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  1. Did you walk through each cave until it popped up saying you had explored it? or just ran in then out? If your answer is the first then I would recommend asking this question in the Fortuna feedback spot to see if DE can address it. If it was the second one then my only suggestion would be to explore each one again until you get it.
  2. Twentyside

    How to make twitch drops work

    1. Twitch and Warframe accounts need to be linked. 2. Need to watch a Warframe partner for a minimum of 1 hour. 3. I believe the stream can't be on mute, I heard a streamer say this but never found a confirmation in regards to it.
  3. I personally watched YouTube videos from people that make Warframe content which gave me a far better understanding of the game. The Warframe wiki is also a great source of information.
  4. Twentyside

    About the big 6 reps.

    Sadly no, you pretty much have 3 options with these. 1. Max 3 and buy the items from the other non maxed 3 from other players. 2. Max 3 then after buying everything from them start over with the other 3. 3.Max 3 then trade items from those said 3 for items from the other non maxed 3. ( This is the option I went with and I've obtained all but 2 weapons so far.
  5. Twentyside

    Riven Price Check

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong with this link, but it's not taking me anywhere. It opens my Discord app but that's all it does.
  6. Twentyside

    Riven Price Check

    I've always found it hard to put a price on RIvens so was hoping someone could tell me what this is worth. Fully Leveled Rubico Critacan +113.7% Multishot +189.7% Crit Chance -34.9% Fire rate
  7. Twentyside

    What daily reward should i pick?

    Zenistar and throw Dominion Heavy Blade Skin on it 🙂
  8. Twentyside

    Any good mod builds for Valkyr Prime?

    All you have to do when your health starts dropping is throw on your 4 and hit some stuff to get some health back.
  9. Twentyside

    Any good mod builds for Valkyr Prime?

    I personally like being able to attack really fast with her so I run Steel Charge, Blind Rage, Augur Secrets, Eternal War, Gladiator Resolve, Streamline, Umbral Fiber, Umbral Vitality and Umbral Intensify. Currently trying out the new Paracesis as the Melee weapon and it's pretty brutal so far.
  10. Twentyside

    In need of Mesa build

    Not many people think about it but I would also recommend taking the Intensify and vitality out and replacing them with their Umbral mod equivalents. The Umbra mods stack off each other making them stronger so you could add a little extra ability strength and health if you're willing to put in the extra formas for it. Plus mesa's waltz is a must as Rustmonger pointed out. I also run Corrosive Projection rather then Pistol AMP(PA) due to seeing very little difference with PA in testing. As for Regulators, I personally run (Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Frostbite, Pathogen Rounds, Hornet Strike, Primed Target Cracker, Primed Pistol Gambit, Primed Heated Charge)
  11. Twentyside

    Full price bundles despite owning parts

    I would personally like for them to work on this as well. In the past I've purchased some deluxe skins that had items in their bundles I did not care for. Now that I have each deluxe skin and am running out of things I would potentially want to purchase with plat, I'm looking back and wanting the previously mentioned items just for the sake of completionism. However I am unwilling to spend the extra plat for something I already own. If they would be willing to re-work it to provide a discount when parts are already owned (even if it's not a major discount) then I would actually consider spending more plat and thus potentially more money.
  12. I would recommend building it as it's getting vaulted next and the prices will go up, this will make it a bit more annoying for you to get it later. Afterwards you could always just farm for another set and save it tell the prices go up.
  13. Twentyside

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.7.1

    Thanks for all the hard work.
  14. Twentyside

    Should I directly target a prime frame?

    Trying out the non-primary versions first is a good idea if you are thinking about buying them from other plays in the market. I personally focused on getting the non-primary's when I started and mastered them for MR. Then as I slowly got all the primes I just replaced the non-primary's I had for their slightly better counter parts.
  15. They've also given them out for watching twitch streams in the past along with the above mentioned ways.