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  1. Just a Idea to allow the prime accessories to be available for a small window when a prime goes into the Vault. Players get more chances to get said items and DE makes more money. Win Win
  2. This post Is just in hope that they make more beefy sounding guns. They're all to, high pitch? Im not sure what the exact problem but firing most of the guns in the game isnt very satisfying. One of the few examples of a good sounding weapon is probably the twin gremlins, while guns like the Lex and Pandero sound pitiful to fire.
  3. First ability - Stays the same Second ability - Spawns Gems (multiple) In affinity range - If out of combat/stealth Enemies are drawn towards it than blinded (Will reset alert level). If in combat the gems deploy a hologram that draws enemy fire (And reduce casting cost) third ability- Simply make it a lesser version of what it is now but give both buffs. (Less scaling for damage buff & 75% damage reduction) fourth ability- All clones/holograms/illusions of mirage (From the 1 and 2) Rush down the closest enemy to them and explode in hysterical laughter force proc-ing Viral/Magnetic/Corrosive depending on the faction (Like revenant) And also doing upwards of 50% the targets health as said damage type. Passive- While any ability is active mirage is less noticeable
  4. These changes are underwhelming and disappointing. It ultimately doesn't address any of the issues I feel most people had with the game mode. -There is still absolutely no reason to bring squishy frames(due to drones making damage/debuffing ability pointless and general scaling problems the game has innately). The game mode actively ensintivises bringing tanks such as Rhino or Inaros between ability doing nothing to drones and their tethered allies; and the one deaths limit.(than with the change the Rhino in the squad will just be annoyed someone brought banshee that got one shot so They have to keep reviving them. -Increase in difficulty (or rather increase in health and damage) is odd but only reinforces the idea of brining a Tank frame as well. But with the additional challenge brining to quicker rewards is just counter intuitive. If your goal is to make it more fun by making it harder to get rewards is not a great idea. Additionally many players think the reward structure to being double what it normally is is hilariously overturned. -Than finally these missions are just glorified versions of normal missions. Outside of the drones, which are probably the worst designed part of the mode, this mode is just a normal mode that takes longer times to get the rewards. I'd like to see the reward time go down. Maybe for instance defense, instead of 10 waves make it 7. As well as change the Arbitration drones themselves. A idea is to have them vulnerable to debuffing ability (i.e. banshee sonar, equinox sleep, ect) but have them immune to the damage of abilitys. No longer makes enemies immune to all damage, But gives them 50% damage reduction. Maybe make 2 versions of the drone (indicated by a change of there energy color) and have one make enemies slightly faster and give them a additional 25% dmg reduction against guns/melee but makes them more susceptible to debufs from abilitys (making them last longer, or give them additionally power strength) while another type of drone can make abilitys weaker (make them not last as long, reduced power strength) but make them more susceptible to gun damage by 10%. Something just to make them not just a annoyance and make a reason to have a mix of ability and gunplay. Because right now its, pick a tank, and if they have a ability that buffs gun damage GREAT! Than I would make it at LEAST so team mates can pick you up in a downed state after you go down in addition to the revive player through financial stress points. Than I'd remove the 300% strength & weapon thing. I'd rather see maybe random buffs that applies to all warrants. Maybe +300 armor one abitration and +50% duration another. Just general smaller buffs every frame can benifit from. Finally I'd like to make abitrations unique from other modes. Maybe once every x waves or time in order for you to get the reward you have to defeat a certain enemie such as the wolf, or the stalker (for the hunters of course nerf there damage and scaling to the mission), add bosses but remove invulnerability phases, make them weak to abilitys, or maybe just make one random eximus unit make them twice as large, Double all there values. (Of course there'd need to be more tuning to that but it's just a idea. Same with all the other specific numbers I've mentioned) If even half if these changes made it through I'd probably consider to do abitrations. But right now I just see it as 2nd best endo farm and adaptation farm.
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