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  1. Strangely enough, Dread was the last one I got. I had Hate and Despair a long while before. I remember it since it was during the holiday season, a few years back.
  2. PC has, notably : Prisma Gorgon ... also 3 day affinity boosters, 3 day ressource boosters, a few Prisma cosmetics, including the Ki'teer leg ones and such
  3. Pretty sure it's someone DDOS'ing WF to hell; Baro came around many times before and it never lagged to this point that I can't even return to my liset. Right now, if you go into a relay : You'll be by yourself since the lag prevents the game from loading people in; my instances had only me and Baro Ki'teer in it along with the NPCs; You won't be able to return to your liset since trying to leave the relay, either through the menu or walking to your ship, will just reload the relay instance; Getting constant "Network not responding" messages. Considering there's likely less players at home during this time of the year means that there's also less players online, I'm pretty sure it's not a matter of impatience but someone purposefully screwing up with the servers. Heck, same thing happened not even a week ago.
  4. Free market at its best : if you think the price is too high, it is because someone else might actually be willing to buy it instead. Sure, the price can get ridiculous... but if everyone charges the same price, it becomes the standard. And then, people hesitate to charge less knowing they can get away with that 750p if they wait a bit more... or run out of patience and lower the price a tad, like 700p, just to try and undersell others. And once the rarity comes down and those pricy mods lose value, then you get to the point people sell them for what amounts to crumbs. Legendary Cores used to be an incredily rare type of mod simply because it was limited... now that it is part of the Sorties, it went down in price a LOT.
  5. The logical way to go with a rework would be taking base damage mods like Pressure Point, Serration and the like and either do away with them or integrate them into the weapon's rank. Kind of like a rank 0 weapon dealing 100% of its total damage and a rank 30 dealing 200%. Then, when it comes to elemental mods, that instead of adding damage based on the weapon's base damage (like how it currently adds, for example 90% fire, meaning your weapon deals 100% base + 90% Fire), it would work by converting a percentage of the base damage into that element (instead, a Fire mod at 20% means your weapon becomes 80% base + 20% Fire). This would make using elemental weaknesses much more appealing, like if an infested enemy is 300% weak to fire, then you're actually dealing 140% damage instead of 100% along with a status proc chance... and if you're taking on an enemy with a resistance (like 50% resist) then the damage goes down to 90%. Multishot is another problem to deal with which is rather touchy... as it stand, it nearly doubles the damage for Rifle class weapons with a maxed Barrel Diffusion and much more with secondaries. I'd guess either they'd be reduced in efficiency from their high up values to something much lower... like maybe 25-30% max for rifles, 40-50% for secondaries or another system entirely for multishot. --- There's definitively is a rather large gap in power for low ranked modded weapons VS high ranked ones, an exponential one in fact. I won't lie though : I kind of like that we can achieve ridiculous amounts of damage with some weapons (ex : Soma Prime) when they're well modded... but I'm also quite aware of how much it must suuuck for a low ranked player whenever a high ranked players steps in their mission and wreck everything in their path while they can barely scratch them. Heck, we deliberately under power our gear with our newer members so they get a chance to shoot a few enemies instead of us vets just one-shotting most things that don't happen to have a little bit of armor. I can't claim to have solutions (those above are just speculations and ideas I thought up on the spot) but I kind of feel that if there's a rebalance of damage, it should bank more on strengths and weaknesses than merely stacking more and more damage to just blow away enemies. Damage 2.0 brought a good thing in the form of elements, combined elements and those status procs; Damage 3.0 could work with that and turn the exponential grow in damage output into something a bit more linear. So that messing with damage is more interesting and planned out than just stacking numbers as high as you can. So that the difference between the weapon of a low ranked player and a high ranked one is that the high ranked one can be more effective against specific enemies or faction while the low ranked player can still have a fighting chance.
  6. Given how much dissonance there is between regular research costs and this one, I wouldn't disregard that possibility. I hope it's not the case and it is just one of the devs that decided to give a moral lesson or somesuch about cooperation (and failed spectacularly by not being in touch with the reality of clans). However, by this point, two outcomes might happen : DE actually patches the mutagen sample cost for the research, lowering it down to something more inline with regular researches versus the unboosted rarity of the ressource and refunds the clans who already have the research done with the difference in amount in mutagen samples back into the clan vault. DE doesn't move on the requirements of that research with the (morally valid) point that it would be unfair towards the clans who DID farm the required mutagen samples. However, that would mean future researches might be victim of such high ressource requirements for the sake of selling more ressource and ressource chance boosters. And true, selling boosters is definitively a goal given a company does wish to make profit as best as they can... but there's a difference when using a booster is an option and when it is a requirement.
