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  1. Twentyside

    Medical Debt Bonds????

    Ticker does offer them they are just rare I got 9 of my 12 from him when trying to rank up. Just keep checking back with him when his stock rotates.
  2. Twentyside


    Well plague is indeed the best or at least it is in my opinion , but due to all the calculations and combinations it really ends up coming down to personal preference. What type of melee weapons do you like? Do you prefer Crit, Status or Bleed procs? Although this probably won't be very helpful I would recommend watching some Youtube videos so as to see the weapons people have made cause they tend to show their builds for them as well as testing so you can see it in action. Other then that I would say just experiment until you find something you truly enjoy.
  3. Twentyside

    Help with mr rank up

    My recommendation would be to equip your items that you've yet to master and grind out Hydron missions if you've reached Sedna. If not then I would recommend going to Jupiter to Grind IO for the XP. Every time something reaches 30 just swap it with something else. I know some people say not to have too many low level things on at once, but this is what I did and had no issues getting to MR 25. Don't forget to throw mods into things as you level them up just to give yourself some extra survivability and damage and I would also recommend a affinity booster if you have the plat cause it will double the exp for when you are mastering your stuff. The last thing I would suggest is to start with all items you can get from the market with credits and then move on to prime, Dojo and syndicate gear. I am personally missing two prime items and some syndicate weapons until MR 26 so no need to focus on them unless you are wanting to use them right away. This is a recommendation for grinding out your MR, you don't have to do it tell max if you just want to be able to use everything in the game. To use all Warframes you need MR 8 To use all Primary Weapons is MR 14 To use all Secondary Weapons is MR 15 To use all Melee Weapons is MR 14 To use all Sentinels is MR 8 -Hope this helps in some way.
  4. Twentyside

    Ingame reporting?

    Awwww Snap Crackle Pawg
  5. Wondering when this will get resolved. Not only due my favorite colors get reset but the appearance on some of my Warframes and weapons get reset as well. It's messing with my fashion frame.
  6. Twentyside

    Arbitrations: Shadows of The Dead

    I could of course be wrong in thinking this is a bug. but I was playing a Arbitration mission and died in the middle of casting my Shadows of the Dead. The group was extracting in another 8 waves so I stuck around. However after a while of watching my friends I realized my shadows were still up and fighting. They remained through the rest of the mission without vanishing.
  7. Did you walk through each cave until it popped up saying you had explored it? or just ran in then out? If your answer is the first then I would recommend asking this question in the Fortuna feedback spot to see if DE can address it. If it was the second one then my only suggestion would be to explore each one again until you get it.
  8. I personally watched YouTube videos from people that make Warframe content which gave me a far better understanding of the game. The Warframe wiki is also a great source of information.
  9. Twentyside

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.7.1

    Thanks for all the hard work.
  10. Twentyside

    Should I directly target a prime frame?

    Trying out the non-primary versions first is a good idea if you are thinking about buying them from other plays in the market. I personally focused on getting the non-primary's when I started and mastered them for MR. Then as I slowly got all the primes I just replaced the non-primary's I had for their slightly better counter parts.
  11. They've also given them out for watching twitch streams in the past along with the above mentioned ways.
  12. Twentyside

    riven challenge

    I used the air vent method with zephyr so I don't believe it's nerfed. It's just a pain.
  13. Twentyside

    Eidolons shouldn't damage lures.

    I've yet to run into this. But if it's a common occurrence for you then why not just run trin and be set?
  14. Twentyside

    All Kuria Locations with Screenshots

    Thanks for this, I completely forgot these even existed.