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  1. adding an additional item, good for them, after this backlash its understandable. still primed helmet... why? you could also have selected a syandana instead.. oh well, it is what it is. personally i don't like this move, but also i am not a fan of exclusive stuff tied to timegates/ bundles/pa only's, that being said, [de]steve should not have tweeted that the helmet might be farmable in the future, instead should have confirmed that its exclusive to the prime access, like it always was with other items from prime access. people need to know what they are buying, a prime access exclusive item or not.
  2. "loading screen prime" also includes "saita prime suit" for the operator and it does not have other suits which are almost 100% the same and you can buy them from baro....
  3. too much copy and paste accessories... the earpiece, we got 2 others which look very identical to this one , mask is almost the same as the one you can get from baro.. if those were in the market for plat it might be ok, but in a prime access, no way, not worth it!
  4. It was mentioned that plains of eidolons will receive the fortuna treatment and get bunch of qol changes. is this still coming,if yes, then when can we expect it, or did you decide to leave it as is.
  5. didnt check for fortuna enemys (or enemys in general) but helios scanned a fragment again for the 1st time since chimera update. was solo to test it. will test later if he scanns evry new mob (client/host), hopefully you guys fixed him 🙂
  6. dont know if it was reported, mesa's 4 with augment, cant use rolls while using the 4th ability since patch 24.0.2
  7. yes it does need it.. 16/20 were credits for me... 2 glyphs 1 khora helmet 1 firework
  8. Please check Helios scanning together with synthesis scanner. Was going after an frame fighter fragment and helios refused to scan it, but i could scan it manually. I know it was supposed to be fixed 1 or 2 patches ago, but there seems to still be an issue with it.
  9. Please revert the operator suits changes! In this thread ppl are posting and no one is happy about the changes. The suits look terrible right now! Also a lot of new Thread regarding this issue in the Feedback section.
  10. 1. what did u expect? 2. you dont, others maybe do who would have guessed that he would be right ..😛
  11. Hi, are you guys going to be able to ship it this week or should we prepare our self's for next or the week after that? Edith: o.O sorry for the tripple...
  12. I c, nice "improvement", its sure is a much less discouraging this way for newer to semi-newer player ( under 3 years log in) with this new system.Not only do you have to log in for 700days to get mods and weapons, now u need to log in 350 more days to be able to get to the scaling system.The system which should have been the system replacing the one we have atm... I find it funny that DE did listen to all those "lets keep it exclusive" who don't event like the cosmetics which u get at max 1k days and will continue to wear theyr tennogen/deluxe or other skins they bought. Also that a lot of those are also the ones who dont even like the "evergreen" system because the rewards are not big enough or are giving slots (for free) where u can choose not to pick the slots. You will never satisfy them no matter what u do, except if you give them something what nobody else can have, so that they can feel special. You should have just gotten rid of this system altogether, sure some would have been butt-hurt, but in the end it would have been better and it wouldnt divide your community that much. And btw, logging in for a min and logging out after that is not an effort.. Why dont you also protest bug fixes, i mean "veterans" had to endure some of them, let the newbies endure them too!
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