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  1. If Nyx could Mind Control so many enemies, why would you bother to cast Chaos? Is the Mind Control to be cast manually for each target? Assuming the former, isn't this energy intensive? Regardless, you get situations like the following: Using Revenant as an example, with casting his Enthrall and its ability to self-propogate, gives a very similar effect to Chaos. In fact, it is probably superior given that the affected enemies don't even shoot at you if you get too close. At any rate, some of this depends on how you are playing but the effects are similar. I can go for very long stretches of time and never get touched as Revenant as all the enemies are busy with each other. I'm fine with a Mind Control buff if we could turn Chaos into something else. I'm not married to it. Also, Absorb is so horrible, I'm not sure I would use it even if the augment was baked into it. I never used Assimilate in the entirety of the time I played Nyx. I'd prefer something else entirely. Thanks for the feedback regardless. The more of these threads that show up, the more likely she is to see some future salvation.
  2. The way this menu resizes itself dynamically to show the information is nice but it shows its limitations when it's very full. I have long had a personal grievance with this menu but it's usually not a big deal. This picture shows the fullness of the menu, example 1. This one shows the bottom of the menu where it is extremely difficult to even access Pluto's information, example 2. The Ceres menu often pushes over it and you can't scroll down because the whole menu resizes dynamically. I think this menu needs a redesign of some sort to prevent problems like this. It's hardly a priority but it gets rather frustrating at times like this. I'm not really sure how to do it other than to fully display each invasion's full information and ditch the dynamic expansion entirely(though it is nice looking). Again, small problem, but it shows up every now and then. Edit: I just thought about this being a problem with resolution. I play only at 1920x1080 so I am not sure how it behaves at other resolutions.
  3. They should theme it around time. Time Bandits as enemies who steal time. This way people can complain that their time is being stolen while doing Nightwave. It seems like the next logical step. I don't even like Nightwave but that would be pretty funny to me at least.
  4. It does have its problems. You can get locked in blocking animations. There are also issues where if you are in the air, you can glide right into pits because the blocking caused you to soar past your intended landing points. Overall, it's not bad. But it does have drawbacks sometimes.
  5. I only did this when I got boosters from Sorties or log-in. It's a waste of time any other way. I also did it very often with my friend and only other member of my clan. We got an extra 2 people to fill out the last 2 slots to bump up the spawns and did Derelict Defense(superior to survival in my opinion). Make sure that you advertise drop chance boosters if you have them. I usually tried to get a speed Nova and we did Nekros+Hydroid(when that was still possible) and the mutagen rained. Also, take a smeeta kavat for obvious reasons. Granted, this still took a while. However, if you don't obsess over it and do it sporadically when you have boosters, it's not that bad. Doing it without loot boosters is just unnecessary masochism and I don't recommend it. Does it suck? Ya, but you can get some forma blueprints at least. It's not going anywhere so don't worry about it. It's done when it's done.
  6. While I didn't play during that time, I can certainly agree with the pick-up version having its own problem. Even though I utterly despise the speed in its entirety, I don't think that's a good solution for those that do like it. What is most puzzling is that they gave the skill such a laughably short duration, that their opt-out becomes a frequent and contrived nuisance. Other players are "hit" so often that turning it off becomes futile. I know they are capable of making a functional solution for everyone given their creative successes in other areas. Unfortunately, though, I don't ever see this being revisited. I would love to be pleasantly surprised.
  7. This already sort of happens anyways. Players have to back-flip a bunch and this slows everyone down already. Or, they just wait and get really far away from the Volt so they don't get blasted by speed. Or they get tangled in the mess of level geometry and get trapped. DE really should smooth out so many things. These all contribute to delays in mission efficiency in regards to time. Or, they did like I used to do, and walk as slow as possible all the way to the extraction point. (This is petty and I stopped doing it but it's something other people may do so I'm highlighting it here.) Basically, in a way, just because there is a Volt applying speed, it doesn't mean anyone's mission will be completed any faster. I could actually argue that it's potentially just as fast or faster in a random PUG without a Volt being present due to the above circumstances. Obviously, this is not provable but I am sure it has happened many times over the course of existence.
