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  1. Oh thank gawd, it's not just me getting rocked by those hicks.
  2. Staff lower back holster position has been displaying incorrectly(ends up somewhere closer to the standard holster position, although melee draw animation still manages to pull from the lower back) for close to two weeks now. Minor grievance I know, but while you're fixing up other graphic glitches....
  3. Completely off-topic and nothing included in this latest update, but would you ladies and gents consider not just expanding the amount of purchasable riven slots (total capacity) as you have in the past, but perhaps also expanding load-out slots in this regard? Would be kinda nice if MR 30 isn't the last new load-out slot as we continue to get more and more base frames and more updated to their primed versions. Just a thought. Just a convenience thing and something else to burn up some plat on 😛
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