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  1. As long as they "force" us to invest 5 forma into the kuva weapons to get all the mastery exp, i don't want any more kuva weapons.Sure usually our builds already "require" around 3-5 forma, but if i don't like the weapon, at least i am not "forced" to invest any forma to get the mastery exp, i may try it out, level it to max and leave it to collect dust.
  2. thx for sharing, thou it has more to do with dark souls, then warframe.
  3. If you have a player, or yourself, with a zaw and exodia contagion, limbo can use his 4th and 2nd ability immediately. The projectile from the exodia will still damage the condrix. ( with a good build it will 1shot the condrix health, or 2shot at most). From inside the rift. Also what he means is, most likely, that once you kill the sentients and the condrix, deploy your links, Limbo uses his Abilities (range/duration build) and everyone can move on to the next Condrix spawn, while the link upload. There is no need to defend the links. This is how it was/is played before and after the changes to Limbo.
  4. I don't have so much an issue with the changes to Limbo concerning the sentients, rather then the reason given by DE for changing him. They did not "nerf" him because of the ground mission, they explicitly said it is because of the murex mission. People complained that the mission is boring and that Limbo made it even more boring. So lets nerf Limbo, instead of making the mission it self more engaging, even if you brought a Limbo. This is the only issue i have with this changes. And after his "nerf", the mission did not really get more engaging, sure we have to kill a few enemies now, but its not like Limbo tied up the hands of people making them unable to kill stuff before. He is still viable, no doubt about that. People always complained, which i don't quite understand, when they had to play with Limbo, even before the event. Even after all the changes DE made, so that no matter what limbo does, players can still kill stuff.
  5. A lot of abilities seem to not stack. At least the ones which provide around 500 healing for 5sec. What about smaller values of healing? Can such abilities be combined, to a certain cap, to archive a higher healing potential? It would be great, once you fine- tuned the numbers and the overall changes you want to implement, to go a little bit deeper in detail.
  6. Limbo didn't need a change for his abilities. What needed changing was the boring murex mission! One example could have been: New Sentient(this bird thing) spawns at upload 3, 5, 8 and interrupts the upload and "runs away" from the players. As long as it is alive you cant complete the upload, so you need to go and hunt it down (similar to capture mission). On upload 3 its only 1 of this sentients, on upload 5 its 2 sentients and on upload 8 there are 3 sentients spawning at once. You could have even given them the ability to purge all active warframe abilities, similar to demolishers or demolysts from disruption missions,once they spawn. Another example: Since we are in space and using the railjack, how about a enemy unit simply disrupting the satellite and halting our upload this way? Then we would have to use railjack/archwings to fight those enemies ( similar to interception). But no, you had to go the easy and boring way and simply "nerf"/ change a warframe ability, instead of fixing the "by design" boring murex mission. Please DE, revert the Limbo changes and improve the Murex mission!
  7. I think i was part of this flotilla 😮 They should really remove the bonus payout and increase the credit income by x3. Then people would simply play what ever mission they want and wont get "punished" by being in a flotilla which can't reach the 100/100 "murex driven away" and the deciding factor of how much credits you get will be the group efficiency and speed (team-play). DE, you guys really should be aware that the changes to the score and credits, will definitely encourage even more "flotilla hopping" then we already had. It is most efficient to reach 5k and change flotilla for the 10k bonus. Do people risk of not getting the bonus if they change flotillas? Sure they do, but also the risk can be very small, seeing as you can get into a 40-60% finished flotilla and still manage to get your 5k score for maximum bonus. This is also the complete opposite of what DE is trying to archive with the bonus and "sticking with one flotilla". On the other hand, people who couldn't get into a "fast" finishing flotilla, get screwed over by the event system, not because they are inefficient/unorganized. Its not like i dislike the bonus payout, the idea itself is fine.
  8. such a disservice, place oplink then go to railjack and fly around or use your archwing... its not like staying afk while limbo recasts its abilities is the only option one has. on topic, have all except sentient scalpel, but since i am often a limbo if i do the murex, i am chilling with the oplinks and dont activly try to kill the sentient fighters and i let my group decide if they want to collect the avionics or not. i am not too worried about the avionics, seeing as we don't encounter any sentient fighters outside of scarlet spear. if one day we get more missions with sentient fighters, it will likely also increase the chance to get them then too, i guess.
