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  1. OniDarkClown

    Update 17.1.0 - 17.1.4

    Thanks DE, for making my day Junk-Punch free!
  2. OniDarkClown

    Update 15.3.0

    Thank You De for making my Trinity Junk-Punch Free. I like her new Skin. works fantastic with the Colors I have on her. I could not be happier.
  3. My moustache is ready. hanging out in the Dojo Party.
  4. OniDarkClown

    Hotfix +

    Challenge Accepted.
  5. OniDarkClown

    Introducing Our 14.5 Mod Update

    nice new changes. Looks like it will make navigating the large list of mods A LOT easier. I got high hopes for it. might take a few tweaks to it at start, but so far so good. just have to wait to see how it works out when i get my hands on it.
  6. OniDarkClown

    Tactical Alerts Are Coming!

    My Tenno is Ready.
  7. OniDarkClown

    Hotfix 14.2.4: Tactical Alert - Hyena Facility

    New alert stuff, I like how it sounds. can't wait to try it out. thanks DE. My day Is Junk-Punch Free.
  8. OniDarkClown

    Psa: Forum Migration August 20Th

    I can say that I still am. Having to use my Post history to get into the forums atm.
  9. OniDarkClown

    Psa: Forum Migration August 20Th

    oooh thanks for the heads up. I'll pack an emergency Withdraw pack. now where did I put that backpack?
  10. OniDarkClown

    Psa: Server Maintenance August 23Rd

    give it a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of wax. then we can all have cookies and gravy.
  11. Someone give this man an Emergency Beard Repair kit ASAP!
  12. OniDarkClown

    Warframe Account Migration Is Live!

    Hot DAMN I love this month! Thanks for this DE.
  13. OniDarkClown

    Update 14: The Mad Cephalon

    New toys, New Tenno, New Puppies, Fixes, Changes, Ships, Quests, Tweaks… So much to enjoy now. DE thanks for burning the midnight oil WELL into the next day Just to pump out this Freshness. Seriously. You All Kick Serious Axe. I’m gonna go Jump in and Quest my little Tenno heart out. So again Thank you DE, for making my Day Junk-Punch free. Now please. ENJOY some Well earned Bet time, sleep VARY WELL. And I hope each and every one of you Find no less than 20$ in your pants pockets Have a Prime Weekend. Cheers.
  14. OniDarkClown

    Update 14! (Wee Hours Of Morning) (Pc)!

    sweet. My Foundry is ready.
  15. OniDarkClown


    Thanks for the Hotfixes DE. I always enjoy me some hotfixes. so thanks for making my day Junk-Punch Free.