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  1. I would recommend building it as it's getting vaulted next and the prices will go up, this will make it a bit more annoying for you to get it later. Afterwards you could always just farm for another set and save it tell the prices go up.
  2. If you want a Excal without a SCARF, or just want to collect frames then I'd say keep it. I kept mine cause it was the frame I started with.
  3. Twentyside

    Help me choosing main :)

    There is currently 36 Different Warframes in the game, 57 if you want to include Primed Frames. Why would you even want to try and have a main?
  4. Twentyside

    Grustrag three

    I know for a fact that all 3 marks stack as I've gone into my profile after having them spawn in mission only to find that I was still marked by them.
  5. Twentyside

    So... mr 13 and still never saw vauban's neuro...

    I see corrosive alerts all the time...but then again I'm on a lot. I personally don't think any of the non-prime frames are worth spending plat on, so I can't personally recommend it. I believe if you can farm it then farm it, if it comes from alerts then even better. I've seen people mention the app and would recommend it if it weren't for the fact that you shot it down already. So all I can say is be patient cause I'm sure you'll eventually see it and work on getting his primed version in the mean time.
  6. Twentyside

    Revenant Vania Helmet on now!

    I spent plat to get this helmet and it get's released in a alert a couple days later..sad day
  7. Twentyside

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.7.1

    Thanks for all the hard work.
  8. Twentyside

    Ignis Wraith BP

    I never ask for things for free either. The easiest thing for you to do is just put in trade that you are looking for a Ignis Wraith BP. 8/10 someone will offer to just give you one. That's usually what I do, I'll watch trade chat and sell stuff then anytime I see a Ignis request I'll just invite and give them one.
  9. Twentyside

    Enough is Enough: End Ghoul Spam Mail

    If you're taking the time to complain about two simple messages that you can delete, then you must not be enjoying the game very much. Don't see how anyone would find this to be that big of a deal.
  10. Twentyside

    D*ck Lake?

    I had not, Haven't been on the plains for a while....So 3 of them are in fact named. Thank you for this bit of info 🙂
  11. Twentyside

    D*ck Lake?

    Well when I say that I'm not aware of any, what I mean is that I haven't seen anything referenced in game, on the wiki, or in comics yet. So I would assume any names give to the lakes were just things that caught on via players calling them that. I could of course have missed something that DE had said at some point though.
  12. Twentyside

    Good melee weapon for Excalibur

    I use my Orthos Prime on pretty much every frame now days, I personally have a good riven for it but you can mod it to shred stuff pretty well without one. I don't think what melee you use at this point really matters if you are using your exalted blade as the main damage. Since they introduced Umbra the Exalted Blade is now it's own thing that you can mod making how you mod you're melee pointless in regards to your #4.. I do however use Nikana Prime on my Excal and Umbra with the Gemini Surt-Form Sheath simply for appearances.
  13. Twentyside

    Excalibur build

    Ult is just a word people use to refer to your #4 or 4th ability. This is a good video if you're wanting advice on how to build Excalibur. Although with exalted blade now being it's own thing you would want to mod that in a similar way to how you would have moded the melee the past. Exalted Blade (your #4) will be your primary damage dealer when playing this frame.
  14. Twentyside

    Ignis Wraith Blueprint request

    Just message me in Warframe and I'll trade one to you.
  15. Twentyside

    Eidolons shouldn't damage lures.

    I've yet to run into this. But if it's a common occurrence for you then why not just run trin and be set?