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  1. As long as they "force" us to invest 5 forma into the kuva weapons to get all the mastery exp, i don't want any more kuva weapons.Sure usually our builds already "require" around 3-5 forma, but if i don't like the weapon, at least i am not "forced" to invest any forma to get the mastery exp, i may try it out, level it to max and leave it to collect dust.
  2. I would always recommend a full group. Every link which is deployed increases the progress by 25%. So if you want to reach 5k fast, you need a full group. The set up is really flexible in my opinion. I've played a lot of runs with with pub groups or got grouped up with people (random matchmaking) and we could easily reach at least wave 14, without even having a limbo,frost or gara (usually there are 1-2 mesas in public matchmaking, 2 mesas can clear the enemies pretty well so that they cant kill the oplinks).Also with 2 mesas u can go for 17, killing the sentients slows down on wave 14/15, but
  3. not quiete. fortuna , like poe, is accessible to newbies right away. the things you could do back then were the same you can now, minus orb mother/profit taker. open world areas were never really considerate to be "end game", even thou some might have wished for it, in one way or another. they did nerf the enemies dmg after a week, because a lot of the feedback was "enemies deal too much dmg/ enemies kill players too fast" ( something along those lines).
  4. power-creep, scaling, effort vs reward, "progression"/"accessibility", the definition of what "end-game" it self is, there is just too many factors and things that need adjusting/reworking before we could have this in warframe, unfortunately.
  5. i disagree with your proposal simply because [de] gives you the means to reach this power level,so they are the ones who should provide you with content balanced around this power level. i see ranking up mods, using forma as a way of progression in this game, like other games have their gear items and "gear scores" or what not. in those games you need this gear so you can fight harder content (raids/bosses) and continue to progress and in the same time you are being challenged. this type of element is missing in warframe. except endless runs with endless scaling,but i find this mode borin
  6. the "community" is very diverse and people want different things and have different opinions and preferences. you have the ones content with what warframe has to offer, people interested in the most efficient ways of getting things (farming usually), people that want challenging content without having to do 1h endurance run until it starts getting challenging, people interested in fashion, also every one is in a different "progress" stage and there are simply things that dont feel rewarding or worth doing and others are "overwhelmed" by the amount of content in front of them. i find that
  7. or they could have nerfed the level of the enemys in the 1st and second bounty (which would also lower the dmg and time needed to kill them) and let everything else be as it was. personally i didn't find them challenging, sure some did deal good amount of dmg in the highest bountys, but its to be expected. the argument of being in the 2nd planet... they only do this and allow mastery rank 1 player to enter because they want everyone to be able to experience the new content and most likely the content for what the players started the game in the first place (new ones). yes as newbie u can
  8. still his argument counts, yes you may need to play a bit to get to a certain mastery rank to use a weapon, but you can buy "almost" everything by buying platinum with rl currency. on topic: Vacuum is just a QoL thing. Not sure how the "fetch" mod will work ( does the pet need to go over the stuff/be near it, or is it enough if the player goes near it? Sentinels are glued to the frame, pets are not and they run around). Depending how it works and also how they rework the pets ( fetch is just one thing they mentioned, there will surely be more to come), i may end up with sentinel 24
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