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  1. 初めまして、FURAXWRAITHとGORGONWRIATHがまだありましたら購入したいです(合計20p) よろしくお願いします。
  2. 返信ありがとうございます。 申し訳ないですが今INできる状態ではないので明日の朝7時-10時の間ならINできると思います。 もし時間が合わなければまた連絡をください MrUdon
  3. 取引希望の方! ここでメッセージを残し、PC版WARFRAMEでmrudonまでにメッセージを送ってください、頻繁にINしてるのでなるべくトレードをできるようにします!                                   今後ともよろしくお願いします! 色々見づらいとは思いますがCTRL+Fで検索、検索! RIVEN MODS) 全部0ロールです  DUAL CESTRA NARAMON MR16 +28.7 crit chance, +9.8 reload speed, -6.7% ammo maximum 25pl HEMA NARAMON MR8 +11.6 toxin, +6.3% damage to grineer, -4.5% Projectile Flight Speed 50pl HEMA VAZARIN MR13 +6.6% damage to grineer, +5.6% damage to corpus, -3% reload speed 40pl HIND VAZARIN MR16 +12.3% zoom, +17.2% multishot, -8.9 crit damage 30pl STUG NARAMON MR12 +8% magazine capacity, +14.5 critical damage, +13.4% toxin, -5.6% reload speed 30pl PRIME PARTS) セット・バラ (値段はWarframeMarket.comを基準にしおります) AKBOLOTO PRIME SET 160pl (AKBOLTO PRIME BLUE PRINT x2 5pl) AKSTILETTO PRIME RECEIVER x 2 25pl BRATON PRIME BLUEPRINT x2 3pl BRATON PRIME RECEIVER 3pl CERNOS PRIME LOWER LIMB 25pl GALATINE PRIME BLADE x3 3pl GALATINE PRIME HANDLE x2 5pl HELIOS PRIME SET 30p KOGAKE PRIME SET 90p LEX PRIME SET x2 20p NIKANA PRIME BLADE 30pl NIKANA PRIME BLUEPRINT 10p VENKA PRIME BLADES x2 3pl PRIME WARFRAME PARTS) セット・バラ ASH PRIME BLUE PRINT 25pl ASH PRIME CHASSIS 10pl BANSHEE PRIME BLUEPRINT x2 5pl BANSHEE PRIME NEUROPTICS x2 5pl BANSHEE PRIME SYSTEMS x3 45pl HYDROID PRIME SET 60p MIRAGE PRIME SET 60p NEKROS PRIME CHASIS 5pl NEKROS PRIME NEUROPTICS 15pl NEKROS PRIME SYSTEMS 20pl SARYN PRIME NEUROPTICS x2 10pl SARYN PRIME SYSTEMS x2 5pl TRINITY PRIME CHASIS 15pl TRINITY PRIME NEUROPTICS 20pl TRINITY PRIME SYSTEMS 15pl VAUBAN PRIME BLUE PRINT 20pl VAUBAN PRIME CHASIS x3 20pl VAUBAN PRIME NEUROPTICS 25pl VOLT PRIME NEUROPTICS 50pl WARFRAME MODS) プライマリ、セカンダリ、近接、フレームMOD  BARREL DIFFUSION x 4 5pl CONCEALED EXPLOSIVE x 2 10pl CONTINUITY x 5 5pl HELLS CHAMBER x 6 5pl INTENSIFY x 2 3pl POWER THROW x 3 3pl RAVAGE x 2 10pl SPLIT CHAMBER x 10 5pl TOXIC BARRAGE x 3 5pl VIRULENT SCOURGE x 3 5pl VITAL SENSE x 4 10pl ライフルエレメントパック x 3 5pl(CRYO ROUNDS, HELLFIRE, INFECTED CLIP, STORM BRINGER) ピストルエレメントパックx 3 5pl (CONVOLSION, DEEP FREEZE, HEATED CHARGE, PATHOGEN ROUNDS, 近接エレメントパック x 2 5pl (FEVER STRIKE, MOLTEN IMPACT, NORTHWIND, SHOCKING TOUCH)
  4. mrudon

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Last few days before christmas, hope you all enjoyed it so far, Help another tenno out with any of these to boost my battles on the field, FORMA's (never ever can have enough of these) ....and thats about it, the one thing you cant farm for in this game which is a shame =( Merry Christmas to you all!!
  5. mrudon

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Happy hunting to all you tenno! last stretch and only a few more days till christmas, any left over forma would be much appreciated and I could even do a little dance if you sent me those bad boys, PC @mrudon Peace out
  6. mrudon

    Tennobaum gifting center

    to the special someone who gifted me know who you are, Merry christmas PS: Anyone who would like to send some formas much thanks! now i am busy leveling up the new frame!
  7. mrudon

    Tennobaum gifting center

    ZOMG, octavia is on special?! dear santa oh please oh please, Ill promise to spread the good beats through out warframe world! Merry Christmas to you all, happy hunting, spread peace not hate to the special someone who gifted me know who you are, Merry christmas PS: Anyone who would like to send some formas much thanks! now i am busy leveling up the new frame!
  8. mrudon

    Tennobaum gifting center

    What is this? do people celebrate christmas all over the world? ho ho ho merry christmas to you all! What do I wish? That we hit what ever the highest goal is for tennobaum so EVERYONE gets at least 5 forma. I started playing during free twitch drops and I am one of those unlucky peeps that never got a single drop due to server lag....I know there are plenty more out there who signed up on the band wagon for free drops, signed up to twitch, started playing warframe.....and got nothing. No one likes getting nothing but I know that you know that we know that we are all lazy gamers, so put your prayers together in hopes that the people of warframe, the tenno masters, the legend, the myth will boost those gift bars straight through the roof for everyone to get a little something. Remember, If i cant do, somebody else will for me. Enjoy the celebrations, happy hunting, Spread peace and love not hate.