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  1. then perhaps you're operator may be the Man in the Wall and from the ending of the War Within one of the options said well for my playthough he said "don't forget Kiddo you're nothing without me" and he may have make a bargain with the one keeping the Zariman in void space. the force it may be an Orokin or it could be a being of the void. maybe the bargain is to take the will of the void or the essence into there you and the Tenno's souls. but wait this seem absurd and contradicting for starters how can this Orokin be hidden if the Tenno rebellion and collapse did not happen yet? how can the present events shape the past events? but it did say Paradox and the definition of Paradox is "A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true". so it dose not have to make sense. thats it am done thinking its making my head hurts just have to wait for it to be release.
  2. anyone watch the Duviri Paradox reveal trailer? it showed an adult operator without his void powers and it got me wondering what dose that mean for us. our void powers allow us to easy switch between warframes without after effects like what happen to the stalker or the silver grove. also that place in the trailer its in void space right? it can't be Lua since it was pluck out of void space during the SD. could it be Deimos, Mars other moon? could an Orokin have hidden it in the void like with Lua and did that Orokin manage to survive the Tenno rebellion and the collapse and hid away in Deimos? also that Warframe like thing that chasing the operator could that be a pseudo Warframe? perhaps during the old war, Warframes are being taken out a lot faster then they are being replace and new Tenno are not being train fast enough to fight in the war. its attrition and the Orokin are losing so maybe they created these Pseudo warframes operated by Dex and low guardians as a cheap and expendable soldiers in order to stem the tide of the war. kind of like the SPARTAN-III program from Halo and since they don't have void powers they went insane or crazy like the Stalker. so perhaps these quest line would shade some light into the stalker. so what you think?
  3. The Sentients, Ballas, and the Tenno you know what all of them have in common there hatred for the Orokin. The Sentients hated them for making them infertile, the Tenno and Ballas for killing Margulis. so it got me thinking would the Tenno and Sentients worked together during the old war? Ballas have already make contact with Hunhow and in a way he is space dad since he created the warframes so maybe we would have listen to him like we listen to space mom and can you image Warframes with Sentient adaptability to damage? it worked with Shadow Stalker. also i don't know if it just me but i feel like the Man in the Wall is a bigger threat then the Sentients and of all the things i learn from reading HP Lovecraft's work and that of Warhammer's Chaos gods is that when they offer a boon, knowledge or powers it always end in a bad way so ya i don't trust the Man in the Wall and i want to have as many allies when the Man in the wall dose act.
  4. Nova uses anti-matter right? and anti-matter is like regular matter but it has a negative nucleus and a positive electron cloud called positron. from what i read when matter and anti-matter make contact with each other they destroy each other releasing massive amounts of energy and base on e=mc^2 when 1 kg of regular matter hits 1 kg of anti-matter the amount of energy release would be 8,9875,517,874 mega jouls convert that into kilotons and it would 21480.764310229 Kiloton. little boy have a yield of about 15 kiloton so the enegy release by Nova would about 1432.05095402 times greater then little boy. what a scary waframe she is. also please note am no physicist and i just use a E=MC^2 calculators called Omni here s the link to the site https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/emc2 also if there are any real physicist on the forums feel free to correct me.
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