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  1. Hi DE. Can you guys do something about the syandana's flying in front of your face when you are in a gunner turret?
  2. I will remind DE that their is still a sad forgotten orb mother in a pond.
  3. Green gas clouds has loot that does not get sucked. you have to fly into them to get it. All 3 crafting stations are missing the hanging consol details after patch. archwing when leaving a cruiser makes you use your primary weapon instead of the arch gun
  4. When you look at the cores to pick in the UI the stats change even tough you didn't change the loadout, and end up mods dropping as there is not enough power.
  5. Can we get the Consol from the dry dock also on the ship please
  6. why isnt their a captains quarters? Why is steves beard always so sexy? also No cupholder!! to hold my beer! Will we have a Keven/steven from final space in future content? are megan and rebecca single? will we be able to change cy's voice to a sexy female who replies *Yes sugar daddy*?
  7. Dear DE I feel that the new lich update is great Buuut. It's just way to grindy. While the content is fun. It's just, slowed way down by the low drop-rate kuva mods, Random chances of getting the right one or even a drop chance of a relic. Lich blocks in groups. Mumurs/followers are also very low per kill. Getting them in the right order after you have it all. After all that we only get 3 charges per mod. Then it starts all over again. Is there anyone else that feel this is way too much of grind just to get a Kuva weapon?
  8. Help. Done mine 4 times with everytime getting a kurva pop-op. But the guy is never marked or never spawns... :((( anyone else?
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