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  1. I loved all that was shown but the title card has gotten my attention...is a clue as to mystery to find??? I want to know more! Why do you do this to me DE?!
  2. I am so nervous to put this one up but Maroo is one of my favorite sardonic characters in the game, so here you go!
  3. I love the stream and love this community!!!! I watched all 2 hours! But it does seem that if I am on warframe while the twitch drop is on I never get a twitch drop and then breaks my twitch sync account, I just fixed it from the last time, got two drops, and will now have to fix again. Anyway I could get those drops? Everytime its simething cool twitch fails me :( Love you guys don't love the hit and miss twitch drops. Like the time Megan gave away the norg drop on her xb1 stream and all my friends have them.....booo.
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