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  1. I'd like to suggest the implementation of umbral or possibly primed aura mods with the next story advancement. Right now the modding system is getting old and needs many upgrades and changes that have already been suggested to fit the current stat of the game. however I do feel like the concept of umbral aura and its subsequent possibilities like the addition of extra mod slots, additional umbral mods and the likes are overlooked especially when it seems like umbral formas are unlikely to be implemented.
  2. Honestly I don't even understand why anyone would oppose this. It's an option to not have it, those who like it can keep their pink thing, those who don't don't have to wait a week to start fashion frame. I don't see who's losing here.
  3. Title. I'd like to gift it to a friend but I am not sure if it's the blueprint or the actual segment.
  4. Most mmo games release new progression upgrade twice or more a year as an easy way to keep the grinding alive but for some reason, warframe has never been a game that quickly instored new gear progressions within the game. I believe the last one was arcane and it was 2 years ago... To be honest doing the next progression upgrade through levelling would sound really dull to me especially when I look at the paracetis. I really wouldn't want to level that way. That being said if a new modding system was unlocked in the next story progression that would involve levelling that way to 40 I would be all for it. When I think of progression I always think of that shiny equipment window and it just never made sense to me that after 6 years the game still doesn't have enough prime mods to fill at least the basic modding parts or that there's no upgrade on outdated mods, especially auras. I really thought that they would surf on that umbral wave and introduce umbral or primed auras since they said that they didn't want to introduce umbral forma but looking at the roadmap no progression is to be expected for quite a long time. For the metalics I think it's a good idea for some parts. A lot of skins have mismatching textures that make it difficult to put together. Thinking of mag deluxe halo that for some reason has 2 different textures that can't be matched color wise without looking weird.
  5. The problem is that if we go further into your reasoning, what is a "bad" warframe ? Is it an objective or subjective value ? Can it be measured ? Etc. What I am trying to convey here is that there can be such things as bad warframes, it's just that you may not see it as such in your own context. Vauban kit based on what would be the average in the game, is bad and I believe this thread is based on that context.
  6. From the look of it, it just seem that you in particular needs an overwhelming amount of tanking mods to play her. At high level (2hrs+ survival) theses mods will be completely useless, in fact they are useless even before that, survivals with Garuda mostly consist of you enjoying the view while your zeni gas setup clears the area and sometime killing ancients. You don't need to leap into melee thanks to the latch and even when you do rolling guard is your best friend. If by high level you mean sortie level or arbitration, I have yet to see a moment where any of the mentioned mods are mandatory for fluidity purpose. Enemies are too low level to even stagger you with QT+Armuor. One could make the argument that it would save you from using guardian and put more offensive arcanes for your weapons but I can't think of a weapon that is worth that investment for garuda (I might be wrong) That being said, regarding natural talent, even if you sped up the casting of her abilities I don't see a scenario where Natural Talent wouldn't be mandatory. The faster you cast with her, the more your dps flies, that's why... it's a caster. Honestly, and I think it's a bigger issue, when I look at my build (QT/PFlow/NT/Stretch/OverEx/TF/UIntensify/UFiber), even if you told me that natural talent wasn't necessary anymore there would be nothing to replace it. I already reach 200PS. I can't picture myself dying except when I do something really stupid like killing myself. Duration is unnecessary unless you play very slowly (or for comfort in survival but in that case I just drop range). Efficiency won't do me any good. More range is interesting but limited to increasing my dps against non-armoured enemies with no shields. An augment, yes? Assuming its a good one, which is a big assumption. What I means is that the frame lacks mods that benefits it for us to even consider making some mods unnecessary, the only mod that triggers on low health is a PvP mod, not enough mods in general give a mix of casting speed or max energy or stagger resist coupled with mandatory stats like strength/duration/range. It's as if no hunter mods or 60/60 mods were available for Khora or that maiming strike and bloodrush didnt exist for nezha. The only options left for Venari would be "meh" and Nezha passive would be deemed as pointless, making his dps fall into oblivion. Lastly, I doubt casting speed being the bread and butter of a caster is the reason why a larger audience couldn't get into her. Or more accurately, most frames are like that, they usually depends on averagely hard to acquire key mods to function as they should. The difference is how widely known that mechanic is, for instance nezha is one of the least played frame despite his rework and how insanely good and versatile he's in the current meta. The average player won't know that, I bet they don't even have maiming strike nor know how to use the mod. Yet you wouldn't buff nezha for that reason.
  7. That part is weird, it means that the weapon behaves completely differently on console to begin with. That's an important piece of information.
