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    A most Peculiar workshop.

    Hey DE, I want a mod that makes my Kavat appear and disappear like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Not in a silly way, but more in line with the 'man in the wall' and haunted / spooky. This sort of lends itself to the next idea below... Give these mods a more encompassing purpose in the game - perhaps to consolidate some of the loose ends with the idea of choices and morality in the games story line. You might capture more interest in these mods if the resultant peculiarity interacted in a meaningful way with some of morality and alignment choices players make with their operator during the story line. I was so excited to see how being evil might affect my game experience during the story line only to be disappointed after. Maybe somewhere in the vein of these flavor mods those alignment choices could be made to feel more meaningful and interesting and would impact the specific flavor of the 'peculiarity'. This concept is expandable into a variety of areas players might be more enthusiastic and receptive to than the current direction - including fashion frame. Full disclosure, I only created this idea in order to mask my true intentions of someday being able to pay money for access to a 'Curves' and 'Muscles' slider sub-section under the appearance tab.
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    Update 9 - Next Steps

    I fricken love this game, that is all.