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  1. I'd actually really like it if we could use up excess mods to level up 1, AKA instead of using endo and credits to level up a mod, you can just use duplicates to do so. The credit and endo cost is the reason my damage mods (serration, etc) almost universally aren't at their final levels, because HOLY CRAP it costs a lot, and running the index for the cash is really tedious
  2. I've not had a full chance to play with it, but i found that while levelling it up yesterday that you can build it for status, giving it corrosive, blast, and the built in gas, this makes it great for groups, as the blast and gas procs cc and deal group damage. I do wish it was a bit more accurate though, currently it's a complete spray and pray, even in primary fire
  3. I love the Gaaruda changes, but I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) that her seeking talons didn't get a damage buff, or even a mechanic where charging increases the damage as well as the AOE
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