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  1. please don't copy anthem's flight controls, it's horrendous, i don't know what is the gripe about wf's flight controls, but i find it easy.
  2. crap, looks like they just ignored this request since its archived now. Still, i really hope they could do something about this, like @sasyquatch mentioned above, its a death sentence during profit taker to go out of your absorb just to drop pizza or equip archgun. so much so that i dont bother unequipping archgun anymore and just keep it equipped from start to finish cause its really a hassle to transfer out, void dash to a remote location, transfer in, disable absorb, do your thing with the gearwheel, then operator mode again and void dash back to the fight location. kinda tedious if you ask me. i still do this so i can refill energy for energy pizza. so yeah, its really gonna be a big QoL improvement for nyx users if they are able to use gear wheel while on absorb assimilate
  3. energy costs will be moot once she is able to jump around as she can easily avoid those damages not needing to face tank and also easily kill alot of enemies raising the probability of getting more energy orbs, that's why she is going to be OP if she has no movement restrictions. right now, her immunity is not as strong as rhino's or nezha's and i agree with you, but once she gets a no movement restrictions, she will be better than rhino or nezha, you can easily build her to be energy efficient, you dont need range and strength for an infinite absorb build, and that is already viable even with the movement restriction. taking away her movement restriction will make her OP.
  4. But Nyx's absorb is a true immunity unlike Rhino or Nezha which has a time limit and not channeled. So if she has no movement restrictions, her immunity is very op compared to rhino's and nezha's which has limitations. she can just jump around anywhere and kill all stuff without any consequences and without taking any damage whatsoever and she will virtually have unlimited energy because she can just jump around kill stuff and get energy orbs. Imagine Valkyr, but not limited to claws, but instead can use a paracesis or a kitgun or a primary. it's gonna be op. Anyway, regardless of her having movement restriction or not, my topic still needs to be addressed, make her able to swap gears while on Absorb(Assimilate)
  5. she would be op if you remove movement restriction. absorb is good as it is. its the only ability i ever use of nyx even after the rework. but yeah, i guess tweaking the numbers for the other abilities would be welcome.
  6. Hi DE, please make it possible to swap gears while on Absorb(Assimilate). She is able to swap weapons but not gear which makes it hard to swap to the arch-gun when in Absorb mode. Thanks
  7. Hi @_Dan have you tried lowering your ping to 150ms in the game options? That will, most of the time, make you the host.
  8. I present to you, Lucifer and Ashton as Dyson and Boots. The moment all Tenno have been waiting for is here. Dyson, with his innate death stare creates a vacuum in space like a blackhole that pulls all "objects" to him. Boots with his beady pleading eyes of overcuteness create dazzling sparkles that blinds enemies and let them drop their "objects" for Dyson to succ! Truly, undisputedly, indubitably, #TennosBestFriend
  9. what happens if i already have both primes and i buy the full packs? What happens to the extra prime frames?
  10. make venari passive, but ability 3 summons 1 more kavat!!! more kavats more kavatrastophe! should i show my self out? who have heard of a beastmaster with only 2 beasts? she should be called a beast amateur!
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