  9. I would always recommend a full group. Every link which is deployed increases the progress by 25%. So if you want to reach 5k fast, you need a full group. The set up is really flexible in my opinion. I've played a lot of runs with with pub groups or got grouped up with people (random matchmaking) and we could easily reach at least wave 14, without even having a limbo,frost or gara (usually there are 1-2 mesas in public matchmaking, 2 mesas can clear the enemies pretty well so that they cant kill the oplinks).Also with 2 mesas u can go for 17, killing the sentients slows down on wave 14/15, but its still very fast. Right now in my opinion, space is a bit easier, since you don't have to kill high lvl sentients to be able to deploy the oplink. You might need to kill them on the railjack, but even that isn't neccessary, since they don't plant bombs or anything(grineer), simply kill the vombalyst which block abilities and boost to the next point with the satellite. Even for space i recommend a full group for the speed.
  10. There are 2 reasons why murex is faster. 1. You don't have to kill anything, just survive. Ground has to get rid of the sentients in order to place the oplink. Imagine your link progress gets paused every time when a sentient enters the yellow circle and you have to kill it in order to progress. Even with max range/duration limbo, they will enter, so this might slow the mission down a bit. 2. Parking your RJ inside the Murex, thus preventing getting boarded or even preventing any enemies from spawning. Sure this is a "clever use of the environment", but also goes a little bit into exploit, if the enemies stop spawning thanks to this. Imagine the devs fix the design of the sentient ship, so that you no longer can enter it with the RJ(from the sides,on top of it,from below, or from the back side, are there any more points from where you can enter?) and have to stay outside, constantly being boarded and shot by every space ship around you, crewships included. Then you will have to deal much more frequently with level 100+ Sentients, which will slow you down a lot. Btw, imo, Condrix isn't what slows the ground mission, its the requirement of killing the lvl 100+ Sentients. Sure the Condrix can slow you down a bit if people damage it too slowly (because of lack of good weapon builds, or being new), but the same would apply to Murex if the RJ isn't upgraded or if you had to kill the Sentients and lacked good dps to do so. Also Murex missions can take up to 30min, or more, with inefficient squads, too many Murex squads and not enough ground squads, resulting in waiting time to get any codes (or if the "servers" are de-synced and you don't receive any codes) or by being constantly boarded by the Sentients and if very unlucky by some Grineer. Making it,time wise, as efficient(inefficient) as ground squads. 1850 vs 2250 (or around this score).
  11. I need official clarification on something. Here is the scenario: Murex invasion starts (3h time to finish), you choose the instance (flotilla number) you want to play in. You don't change it and you gain a score of 4000 and the driven away murex count reaches 100/100, with 1h time left. What happens if you now change the instance and go to another flotilla which hasn't finished the 100/100? Is your progress from the previous flotilla saved and you receive your bonus? If yes, if you get 1000 points in the new instance, will they be added to your total progression/score (you reach 1000 score in new instance + the 4000 from old instance = 5000 score? or will you simply get 2 separate inbox mails from little duck with 2 different rewards?)? Or will it get replaced by the new flotilla score and you lose the old score you had ? if its unclear what i mean, i will try to formulate differently and explain further...
  12. rewards are definitely wrong. i received a rank 1 emblem with 10000 credits today. my 2nd reward of the day was for rank 2 emblem and i got 2000 credits.
  13. yes. you need to reach those milestones and your instance needs to reach 100/100 before time expires. still you don't necessarily need a high score/top score. anyway, the points you brought up were very good and i agree with a lot of them. right now i am really frustrated with this event.
  14. i trough u only need to reach the 1k/3k/5k milestones for the bonus( either on ground or space mission), not "top" score. the 1st time i got my bonus, i only played a full murex mission ( 5), was no where near top score and still got the bonus ( 1k points bonus, mail said 10000 credits for some reason...) and while we are listing problems with flotilla instances, mine just died mid progress. i was on a new one ( chose 75, for someone reason turned into 111). we had 3175 score on space, at some point we stopped receiving codes, we aborted and tried multiple times and didn't get any codes. display said 2 space missions and 9 ground, squad link chat was constantly uploading codes. progress was 48/100 and 30min left. after we decided to call it a day, i left and returned to the same instance, there was no murex attacking, scores wiped, no one in the instance. i mean wtf is even going on? this event feels like a huge waste of time right now.
  15. Please display our personal score progress on each instance.
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