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  1. Yeah I tend to agree, I started having a lot more fun with getting cool and interesting builds when I made the switch. To further that, DE keeps releasing more and more mods that make unusual and unique builds far more viable and potent. As a console player I'm extremely excited about getting a build going with the new status spreading Kubrow set.
  2. Yeah enemy level is a big deal, or if your riven has plus damage (mine does) to push that level higher. Or if you're running in a dedicated comp and using Mag for ultra high level armor stripping with a Detron and someone else is running a flesh damage weapon, etc. I don't personally use CP much anymore these days myself, I prefer to strip armor with abilities or weapons.
  3. Oh dear I thought we were talking about the Kohm there. Disregard my horrible post lol. My apologies, it was far too late for me to be awake. And to further laugh at myself the guy I was replying to earlier was ultimately right about overstripping armor having a negative outcome on DPS. I think I should have clarified in the much older post that a pure corrosive build will perform better at specifically stripping armor than a build that requires more dilution from other 60/60's.
  4. I'm not sure if it was this update or the previous update, but momentum for heavy blades is no longer functioning well (or at all). Knockdowns are happening during swing animations. Stealth nerf or unintended change? I know there's probably some stuff happening under the hood for Melee 3.0, I hope this isn't intentional though.
  5. The original post was edited very recently saying that they're exploring alternative options for re introducing Sentinel Rivens
  6. And that I am with you on 100%. But they did in fact fail here. I'm sure it was an honest mistake on their part. This isn't EA or Bungie. DE playing with people's financial, emotional or time investments is going to shock a lot of the most loyal fans who have a certain expectation from DE as a developer for the people.
  7. I think the point people are trying to make is being missed by a lot of people. It's hardly dynamic if the changes come through with no consistency regarding time and then some weapons are skipped over by hand. They've had numerous opportunity to tweak Riven dispo in the past. They did a full weapon pass not too long ago, they've released insanely powerful prime weapons with Riven dispositions that are wildly and obviously out of line with the program. The best and most logical times for a Riven disposition adjustments came and went with no sign of concern from DE about the obvious balance concerns the other updates and content was creating. If these balance passes had a schedule or a more rational system in place it wouldn't have triggered this kind of reaction. People are feeling 'entitled' because they're spending money and the developer they trust enough to do that with has made some sketchy moves here. Dropping sentinel Rivens right when Moa's come out? Releasing a super controversial update at the same time that it's going to be buried in the positive press of Fortuna? I'm not saying that people shouldn't have expected that a change would eventually happen, but DE could have handled this so much better if they handled such an obviously sensitive change with the tact and respect it deserved from the time this system was originally implemented.
  8. Rivens impact viability in longer runs or late game content. Some Rivens can double or better a weapons output. Diminishing returns are real, but that 1/8 mod can be extraordinary in comparison to all of the others if the effort is put into it and the disposition is there. It has been been demonstrated countless ways in this thread already as to the multitude of reasons people are upset. There is no simple catch all like so many people are trying to force as to why people are upset.
  9. It's not a bubble being acted upon by outside forces or chaotic conditions.
  10. We can't have it both ways though. We can't both say "people are crying because the most overused weapons got nerfed" and "most people won't even notice these nerfs". You see a lot of meta weapons here getting taken down a peg, people will absolutely know about this. It's been thoroughly debated why this topic is such a hot button issue.
  11. I would argue that the players made this game just as much. After all, DE is known for generously considering player feedback. What you're seeing here is that very feedback.
  12. I think that's exactly why we see this amount of passion here. It's one thing to neglect, over tune, or poorly balance a frame. But Rivens are thoroughly known to be $$$ for some people. Something that DE is obviously aware of. This whole thing is perplexing.
  13. It was communicated but look at this thread. People feel fooled. It became unclear when it never happened. When Tiberon Prime came out. When weapon balance passes came and went. When DE had every reason to hit Rivens before any of this happened. Why couldn't they drop Tiberons disposition a week before Tiberon Prime came out? Why couldn't they tell us before or after the weapon pass that Rivens will be updated some time after the changes so the whole thing felt fresh? Why save the most controversial moment in recent history of this game for the same day it will be generating overwhelmingly positive press (Fortuna)?
  14. I could be wrong here but I think this particular shake up could potentially hurt plat sales for DE. I'm probably wrong, but I think it's fair to be suspicious. I imagine a lot of the angriest players are people who buy lots and lots of plat. That whole "fool me once" thing is particularly real when money comes into play.
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