  8. I use em too and still need the effects of her skills to maintain the spam involved around manipulating her passive buff. No, you don't. Everything you just said proved that point. A pool of healing by design gets in the way of you manipulating her passive as you don't have control over the amount of life restored and have to do and undo the restoration, that's the complete opposite of effective. Compare that to instant 200-400HP regeneration and there's just no comparison, anyone with those Magus would know that I am not sure why you'd be lying and if you are not lying what the hell are you doing with your frame. In addition, healing alone without any extra gimmick is just plain useless considering how many options there is to recover your health in this game. Anyone with maxed arcane energized also know that as long as you are effectively using your abilities you never run out of energy to spam your ability. You using them and still requiring more energy equate to you not killing your enemies while doing so.... That's also the complete opposite of effective.Even worse, you thinking that her 4th ability should be spammed indicate that you clearly do not know when to make use of the rest of your loadout. Now to be clear, in regard to her energy regeneration I am not saying that the skill in itself is useless, I am saying that it doesn't have much use because the rest of her kit isn't that of a spammer, she is not mag. If she was a mag with energy regen instead of her first ability, yes, usefulness acquired but we are far from that. And btw idc about slide spam, I don't play that way. That's not to say i don't ever use a slide attack or see the value in why some people play that way. Is that your way of saying "hey actually using her claws as a slide attack is not worth it and a waste of time compared to the other options. I am sorry you are right"? You don't like her melee, you don't like her skill synergies, you keep trying to force an expectation on her that has absolutely zero to do with how she plays in reality. You sound like an anxiety ball to whom you'd say "hey, I like your dress but I don't think the colors of the bottom parts matches" and who would then proceed to say that "Anyway you dislike everything that I do!". Being critic has nothing to do with not liking and discussing the critic is an important part of improving things. Isn't that what forums are for? Also, it's not that I don't like her melee, claws are fun but not worth it compared to the rest. It's not that I don't like her synergies, they are just not effective enough compared to other frames. See the difference? Also you proved yourself to actually not know how to play her or at least apparently not more than me so I'll ignore the rest. I just don't get your arguments about any of this. Have you ever heard of blood mages, blood necromancers, or meleemancers? That's... Very unrelated. My argument was that her claws weren't making Garuda faster and that other frames can use what would make her faster better than she does. You made the rest progress on your own, including your assumptions about me disliking the frame. Also yes and I like the caster theme. That's why I love the stagger on QT and the fact that most of her kit is built around that, very immersive when playing her. I'm really not sure what it is you think Garuda should be or play like, just seems like you're disagreeing with people around the forums for the sake of disagreeing. Like she does but better ? I don't think I suggested to scrap her abilities nor to change her gameplay, (granted that it's a warframe, there isn't just one way of playing them) I am just saying that they don't do what they are supposed to do in a way that brings the necessary performance to be an average warframe for reasons already mentioned. Do you think Garuda would be a different frame if while combining her 4 and her 1 both of their area of effect would be shaped as spheres or cylinders or do you think that it would just make her behave better ? As for the disagreeing part, I find it very hypocritical of you... My replies in this threads were originally questions, they weren't disagreement per say, you turned them into such on your own and when you found out I was right added things to disagree upon like her gameplay and such despite me not even talking about that to begin with. Saying that I disagree for the sake of disagreeing because you create disagreements on your own is a very pejorative way to interpret the situation.
  9. What we are talking about is a rotation where you fire your pistol until it's empty, you reload and then you charge your throwing weapon. There isn't really much use to reloading after throwing your Orvius since your secondary is going to deal more sustained damage making its reload a priority. (unless you use the Zakti which I am assuming you do since you use the Orvius but that's because it's a situation where the pistol enhance the throwing weapon.) The same trouble most users who tried the weapon have, if there is any kind of attack speed or thrown speed on the weapon the effect the effect is inconsistent. No matter how accurate on the timing you are, the weapon starts randomly looping or flat out not do anything at random. You also don't need it to be blue for it to work or not work with or without attack speed. I can make it work when it's white or make it fail when it's blue. It's very very inconsistent. Now I am surprised to hear you don't have that issue and wonder if it's a client issue related to PC since the people who had the same issue I have also reviewed the weapon on PC. Maybe the console version is more responsive for that kind of thing. That being said, even in the instance where the timing worked properly, I do think that this mechanic isn't very logical regardless, with with no attack speed you can flat out charge it all the way in but with attack speed you need to time it. If that's not a bug it's one of the most annoying restriction I can think of, so much so that I do think it's a bug, really.
