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  1. I might be mad but just hear me out here, Kohm gunblade with a similar effect to Pyrana prime. You kill some amount of enemies and the blast wave gets bigger and more powerful or something. Also Kohm archgun, that's pretty self explanatory for what it would be. Just a huge Kohm for archwing. What are your ideas? I'm honestly just curious what we can do to put Kohm in every slot. 💥 Hokm Warframe 💥
  2. Don't think sands are supposed to become thralls. Took this yesterday. I cut off the left side because I had people in a discord call.
  3. What would be so wrong with that? We've already got some weapons with interesting effects like Broken Staff, Venka prime, Kogake prime, Arca Titron, Mire, and Hema. I think adding them to power creep victim weapons would make them more usable, but that could just be out done by other things like stat differences. Problems is, we have a heavy blade for damage (gram), speed (galatine), and crits (paracesis) right now. Sure you could do status but galatine prime hits fast enough to do that just fine if not better because of its range and slash preference.
  4. Okay I did. This is why they should make Scindo it's own thing. I find that Scindo Prime being vaulted and rather hard to collect while not being worth said grind is problematic. And sure it's a heavy blade but heavy blade has become "greatsword" over time. If you add Zenistar and Scindo to a new stance set called Waraxe or Greataxe or something it can make either of them more worth selecting.
  5. It's a vaulted prime weapon, with an MR 4 rank requirement. What MR 4 is going to get this weapon let alone farm for it when they can just do the story to get Paracesis or Gram Prime parts for when they reach rank 14? I have a friend who by just playing the game got MR 10 in a month and I helped him make Paracesis for just the fact that he needed a weapon to crutch on for his first end game viable weapon. Honestly all vaulted weapons should be reviewed for balancing when they unvault and sacrificing MR requirements for them isn't a big deal, you have plenty of other weapons to get you to the MR requirement. I don't think you even read what I said. The point was make the weapon unique in a good enough way to use it. The point of making another stance set would not be to stop competition in the heavy blade category but give the great axe that is Scindo something to make it competitive. Heck make another axe weapon to introduce it because I wouldn't mind more slash hammers. And the title topic was more a statement to DE if they are reading.
  6. I'm sure plenty of people know about the recent weapons in the heavy blade class. Gram prime and Paracesis coming out to easily place them next to Galatine prime as contenders for "best melee weapon". However something has been overlooked with the addition of these, obviously if you read the title it's Scindo prime (we don't talk about non primes here). In all honesty I have for sure idea what to do with the weapon to make it unique or actually worth collecting other than fashion frame (which is why I have it). I've thought of things but nothing stands out to me. Here are current stats: (sorted by DE difficulty to please fans and create) Option 1 (Easy): Make it do the most damage because it has short reach compared to the others. Option 2 (Medium): Give it a special effect like extra head shot damage because the stance it is associated with seems to emphasize head shots. Though head shot melee weapons other than glaives sounds like a bad idea. Maybe it can just have shattering impact as a passive? Option 3 (Hard): Make it not a heavy blade, change stances and not make them garbage. Kinda like Tatsu. Make it a heavy blade/hammer mix like how Tatsu is a heavy blade/nikana mix. But yeah Scindo prime is lacking in interest to more than just me certainly. I've never seen anyone use one since Gram prime and Paracesis, especially with it being vaulted.
  7. So with the release of Gauss and his sprint ability being as ridiculous meme as it is decently effective I of course tried him out. Quite enjoyed the new system he put on the previous versions, I would compare him to Nidus, Atlas, and a bit like Saryn. Well this sparked another idea within me as I was looking through warframes I still need to forma, this was while looking at Zephyr Prime. Zephyr is a classic frame, the borb of the frames being a stylish floaty CC with a surprising amount of tankiness thanks to one ability. Now not that Zephyr isn't good or fun but I think it would be interesting to have a similar system to what Gauss has on her. While it could be as minor as leaving trails of wind with her first or more width on her second having some sort of "turbulence" system to have her gain from moving around more than just jumping to reduce energy cost. I currently have one build that uses Jet Stream and the recent buffed Daikyu which I've had a riven for a while. The second is one which I put the Aero mod set and just about every mobility mods on her for the joke of being so floaty she's uncontrollable. Anyway to the point of the post, the "turbulence" system as I call it. When moving around you gain a charge of wind which just like Gauss' first would do the same for Zephyr. Her second could do a lot of things the higher the stacks are, from having a larger explosion radius to causing a duration of wind on the area that blows enemies around. Her third could gain more range or blow away melee attackers if she gains a high enough stacks. And rather then just spamming it like I currently use her in the one build I mentioned maybe you can cause it to do a steady drain based off efficiency. The fourth is the most interesting thing you can do with it, increase the tornado radii, increase the number of tornadoes, make them do more damage, if Zephyr flies through them she can gain more turbulence or when she uses Airburst give them height and more turbulence for flying through. This would essentially make this the same system as Gauss, but only boosting the energy bar in the air and boosting her CC ability drastically. This could also be a solution to fix Zephyr who is a victim of the meta for her having mainly a CC kit. I hope you like the idea. I also hope it at least becomes an augment in a minor way.
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