  7. Don't worry about it; probably someone having a bad day and needing to rant out. I bet whoever said that probably thinks he's pro or something for being near max rank. Problem is, MR doesn't show how good you are, only that you maxed out more gear than others. I still run into high MR players who seem clueless using anything else than Rhino which surprises me a lot. By then, you'd expect them to at least know how to efficiently use their powers but don't. And besides, an MR 6 player might have stayed MR 6 for a while without ranking up and be a better player overall. I'll take first hand experience of a player in a mission over just an arbitrary 'rank' that mechanically does little while in a mission up to a considerable threshold (I wouldn't bring a MR 0-4 to ODD for example, unless they've shown before they really can handle pressure in missions just as high level)
  8. 10th run; only trash bronze mods, few 80 Endo sets. Not a single part of Nidus. Yeap... welcome back to the Prime farming days when it was in the void.
  9. I use Bladestorm a lot less than I should with Ash, simply because it doesn't cross my mind that I could spam it. I actually have more use of all three other abilities, especially with the Shuriken augment. 1 to strip down armor from heavy units then shoot them down or use it to deal damage while reloading. 2 to safely raise a fallen ally or get out of a crowd of enemies. 3 to quickly move about a large area and/or catch up to allies (to raise them even) if not to chain into finishers. The only moment I use Bladestorm is either if I need a bunch of enemies dead quick. Else, bullets, agility and melee does the job just fine.
  10. I'm in the game right now; like Godzilla853 said, launch Steam in Offline mode and then launch Warframe. If there's one benefit of it having its own launcher is that you can at least play it online regardless of if Steam is up or down.
  11. Considering Guild Wars 2 started as a buy to play game which later turned into free to play, it kind of makes that assumption irrevelent.
  12. The fallacy, past the fact that DE believes every clan has a 100% active player base, is that they also believe those clans are only populated with players whom either have the skills or the gear and mods to run those missions in the first place. We had 2 new players in the last two weeks in our clan, capping our capacity back at 10/10 and I wouldn't take a MR 2 and a MR 4 out on the Orokin Derelict before they've gotten some good mods ranked up and gotten a decent set of weapons. Now, by itself, that represents 20% of my clan's playerbase : that's not accounting one of them having been off for quite some time, others that are on and off for a few minutes for the login reward and such. That leaves approximately 4 players who I can definitively consider active AND able to run a Orokin Derelict mission convenably and that means they'd each need to farm 1250 Mutagen Samples each to cover for the research. Take that in perspective, DE, before you got and make outlandish claims through generalisation.
  13. I'm thinking whoever set the ressource requirements for the Hema is out of his element and isn't actually aware of the availability of Mutagen Samples. I've been playing since closed beta and helped fund research of my clan, along with about 30-40% of its players, both when it was a Ghost Clan, for the time it was a Shadow clan before we retrograded to Ghost so we wouldn't be funding 3 times the price for a research only a handful of the members actually would fund. I currently have 260 Mutagen Samples in my inventory; and I probably, at most, ever had about 800-900 MS total after 1282 hours of time in missions. Not even accounting that but also that the research requirement for the Hema in Mutagen Samples is actually over 10 times the ressource cost of ALL prior researches combined should be telling that there's definitively something not right with those numbers. So no, it is not a weapon you can get "after a few runs in OD" unless you are insanely lucky with your drops, using a ressource drop booster AND a ressource drop chance booster. But yeah, the weapon surely must be worth the effort, what with healing you and such. Lemme just grab my Telos Boltor or Telos Akbolto... see if I can't achieve a similar effect from something that doesn't require players to sink in a valuable, RARE ressource into it to make and actually earned simply by representing a faction. Kind of puts in perspective how overvalued the Hema is when even a new player who just picked up a syndicate could get their hands on that weapon even before they could ever DREAM of having the required ressources for the Hema.
  14. Simple fix : run the mission solo; it's actually not that hard and you don't have to have to deal with the shadier sides of Internet Humanity