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  1. Destro6677

    Fan-Works Index - Closed [05/04/15]

    Silverbones, I have answered the call of the Void and returned. Please accept my humble offering.
  2. Destro6677

    Survival Weekend

    C'mon guys, you can do this! I just ran solo as Rhino using only my Orthos the whole time, and it's not even maxed out yet. If you tag along with a buddy who has an Ogris or Acrid, or just your best gear, you can make it! I made it to 12 minutes, now I just need a team to get to 20.
  3. Destro6677

    Thanks For Watching Livestream #11!

    +1 to keeping Raid around. It's simple, fun, and good for farming/leveling stuff.
  4. Destro6677

    Spy Drone Community Event: July 5 – 8Th

    Kudos to all the hardworking farmers who carried everyone else. Also, not everyone is a hardcore gamer who can grind for hours on end, even if they wanted to. A big round of applause to all of you.
  5. Destro6677

    Spy Drone Community Event: July 5 – 8Th

    Let's all calm down with the rage for a bit and just imagine that all the DE staff are right here with us. No, they're not watching the forums because they're busy. Busy with what, you might ask. Why, busy grinding right alongside us! They can't afford to let the event fail, nor can they blatantly cheat. Thus, they're all logging onto their accounts and facing the same damn boredom of Cambria as the rest of us. And if they event fails, they'll lose their bonuses for this quarter. ;)
  6. Destro6677

    Spy Drone Community Event: July 5 – 8Th

    It's not all bad in the universe of Warfarm/Grindframe.. We've about a third to go. I say push it through and chew out DE later. We're supposed to stick together as Tenno, so let's keep it fun for everyone.
  7. Destro6677

    Spy Drone Community Event: July 5 – 8Th

    That's great advice from both of you. Although, I'm going to deny that they're VERY easy to kill. I had level 30 modded akboltos and fired one shot at a drone during the Kril boss runs, just to see what would happen. I didn't even bring down its shields. So I don't know what level 15 aklato some high and mighty fellow was talking about in his post. If it were a Lex on the other hand, I might believe it.
  8. Destro6677

    Spy Drone Community Event: July 5 – 8Th

    Just my 2 cents worth on the matter, agreeing with what a lot of earlier posts have said. 1. The drones have an abysmal spawn rate. I've done 3 or 4 Kril boss runs, hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone. Guess what, they only started showing up AFTER I killed him. That's 75% of the mission done, and I slaughtered my way through those Grineer, didn't do it ninja style. 2. I have run around all day with my lvl 30 Hek equipped rather than my needs-experience boltor, simply because its the only thing I have that has enough overkill to one-shot those drones. Basically, everyone without a modded sniper rifle or shotgun has been screwed over by this event. This is hardly fair to people who do not like to use said weapons or don't own them, and it doesn't help that the drones spawn at a fixed level, meaning that only players with enough levelled gear or haven't recently forma'd their best weapons can take them on. IF the drones had a different fade-out mechanic, say within 3 seconds of being hit, grinding them wouldn't be such a big problem.