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  1. The changes are great, but Protea still has issues with her shield grenade and her 4. The shield grenade doesn't last nearly as long as it should, is really awkward to cast and should probably auto attach to Protea. As for her 4, when I first started playing her I thought the implosion happend all along the path you traveled while it was active, but after playing her some more and reading this thread I realized it only happend at the end point. Add to that the fact that it doesn't even function as an energy refund ability, because you lose all the orbs you picked up while the ability is up, and after playing her for a while I realized I usually end up with more energy if I don't use her 4 at all. At it's current state, temporal anchor is kinda useless. Cool, but useless. I think DE should look into making the implosion happen along the path traveled for aoe/cc in higher lvl missions, making it so you keep the energy/health you picked up or just disable pickups altogether, and maybe give some minor buffs to the other abilities while the ability is active.
  2. It's not about what I think. My point was that most of the criticism here is not about her kit being bad, but about it being different than anticipated, especially the turrets. I just want people to understand that her 2 is a spam burst dps ability that is supposed to work with her 4's "spam as much abilities as possible". DE might make an augment for her turret to be long duration sometime in the future, but they're not gonna change the base ability. It would be so much more productive if people gave feedback on how to improve her current gameplay instead of asking DE to change the entire frame, which is not going to happen.
  3. Honestly it feels like some of the people who are complaining here didn't even play her for more than 10 minutes. It's like so many people here had this idea of what they wanted her to be, and now that she doesn't fit the mold you get upset. Don't get me wrong, she definitely needs tuning and some changes, but most of the complaints here seem to be from people who want to completely change her gameplay, which currently works something like: set up a base with her 3 and 1, then press 4 and run around while spamming her turrets until you are yanked to where you started and get the energy you spent during her 4 back. I was honestly a little disappointed when I first used her abilities but her playstyle grew on me and I really like using her. DE are not gonna change her gameplay. People don't want to play her like she is now because of what they thought she should be, and DE are gonna buff her again and again and still most people won't play her, until some youtuber make a video about her being broken op and then she'll get nerfed to the ground. Most of the criticism here is totally fair but some people want her to be different frame and it's not gonna happen.
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