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  1. Can you fix the Operator's leg clipping through the smelter apparel? Also, Atlas' Path of Statues isn't leaving a visible stone trail.
  2. Can you please fix the operator's leg glitching through the smelter apparel?
  3. Can you add the ability to skip cut scenes when replaying the Profit-Taker missions?
  4. Can you fix the physics of the Operator Smelter Apparel so that the operator's leg no longer clips through?
  5. Can you fix where if Revenant dies while channeling Danse Macabre, the Danse Macabre sound effect will continue to play for the duration of the mission, and even when you go back into Cetus/Fortuna? It is not until you return to the orbiter that the sound stops playing.
  6. I was replaying The War Within and there was a glitch where Also, I don't seem to be gaining any Vent Kids standing after completing a race. And finally, can the time-gating on Fortuna standing be reduced or removed entirely? It's kinda frustrating when I go out, do a bounty, catch a couple verminks and already I'm at max standing for the day, and I have to wait yet another day before I can afford to rank up or buy stuff.
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