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  1. The first one went to Khora because it's just that good, now that my main got it I guess I'll just make the smart choice and give it to Saryn Prime.
  2. The best warframe with an exalted or the best warframe to use melee on ? For pure melee enhancement I think it's wisp, the best exalted excalibur but wukong might be better now ? I haven't checked his rework yet.
  3. There is an afro american flag and it is not meant to separate both but to symbolize the hardship a minority went through. Like the lgbt flag on another note. I am not sure what your point is, it's like saying that because an awful king prevents me from following my passion unless I lick its ass it means that I should love him. Sounds very irrelevant to me.
  4. That's not really it. If a group is upset by a community it means that this group has hate connotation in its intent. It's like people used to be against black people sharing the same room as white people, you don't need to think too long to see that one part of the argument is very flawed to begin with. There is literally no reason to be against people having a specific sexuality or religion or whatever (unless it's a hate group, like I am clearly not saying to put a nazi flag... ) No, Warframe is openly very anti capitalistic and challenge the concept of meritocracy very often. You don't look at fortuna or the index and think to yourself "Oh, the devs are clearly coorporatist or neutral on the idea of capitalism". Like, no, they clearly hate it and its clearly tied to their own history as a studio and they don't hide it.
  5. Honestly I find this thread to be a lot more stupid than expected... Warframe is like up there in term of political content to begin with, do you even play this game? if a group want a representative glyph and it leads to other minorities to ask for their own glyph I... don't see how that impact anyone. Overwatch has flagged icons and no one cares, it's just there as an option, free content. Also what the #*!% is wrong with you people, Science doesn't lean toward homosexuality being a mental disorder, who the #*!% teach people this non sense.
  6. I am not even using any of these weapons but honestly why isn't there a hard floor of 1.0 ? Like, DE must know that people are working hard/paying a S#&$ ton to get the roll that they want right ? Isn't it more beneficial for the consumer to make their hard work worth it or make their purchase at the very least "good" ?
  7. There is no reason to nerf maiming strike as of now. Most melee weapons are simply impractical due to range limitation and flawed mechanic. Furthermore, the overwhelmingly strongest part of a loadout is still the warframe. As long as these issues aren't fixed maiming strike is kinda low on the list of things to fix.
  8. That's a good idea tbh. Clearly the AI isn't getting fixed anytime soon so that's a very good alternative.
  9. You make it sounds like I said it wasn't a mental illness while I said that it wasn't recognized as such. That's 2 different thing. If intense anxiety or fear is involved it falls under the category of specific phobia which can include anything as long as the response matches that of what a phobia does. Which is why I mentioned the first paragraph thing, in fact you should read about mental health as a whole tbh. Honestly, I doubt so. I can't picture a professional saying such fallacy. So.... every frame should get the cyst to remind you that the helminth exist instead of making a small notification box the first time you get it to explain what it does ? No, that's just terrible design.
  10. Huh... No. It's not recognized as a mental illness but it remains a phobia, people don't "overexagerate" their response to it. They just are naturally a lot more uncomfortable in front of it. Invalidating a condition because you've read the first paragraph of wikipedia is kinda stupid. Regardless that cyst has no reason to be a forced thing anyway. Getting read of it instantly should be a basic option. Even warframe partners dislike this thing as it gets in the way of fashion frame by being an unwanted part of the design. Not sure why they stick on enforcing it.
  11. Just in case, don't forget to left click as well.
  12. Have you tried using her reservoirs to change the damage type of her 4th ability ? it melts lvl140 enemies.
  13. Why is everyone expecting it today exactly ?
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