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  1. This, the buff was needed because the weapon was sub par by a large margin. Nerfing one portion of the gun whie buffing what was a sub par weapon makes no sense whatsoever.
  2. Although there was some issues with bugs and game performance/FPS, overall the event was very rewarding and I definitely enjoyed that it wasn't as ridiculously easy as the events normally are. Gas and fire have not been the "go to" damage types for infested for a long time. Corrosive and blast are, as all of the stronger units are weak to them(the new mutalists and all ancients including the new boiler and brood mother all take +50% damage from blast and +75% from corrosive). The only infested that fire and gas are good for are the light units, and they die from getting sneezed
  3. I also made a thread asking for more HuD custumization and aiming reticle changes, but that was months ago. I know there have been several other threads before and after. I am not even sure there has been a response from DE concerning it.
  4. I'd rather they add some variety to the syndicate missions. I feel like I am just replaying the same one every day over and over.
  5. Better question is why DE decided to make an alternative version of the balistica a Syndicate weapon. Its a horrible weapon to begin with lol.
  6. I have noticed some times it can take some time after the invasion node finished. If I remember correctly one time it took an hour. I am guessing there is a script that runs when the node finishes and distributes the items, so it doesn't happen instantly.
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