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  1. Wiegraf

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I feel channeling should be a mode that triggers much like how a super state activates in some games : you build up the meter and once it's full, you can use a command or somesuch to enter a powered up mode. Going with the melee use of channeling and the implementation of heavy attacks in its place, how about that whenever you reach a combo meter tier and execute a heavy attack to expend it, it charges up part of a gauge. Once that gauge is full, the next time you use both light and heavy attack together (melee button + left click on PC), you enter Channelling Trance where all your melee attacks gain a % damage boost as well as making status procs 100%. Mods could either be used to extend the duration of channelling mode, increase the damage buff, increase the meter build speed, etc. Heck, you could unlock a combo that's only useable while in Channelling Trance as an added incentive to use it and that combo could lead into some kind of Super move that ends Channelling Trance altogether while delivering an impressive and powerful technique. And since it's some kind of super mode that, I think, ressembles the old super move from Operators, why not have it unlocked once you complete the Second Dream Quest? Basically, it would be explained as the Operator supercharging the Warframe when entering a kind of melee trance.
  2. Wiegraf

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.1 + 19.5.2

    You probably killed an Eximus and it dropped one Oberon part; you're not assured to get a Nidus part blueprint at rotation C.
  3. I got to admit though; I watched the Tenno Live rebroadcast on Youtube... and when Chroma was presented, the silence was telling that the crowd really didn't like what they saw. Hell, there was more cheering for Rise of the Bunny, which I half expected to be a joke to bring in the Tombs of the Sentients announcement around. Turns out people were more excited for an easter egg hunt wearing bunny ears than the reveal of the dragon-themed Warframe which design left most people cold in their hype.
  4. Wiegraf

    The U16 Anticipation Megathread

    Oh, don't get the impression wrong there : of course there's a lot of work put into making original Warframe designs, especially how alien the Warframes themselves look compared to so many games which, I think, is worth pointing out as a fantastic effort on DE's design team.... ... It doesn't mean everyone will like 'every' design though... and this one just comes across as... coarse. This is probably one of the design to date that is the most hit-and-miss for the community. Other Warframes, you could go "Okay... yeah... it's not my kind of thing but I can work with that" ... with this one, you'll have a very definite "OMG! I want to be inside that one" (innuendo partially intended) and "You'll never see me use that again once I hit 30 with it" split, I feel.
  5. Well, to be honest, one of the best humanoid 'Dragon Knight' design I saw was the one from White Knight Chronicles. It had a feral look to it compared to the more humanoid look of the others. Granted, this isn't White Knight Chronicles and we know the design choice for the Warframes is all up to DE... but damn... I feel like its place will be less in the arsenal and more in a kubrow stasis slot. If it had been presented as another companion option, I bet a lot less negative reactions would have come up. Its design DOES stand out greatly though and I know some people in particular are going to love playing as Chroma 'specifically' because it has a more animalistic look than other Warframes. Just not everyone's cup of tea... just as some don't like a Warframe over another amongst the existing ones.
  6. You know... I was kind of hyped for Chroma when I first heard about it... ... then seeing as it looks like a dog that had its face stuck in a blender one too many times... ... Yeah, it's probably gonna sit in stasis next to my kubrows once it hits 30.
  7. Wiegraf