  8. Your post gives off the idea that you didn't play Nyx(or Warframe) before she was reworked. If that's wrong, apologies. However, this part of your post is really interesting to me. Prior to her recent tweaks, Nyx was extremely hard to kill in most situations. She could have multiple, layered instances of Chaos over huge areas of maps. She could shoot long-range radiation at far away targets. She was also able to permanently remove enemy's weapons preventing them from shooting completely. These melee enemies usually engaged other enemies near them. This drew the fire of the enemies who still held their guns. Everything was neatly controlled in a chaotic fashion. This is all without any augments, too. Unfortunately, a lot of people didn't see or understand the real power here and so things were changed into the lackluster frame we have now. She's still functional but in different and less interesting ways.
  9. There have been a ton of good and creative solutions given to this topic by several people in the past. One of my favorites is an in-game text command that allows the player to control whether or not they want to receive speed buffs or not. At this point I'd settle for a mod. Maybe an Aura. Maybe make it where you can't receive buffs but everyone affected by your aura gains a boost to their own effects? Meh. Speed is the only reason Volt is unquestionably my most hated warframe. The gap is cosmic in size so nothing will ever come close. The nearest would probably be Wisp since you can't turn off that stupid parasite. The reason Wisp isn't so bad, though, is because it doesn't come with a horribly mangled 8-bit audio piece being spammed. You can also just stay away from the parasite towers and avoid the problem completely.
  10. Having something based on Rathuum is pretty far down on my "fun" list. Maybe slightly higher than Survival but only just. Survival is dead last, too. I only played the first stage but the 5 minute time limit was excruciating. I'm not sure if I'll bother with the other 3 but I have a few days at least. Though, I will admit, this is probably not for me. I still appreciate the addition of events. There is no one-size-fits-all and I recognize that. Edit: I logged on and checked out the shop. This is definitely not for me and the costs are unbearable considering my above stated issues. Good luck to those that enjoy it.
  11. To OP: If you want any enjoyment out of this game, you'll almost never find it in a party situation. You should definitely just play solo. In fact, I can't even imagine why this game has any multiplayer features at all given the state its in. Fortunately for you, though, because of the game's dire state of balance, you too can dumpster just about everything all by yourself given some time and practice. Outside of things that are just about mandatory to do multiplayer(like fissures), I stick to solo so I can actually shoot the baddies with my bullets. This game has great gunplay and movement but you won't see any of that in multiplayer. You'll run into a nuke frame, an Ignis, a Staticor, or whatever flavor of least resistance is. There's a fun game in here but no one wants to play it most of the time. The thing that baffles me the most is how so many people seemingly appreciate how their very existence in the game is totally superfluous in so many missions. That we should be thanking the people who appoint themselves the glory hog. For playing a game for us. That we all are allegedly playing to enjoy ourselves. I can't even imagine wanting to play a game so much that I don't want to play it. I cannot understand this rationale.
  12. I appreciate the help anyways. My desktop PC is inaccessible(overseas!) so I have to make due with what I have. Surprisingly, the game runs just fine outside some hitching here and there due to asset loads/dumps. It could be worse. Let's just hope DE can finally figure out their lighting in the future, haha.
  13. I would argue that the small changes they made to her somewhat recently were already too drastic. She's already a very different frame than she was. However, this all depends on how you played her before. If you played her as an Assimilate tank, you might not notice a lot. If you played her as a solo, large-area controller(mainly open areas but not exclusively) she is much less effective now than she was before. It's still doable but it's a lot more work now than it was previously. These are only a couple of examples but I hope you understand what I'm saying. I just hope we see some positive things in the future. I love seeing all the feedback from so many people.
  14. I went ahead and did as you asked. The new driver seems to have improved things somewhat but it still looks a bit too extreme for my taste. Keep in mind, I have most of my settings off to maintain performance on the laptop. Most of these settings have been unchanged for almost all of my time playing Warframe. The lighting system has varied wildly for me during that time. Example pictures from the Gas City on Jupiter(this is actually improved!) Picture 1 Picture 2 In-game settings(I did adjust a few settings based on your pictures. Only the seemingly relevant ones, though.) Picture 3 Picture 4 Also, everything has been verified and optimized so that shouldn't be an issue.
  15. I gave them a whirl on the Gas City since it's rather dark there. I honestly didn't notice a big difference. It might be hopeless since I'm running on a laptop. I updated my driver so we'll see how that goes. I haven't checked it out yet. The lighting in Warframe is honestly hit and miss for me. It's almost always too dark rather than bright, though. It's as if the extremes are too extreme. I do appreciate the help, haha.
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