting Fortuna once.
  7. I get the problems people are having with this. The flavor of the weapon does not match this kind of performance. Is it good? Sure. That doesn't mean it can't be criticized thematically, though. I have similar issues with other weapons. Like the Akstilettos sound like toy laser pistols /shudder. I'll have fun with it when I get it at least. The stats look really solid. It might feel goofy to use but I won't know until I try it out.
  8. With the latest change to Enthrall it just solidifies Revenant's skill as being almost entirely superior. The only thing it doesn't do is keep the enemy from being killed by friendly fire. It hardly matters when the damage is pitiful. Enthrall can lock down a lot of enemies and the pillars and impact procs are really awesome. I weep for Nyx in her current state.
  9. I do hope some momentum issues get ironed out. I don't have too many problems but it isn't as bad on all stances. I can see people having issues with Volt Speed over this, too. I already hated it personally and this would make it much more frustrating, haha.
  10. I really enjoy it but the RMB combos are really trash to utilize. Since it forces gun ADS, it slows down lateral panning severely. I don't think this was intentional and I hope it gets ironed out. Alternatively, I would like a toggle to remove that feature entirely for the old manual blocking. Switching back to the gun is just as easily placed on hitting the reload key(as already works if the gun is not at capacity). Just tweak it to swap on a full magazine as well and it's no problem. This is also problematic as I like to aim-glide and block with the melee. The transition between gun and melee is really smooth and feels pretty good, though. The loss of transitory animations is a little wonky but I'll survive.
  11. I'm not sure why you think removing Incursions is good. I really don't see why they couldn't be allowed to co-exist with the current changed bounties. Sometimes a single mission was a nice diversion. Bounties are a minimum of 3. Not to mention the reward tables are no longer available.
  12. Oops, wrong thread. Delete if desired.
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