  10. I understand the context of your suggestion, I just don't understand the reasoning. "I am not sure if you realize" but the damage of a slide or even the raw damage of a melee weapon has close to no value if it doesn't have range hence my questions. Slide attacks have values if there's range, raw damage doesn't really matter unless you plan to melee level500+ enemies which I am not really sure why you would. That include every polearm, staff and whip in the game, that's a lot.... (plus her talon does not have access to rivens, meaning even less range and damage potential) That being said, props for meleeing at close range with her passive, even I wouldn't dare to do so despite being a QT user. As for build and playstyle, no you literally get one shot past what can't be one shot by your long range spin to win setup thanks to how combo counters work. You deal millions of damage per slides. No amount of damage reduction will do you any good at the level where they start to not die in one slide. Well, you know, Nezha was extremely good at what he used to do (running in the planes), that doesn't mean that something wasn't wrong with the frame and that these things didn't need fixing. And the problem with your reasoning is that it's the exact reason Nezha himself was left in such a poor stat for so long, it's good to make a unique frame, it's better if that frame does something that applies to the game. Also, none of my posts implies that I dislike Garuda or that she is bad, they all implies that aspects of her gameplay aren't sufficient contextually and need fixing. Is a healing pool useful when you have such mechanic on your passive and access do magus elevate ? No. Is energy recovery useful if the frame isn't energy hungry ? No. Is the 4+1 combo efficient if their geometrical properties are different ? No. And denying it due to a lack of knowledge on your side is the problematic matter. edit: Also just to be clear, I don't think Garuda is too slow, or more accurately, I don't think being slow is a bad thing. She's just clearly far below average speed wise compared to most frames.
  11. Absolutely. "In my opinion" specific weapon types should have specific utility options. Here I make suggestions for the glaives but obviously it would be best if every melee weapon types received utility mods that would make them unique aside from the way they look when they deal damage. I believe it should be a key feature in melee 3.0 as it is much more problematic than the way long range melee deal high damage. Which is why I don't really think of it as OP, it just does the same thing the mitter do and other weapons should have their own utility to begin with. Unfortunately I am not as fluent when it comes to other weapon types so I don't really feel righteous when it comes to make suggestions for them but fully support the idea.
  12. So I have been toying with glaives for quite a while now in hope to make these weapons worth the use outside of pure fun and giggles but way too many things gets in the way to my testing and I can barely find a reason to switch to those, even in dual wield I would just stick to using the secondary as they are usually far more efficient and fast/important to reload. Here are some improvement ideas I came up with and bugs that should be addressed. 1. Charging the glaive shouldn't interupt reload in dual wield, the only moment I find myself in a situation were launching my glaive would be more profitable is where my secondary is empty and I need to reload but since the glaive cancels it I just end up not even using it at all except when I just wanna have fun. 2. Last year a "fix" rendered glaives unable to get through nullifiers barriers. I can understand why but completely removing that feature rendered the utility these kind of weapons provide really poor. My suggestion is to introduce a mod that breaks nullifiers bubbles like the mitter has. This way part of its utility is restored to a more balanced stat but mods capacity needs to be invested in return. 3. Glaives with specific effects, especially those who can have access syndicate effects should be able to use that effect while dual wielding. The whole interest of glaives is the fact that they combine well with single handed secondary weapons and that same feature is useful to people who do not wish or do not have any actual use to switch to melee be it due to the way their frame works or the specificity of their loadout and so on. My suggestion is too allow any effect these glaives have to be used in dual wield unless the secondary has some effects themselves in that case the secondary should have the priority. 4. The Corvius special ability doesn't work properly if I had any amount of attack speed to it reducing its effectiveness to a pretty high degree as the charging takes way too long for not much reward compared to other options. I am pretty sure it's an unaddressed bug as I can't see a reason for that. 5. More mods for thrown weapons should be introduced, notably mods that increase the explosion radius as it is way too small considering what secondary and primary weapons can do. 6. I think the rebound should be more predictable, I didn't touch much to that mechanic so I might be oblivious to how it deeply work but everytime I try to hit multiple targets with the rebound only the direction it heads to seems completely random. If it's a lack of knowledge on my side so be it but all in all I feel like that aspect of glaives should be simplified because it's really not intuitive at all. Even on my Nezha, despite multiple tries I can't seem to be consistent, to the point where I just never use his glaive for damage but for simple damage increase + energy orb.
  13. Skins are a base form, then you have the colors to customize your skins which further your customizations and then you have the textures which further it even more. The idea is to improve how customizable skins are, not to replace skins, those are completely different things. I am going to include a video of what it does to make sure that there is no misunderstanding. (hopefully?)
  14. I had a look at anthem customization and while I am not that much of a fan of the game, it's crazy how great of a feature that is and how it would positively affect fashion in Warframe if implemented. I am pretty sure it could be made available the same way color pallets are but I am not sure about the current limitations of the engine.
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