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  1. Are you callings rivens loot boxes? Rivens that we get for free? Rivens that we can unlock for free?
  2. Also for you OP, the hp was the same, after I took the hit it dropped to 2182 on both tests. It is you who misunderstood.
  3. Inaros with no dmg reduction mods, Natural talent, blind rage, speed drift, zero energy, only full rank rage and hunter for two tests. lvl 1 butcher Rage gave 7 energy, Hunter gave 8. Yeah I know it's bad quality but it's all I got. If anyone can teach me, that'd be great.
  4. The stance, every single one of those combos has an impact proc on it, and if you're only spamming the melee button, the last attack is an impact proc. Normal attacks also has impact procs apparently.
  5. or maybe a skin that we dont have to buy, it can be an old default look, kind of like how we can chance mesa's regulators.
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