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  1. NO DROPS FOR ALL!!! I seen people in chat telling they got multiple drops but i was one of the unlucky one who got nothing . Sad that we tried to get attention but where glossed over , i normal dont "shout" but i can't believe no one did see it, to many people tried . I don't mind if a system does not work perfect i don't feel entitled but i like people not to claim victory and gloss over the replies that drops not work for all . Did not spam but tried multiple times, wonder what was going on these lovely ladies are always so fast to find a needle in a haystack that it bugles my mind they did not see the people who told it did not work Did login just some minutes ago to check it might be a extreme delay but to me it looks like the system is still broken and should be fixed before people claim victory . We all want drops together 😉 Ps. Twitch drops campaign did work only DE stream one did not work for me .
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