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  1. Hi Tenno! Here is my entry for inktober. Enjoy the butty content 😛 Day 1 - Ring Day 2 - Mindless Day 3 - Bait Day 4 - Freeze Day 5 - Build Day 6 - Husky Day 7 - Enchanted (to be continued...) You can also find me at: Instagram: i.sign.as.sam Twitter: MagdaLenaS2312
  2. Ok. I finally finished my concept (which I changed several times, because I didn't want to do things, that other people did). Overall mask shape is inspired by "hat" of Ostrons. It has paper texture (like any other Nakkak's mask) and fabrics on both sides (I'd apreciate physics on it) which is pinned with those "clips" Ostrons have on their clothes. Those gold details would have metalic colours, paintings (inspired by those on buildings in Cetus) could glow in the dark. Colours: mask - primary fabric - secondary details - tertiary (metalic) paintings - suit energy I hope It's not too complicated to visualize 😉
  3. Last 10 minutes! Here I come! 😄 Yeah... Happy Xmas everyone! Hope You will have a very lovely holidays and a lot of GROFIT! 😜
  4. Hi, here's my entry for the contest: unfortunately my Illustrator has problems with exporting it as .png, but it's just for view (I still have .pdf and .ai files)
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