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  1. Almost four months later, and it's still very buggy. I think I know what's wrong, though. The drop ships count against the timer whether or not they're inside the drop zone, but sometimes their pathfinding breaks, and they get stuck on some terrain on the plains (similar to how the smaller fighter craft sometimes get stuck on the ground), meaning they never make it to the drop zone, but still tank the timer. This can happen with multiple drop ships, which is why sometimes the counter drops like a rock, and sometimes it just drops a little faster than it should. Simple fix: make sure the drop ships only register with the timer when inside the drop zone. If some minimum number of enemies aren't inside the drop zone within a certain window of time (because they got hung up on terrain), send them in directly with drop pods, instead. I know pathfinding bugs can sometimes be the worst to fix, so this should be a simpler solution.
  2. Hotfix did nothing. Just failed a liberate bounty in PoE with 0 enemies in sight. Seems like the counter goes faster, and there are no drop-pods. Not to be confused with drop-ships, which still do arrive, but take so long to arrive and are so far away that I don't get a chance to find the enemies before the counter zeroes out. Sometimes, the drop-pods do show up, and then I can complete the bounty, but the counter still drops much faster than normal. Again, this is a new problem, as of Fortuna. I never had this problem before.
  3. I'm talking about the PoE bounties. Haven't had much trouble with Fortuna.
  4. Did you all make some changes to these bounty stages? They've always been a bit unpredictable, but I usually don't have any problems with them solo. I've had a lot of trouble with them since Fortuna came out. The areas are enormous, and the enemies spawn so far away from the center that I don't get a chance to find them, much less kill them, before the control counter zeroes out.
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