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  1. This bounty is without a doubt my most disliked. Almost every bounty failure I have is due to specifically this portion. As a solo player, it has a very high RNG factor due to various things which I will discuss here. -In some cases, the areas are simply too large. They should have some scaling with regards to party size. Not a lot. Maybe 5-10% per player? -The counter can drain much too fast. Again, I recommend some kind of scaling depending on party size. -On the Cetus Plains, sometimes, enemies spawn in caves which are difficult to navigate in a timely manner. Again, this har
  2. This is a bit late but, the last time I did Eidolons it seemed like they cleaned up a lot of the freakshow lighting. The plains is usually really dark on my PC and the disco was pretty intolerable for me. Whatever they tinkered with seems to have eased up on that, though. Maybe it's just me?
  3. I was thinking about this recently, actually. Since certain mods are basically mandatory, and mods of all types are mandatory on guns, why not just roll it all together? What I mean is basically like this: Serration - 165% damage(I think, don't shoot me) -or- Ammo Drum - +35% damage and bonus ammunition capacity Terminal Velocity - +25% damage and faster Projectile speed Split Chamber - +5% damage and +90% multishot etc. All these values given are examples only. The catch here is that all the other mods can stack up together but not with Serration itself. They are mutual
  4. Ya, based on what you said, it sort of makes sense. And maybe there's something here to balance out the fact that it's a shotgun, but how can we tell? I'll take your suggestion under advisement. My timetable doesn't really line up with the devstreams and stuff but I'll see what I can do. 🙂
  5. While this may be true, it seems inconsistent. The fact that the elemental damage can roll in a range in the first place should be the check and balance against power creep. ***** Anyways, here is the Kuva Kohm. It also has variable stats, but, surprisingly, they are inverted when compared to the Quartakk and Drakgoon. Where each of those seem to get overall stronger IPS with a stronger elemental bonus, the Kuva Kohm became weaker in its IPS with its stronger elemental bonus. Original and the second
  6. After collecting a second Kuva Ayanga, I can state that these weapons do -not- have a variation in the base IPS stats(only impact in this case). and the other one I would love to see some explanation or resolution for this. I haven't even tried to use a Valence Transfer because I'm not sure if I'll get the "correct" version of the weapon. My new Lich rolled a second Kuva Kohm so I will report back again with pictures of that weapon as well. When I get it of course. If anyone has a Kuva Ayanga with different Impact damage, please share a picture of it. I onl
  7. I went ahead and got myself a Fire Drakgoon to go along with my Radiation Drakgoon. For flexibility and to test something. Before, I got 2 Kuva Quartakks with slightly different IPS stats as well as elemental stats(obviously). I was under the impression the variability was supposed to only be for the elemental stats, bonus Impact notwithstanding. What do I find between my 2 Drakgoons? There is another slight variable in the IPS stats. Why is this? Is this a bug? A display error? A rounding error? In both cases, the weapon with the much higher elemental% has the higher IPS stats as well. A
  8. It's not just in those missions. I've had trouble casting abilities on targets and my overall FPS is just horrendous. Even in the orbiter it's like 45fps at times. Not sure what they did but it is eating performance really bad.
  9. I was already thinking of ways to level up the lich beyond level 5. Where you need a full team to take them down because they get so strong they begin to influence the fabric of space and time itself. When they die, it rains kuva on all players in active missions for 30 seconds. But seriously, could be fun to mess around with even stronger liches. Maybe make those guns lock at level 1, and they take 39 forma to unlock all the mastery. Each forma increasing the capacity by 1. I'm joking about this part, obviously.
  10. Of the 2 liches I have killed, both had quirks. The first was a Trophy Hunter which I don't know what it meant. Perhaps he stole more items or at a bigger %? I'm not sure. The second was a Loner. He would spawn far away from me, alone, in previously cleared areas. He would mention the other Grineer were holding him back and how he liked things 1 on 1. If anyone knows how to add things on the wiki, you can add this. I have no clue how to do it, haha. Lich 3 has no quirk as far as I'm aware. It's a fun system. 🙂
  11. I'm happy to contribute to the data set. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂
  12. If that's the case, then the number I posted before is that number, 33%. It doesn't match the damage spread on my gun.
  13. If you're referring to the Weapon Bonus %, it says 33%. If it's something else, I'm not sure what I'm looking for or under what submenu.
  14. I went ahead and posted my Quartakk there. It seems strange that the elemental damage is actually less than all the others posted. My Vauban, at that time, wasn't fully leveled. Maybe that also has something to do with it?
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