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  1. Typically fire rate and range are correlated on Gaze kitguns, but the range stats on the new Deimos grips aren't stated. (I don't know why this is so hard for DE.) Can anyone confirm any details here?
  2. Confirm bug still exists. Rabvee zaw, bought heavy weapon holster slots (2 of them!) and neither function correctly. I can spare the plat but this is not good. It flat-out does not work. Will be submitting ticket.
  3. Thanks all! I'm no closer to an answer but you've given me some stuff to think about.
  4. So I'm suffering from major indecision and I cannot make my mind up. Recently got the alert Umbra, which means I have 2 Umbra Forma. I'm saving one for Nezha Prime later this month. But I now have a spare one and I Don't. Know. What. To. Do. My major preference is that the frame can productively use all 3 Umbra mods. I don't plan on using it on Saryn or Rhino. Current Frames with Umbra Mods: Oberon Prime (obvious choice), Trinity Prime (spur-of-the-moment, probably a mistake in retrospect) Candidates: Wukong Prime: Feels obvious. Definitely makes good use of all 3 U-mods
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