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  1. It hasn't been confirmed... but it also hasn't been denied, which means it's possible that there might be an account transfer period like there was on PS4 sometime in the future. That depends if Microsoft allows it and how lenient they are about it (just a limited period of time or open to transfer from here on out). Either way, it's likely to be a one-time only migration (as in, you can only perform it once) just like on PS4.
  2. Pretty much : the wait times are there to give incentive for people to rush it... but if you are patient and do other stuff while your new weapons and Warframes crafts, then there's no need to spend a single plat. Also, I find the progression tend to be exponential : getting out of the first 40 hours is slow to a degree (though much less now with U14's new damaged mods) but once you have a few weapons, mods and warframes, things gets considerably more consistent in obtaining new stuff. Really, the only use for plat is for extra slots and cosmetics if you want them; anything else can be
  3. Only voice chat I use is through a third party program outside of the game and in my native language. As for playing with random people over the net, I prefer to use the text chat for three reasons : 1) Most people will assume to use english as the default language of communication through text with people they don't know. 2) You don't have to deal in trying to understand speech through any foreign accent others might have even if they try to speak english, doubly so if it's not your native language. 3) Text chat is persistent so that even if you don't see what's written right away
  4. Place a support ticket; we can do nothing for you
  5. Alerts on Endless-type missions have a wave / time threshold for extractions : - Defense missions has you play through 5/10/15 waves then give you mission completed - Survival makes you play for 5/10/15 minutes before giving you the option to extract. The time and number of waves depends on the difficulty/level of the alert itself.
  6. No problem :) And yeah, CR, like MR, isn't an indication of skill, just time spent on the game.
  7. In small increments, the difference is meaningless. Also read again : it only shows how mechanically powerful you are, not how good the player is. If you're using the Synapse and actually know what you're doing and another player uses the Soma and can't hit something that's literally a few meters from his face, then conclave rating still means nothing as of how skilled someone is.
  8. In term of speed, it's slightly slower than before... but otherwise, the ESC menu shortcuts allows rapid switching between elements much like the old system allowed and the interface being 'in the world' adds to the immersion factor. In fact, it feels much less like an overlay and much more like actual tactile elements of the game world. I find the compromise acceptable, IMHO, and is constantly being updated and tweaked given the feedback from the players (feedback which, you know, we're supposed to be giving in the first place?). I think the only downside I have is that navigating planets
  9. The Archwing seems like a step in that direction though it still limits the game to 4 players, the reason being that the game is session-based with a player as the host. Much like how the dojo can host 50 players but one of them is hosting and if he leaves, everyone inside gets migrated to someone else. An open world would imply the possibility to run into other players randomly as they might actually be around, doing their own things already. For that to work and not end in a cascade of migration, you need a dedicated host server which is something Warframe currently doesn't have. As anot
  10. If there is, I'd think it would be wise to delay it to a few months later. The reason is simple : let new players enjoy the game surrounded by new players as well (or at least, people who have to start at Rank 0) instead of thrusting them into a crowd of high level players. After those few months, put up the possibility to migrate your account as by then, the hardcore players will have reached MR10+ and the influx of migrated players won't screw over the power balance. Nah, it's like the PC to PS4 migration : in short, what you've unlocked and acquired is copied over to your
  11. Mastery Rank isn't a fair evaluation of skill; likewise, conclave rating only shows how well geared (aka, mechanically powerful) you are, not that you know what you're doing with it. Though I have no doubt seeing a MR1 player in a T4 would have me scratch my head, there's also the fact some players don't care about gathering then ranking up each and every single weapon in the game and thus, never bother to rank up past a certain point. Those players are possibly focusing on a few select weapons and warframes that focuses on a certain playstyle. However, there's no way to know when an M
  12. That could be the.... NIGHTMARE ... variant
  13. Also, you might want to see the Gamescon livestream where they actually talk about overhauling Survival since "running out of air on a planet is stupid" - one of the devs on stage
  14. And for added lols, allow 8 players into the survival. Doesn't matter if it screws with the AI since they'll be blown away anyway XD
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