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  1. One of the special effects in the dojo decoration is not working. ( invisible before and after creation ) Sonicor has no status effect. Is that intendid?
  2. Will we ever see a display armoury of all the guns You/We have mastered? Are we still getting a pre release of the hanger bay? When will the new orbiter face-lift be out? Are rebecca and megan single?
  3. When will u add new fan art to the collection?? and veterans are starving for something new.
  4. still not getting *close 4 Fractures with 1 Coolant canister, you get 3 bonus points (7 total)* still only getting 4..
  5. Wolf daily challenge still not fixed. I'ts not renewing
  6. 1. will we see more varied challenges (unique), rather then veriations of the same? 2. could we see Dojo cosmetic challange rewards or new armoury in the future? 3. Will long time playerbase have anything to look forward too or we just getting more survival modes as high end content.
  7. Guess nothing new for the long time loyal player base. when do we get something that starts getting meaningfull like major story, high end challenges that are not just survivel mode or an epic 5 piece artifact for ordis or dojo's
  8. Clan Name: The shogunates Tier: 9 Ghost Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Hi DE! I'm a solo builder with no support. I ran out of Gallium 35 times. Most of the creative scenes was made in a week so I could join in the contest. While I might not win. I'm happy that atleast someone in DE got to see them. Enjoy & thanks again for this awesome free game! https://imgur.com/gallery/zbEBlhv Here's few from the link:
  9. you can see it in you're orbiter news screen. there is a timer for how many hours are left.
  10. Hi Reb & Meg. You guys are truely amazing. Keep up the great work. My questions is. A. Will we Ever have a Dojo armory to display all our crurrently own weapons? B. Will we ever see a warframe with Drone mechanics? C. When will be see archwing wing weapons on the field??
  11. don't know if its just me but almost all sigels emblems and inventory pictures are broken
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