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  1. I usually don't bother saying anything here because it won't change a thing. This time I'm going to tell you that I let the last -75% off given to me a month ago expire because I like doing raids but JV bugged out that day. As it happens, I received another -75% off about 30 hours ago and I'm going to let it expire too since you are even "canceling" raids all together. I bought the hydroid prime access even though I wasn't (still not) entirely happy with the game (mainly "too grindy" and the issue I posted in feedback before). Now you are crossing the line of no return. So I'm reconsidering buying mirage prime access and the recent prime unvault packs. You want to make PoE relevant? Make it interesting instead of grindy and stop forcing people to do what they do not enjoy. The same can be said for the game as a whole.
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