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  1. I didn't talk b/s. What is your prose? Oh what was that? You don’t have any. There we go. Have fun doing 1/2x3 hunts btw
  2. but if you shoot shraksun you shoot slower and if you get radiation buff and you get radiation buff on your operator and get radiation buff on your amp you can more often proc status effect (radiation) and a pro player said me and told me you can m ake gantulast damaghe itself and the teralyst and hydroidlist too and i think its cool to shoot quicker and play shwaak
  3. Whats even the point of making that Intrinsics mission abort change now? Its nothing but unfair to those that didnt abuse it to max everything already.
  4. I agree its bad both too slow in low level and too weak in high level. Especially for how painful it is to get.
  5. bump. I want the weapon to be relevant again, if this thread gets closed I make a new one.
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