    The U16 Anticipation Megathread

    Doubtful unless they unified builds and now develop on a single build to be deployed on all three platforms which then adapts its interface and features to match the platform. Since that would take a boatload of work and pretty much require to rebuild the PS4 and X1 builds into the PC one, it's wishful thinking at best.
  8. Interesting information there; thanks for the update. So, from what I'm getting is that while connections aren't going to get faster (depends on the host and clients), they're likely to be much more stable and reliable over a long period of time, including managing information so there's less instances of characters suddenly slingshotting ahead or canisters taking a moment longer to explode than they should? If anything, the reduced bandwith use and optimisation for clients sounds great!
  9. IMHO, each part should have an equal chance to drop on their defined tier with Fusion Cores, Forma and such weighting less. As in, if a tier has a chance for 6 prime parts along with a chance for a Fusion Core or Forma, then instead of each part having set individual weights, they should have equal weight with Fusion Cores and Formas weighting a bit less (or, depending on DE's focus, a bit more). (Chances shown below are just examples, not suggestions) An equitable spread of 8 items (including forma / fusion core) should be 12.5% for each. But DE could make it so 80% of it is spread between the 6 parts and the last 20% between the forma and fusion core. Thus, there would be a 13.3% x 6 chance for a prime part and (assuming a format and a fusion core would have equal chances) a 10% chance for a fusion core and another 10% chance for the forma. Or the other way around, increasing the weight of the forma / FC to something like 40% and 60% for the prime parts, leaving 10% x 6 chance for a prime part and 20% for a fusion core and 20% for a forma. Of course, I'm guessing the changes in rarity are to adjust with the newly added Ducats and Bara Ki'Teer. If you got too many prime parts, you'd get easy Ducats... but at the same time, you want to at least get a prime part but have an equivalent chance to get the part you're aiming for amongst all available parts of that tier instead of making certain parts insanely rarer than others. Just today, two of my clan mates ran 16 T1C. Results were 8 Boar Prime Receivers and 8 T2C key. While yes, maybe RNG is just messing with them, it's hard to think they REALLY could have gotten 8 receivers and 8 keys in 16 attempts. I'm highly doubtful the other available prime parts are weighted equally. Of course, there's our lack of ability to recognize true randomness... that might just be sheer bad luck... but even the OP posted similar outcomes with certain rewards coming out more often. If there was a way to simulate a thousand or ten thousand runs instantly for the same key and compile the results, it would be easier to figure out a definite pattern or rather, a tendency.
  10. Wiegraf

    Pc Tenno- A Message From The Lotus

    That sounds about right; seems like Raid missions are finally making it back.
  11. Wiegraf

    Hotfix 12.6.1

    I'm hoping for the pistol sometime this year :) Would complement nicely with the Hayden 2.0 skin for Excalibur.
  12. Wiegraf

    Warframe Builder

    La moitié du fun de la programmation : la création. L'autre moitié : le débogage :) J'imagine qu'une fois tous les composants en place, tu vas pouvoir faire afficher les statistiques des Warframe/Armes et leur valeurs modifiés avec les mods équippés dans une mise à jour prochaine?
  13. Wiegraf

    Warframe Builder

    Holy S#&$, that's awesome; this thread needs a sticky so everyone can easily get access to that app! And by the way... Vraiment bon travail; j'vas pouvoir tester mes builds en masse avec ça!
  14. Wiegraf

    Coming Soon: Dev Livestream #19!

    Q: When can we expect a revision of Ash's 4th skill to make it less time consuming and/or the player 'disabled' while it's active? Q: When will the ingame UI (the one during missions) be brought up to par to the new style used in the menus of the star map? Q: Will there ever be an option to display Health/Shields on the brackets on the crosshair for easy reference when in the middle of a heated firefight? Q: Considering weapons like the Ogris, Torid and now Penta; wouldn't it make more sense for max ammunition capacity to be a "per weapon" thing than a "per category" one to avoid weapons with ridiculous ammo efficiency that makes ammo management an aftertought? Q: Though not asking for a date, more info on account migration/cloning from PC to PS4 would be appreciated as in "will it be feasible down the line after all?" Mainly because a lot of PC players who also own a PS4 don't play too much on PS4 in case we'd have the option to simply export our data to PS4 and continue from where we were on PC. Q: Any chance to have other mission control than Lotus? Even though Darvo was one only for one event, his lines were great and it would be interesting if there was opportunities to do missions for Darvo again as well as a Grineer equivalent. Q: In the same vein, since Rebecca voices Lotus, will Megan ever voice a notable NPC? Q: Even though we have a lot of melee weapons at the moment, is there any plans to eventually add a 'Spear'-type weapon which would primarily use thrust attacks? Q: To bring some sort of 'end-game' content or challenge, is there any plans to have sector bosses have a 'Hard' and 'Elite' difficulty level options? "Hard" being a level set around 30-35 for Tenno who have just completed the star map while "Elite" being for a group of 4 players with a lot of preparation, new boss attacks and a high level around 45-50?
  15. Wiegraf

    Hotfix 10.0.7

    Perhaps a Corpus rebel since he's into trading? I'd imagine that even in the Grineer and Corpus factions, not everyone is a psychotic drone soldier with a hair-trigger finger.