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  1. Combat Discipline: Allies gain 20 Health when they make a kill, but the aura bearer loses 10 Health when the bearer makes a kill. Mhh okay... Let's see what other Aura mods exists... Corrosive Projection: Aura mod that reduces armor for all enemies in a mission by 30%. Whoa... This one seems to be pretty good. My conclusion is that I don't like that new Aura. It's bad. Or maybe Corrosive Projection is just too strong. ^__^
  2. Thank you for the hotfix DE. ^__^ I think I will do some Arbitrations again now. "Fixed the Norg Mask not appearing in Nakak’s Masks and Oddities rotation." I knew something about Nakak was wrong... Thank you for this fix. Finally can get that mask. "Ghoul Purge inbox messages will no longer automatically open your inbox or play the transmissions if you have completed all of the Encrypted Journal Fragments." I waited for this so long. Finally there is an AdBlocker for this. "Fixed Teralysts (and other Eidolons) taking more damage to weak points than they should be." Best fix. Thank you very much DE. Finally you can't do things like rivenless Kraken 6x3 anymore I think. Eidolons cool again. ^__^ Now I will wait for Raids. I hope they will come soon. ^__^
  3. I can smell that Rubico Disposition nerf already. I hope they will not touch Vectis at least. ^__^ Actually there isn't any content in Warframe where Rivens are mandatory. Rivens are basically optional. In the end it feels good to have the possibility to make weapons stronger with such Mods. Not needed for level 30 Grineer tho. If DE will nerf some Rivens into the ground again I will just replace the Riven with a regular mod. Easy. ^__^ I wonder why Riven Dispositions like 0,5 or 0,6 even exist. In most cases a normal mod is not that much weaker than a good Riven with that low stats. I don't see the point of Rivens with that low Dispositions to be honest. Just make something like 0,7 the lowest possible Disposition, so the weapon can still benefit a little bit from it at least and the people who invested into that Riven don't have to cry for days. Then make the highest Disposition 2,5 for those special weapons like the Stug. Maybe it will be finally decent with a Riven when that happens. ^__^ I'm excited to watch the drama of Riven nerfs again. Not really care about Stone Boy Prime to be honest. ^__^
  4. Thank you for the hotfix. Raids soon? Conclave great again? ^__^ "Fixed a number of different Operator accessories excessively clipping with the Norg Mask and Mother's Mask when ‘Hood Opened” is selected." This is nice, but when will Nakak actually sell these masks?
  5. That's a nice fix. Makes Eidolons more enjoyable. Also makes me really happy. ^__^
  6. The damage reduction got removed from the Eidolons limbs recently. So now you can oneshot limbs with most weapons easily. I don't think that this was intentional. Also amps were bugged. That got fixed recently with Hotfix 25.7.3 atleast. Some people have adressed that limb issue on Eidolons already, so I hope that DE will take a look into that and fix it soon. The arcane market is also saturated, because Tridolons got introduced over a year ago already. That means much time for people to actually aquire arcanes from them. Resulting in lower prices over time. I don't know, but I hunt primarily for the fun and not for the plat. Hunting Eidolons just for the plat without having fun is not how it should be in my opinion. ^__^ Maybe the arcane prices will rise up again in the future. Who knows... For me Eidolons are one of most enjoyable content in the game. So I really hope that DE will fix them. I'm not really interested in "weak" Eidolons. They should be a little bit challenging atleast. ^__^ Why is this Thread under "Warframes" btw? ^__^
  7. There is a video from Quite Shallow about the Emissary Derelict. Not sure if that counts as an announcement. ^__^
  8. I would make the conclave game modes great again. ^__^
  9. I think nobody knows. Maybe "soon". ^__^ In most cases you don't even need that much Efficiency. There are many ways to get energy back. For example: Arcane Energize, Hunter Adrenaline or the Zenurik focus school. Primed Streamline from Chinese build was +55% Ability Efficiency at max rank. ^__^ Fleeting Expertise (+60% Ability Efficiency, -60% Ability Duration) exists too. I think Primed Streamline would make this mod "useless" in most cases.
  10. Amp Fix. That makes me happy DE. I think the Eidolons will not like this. ^__^
  11. Thank you for the update. That Harrow Deluxe Skin will make me really happy I think. Now I can not only help my team in Eidolon 6x3 hunts I also have a nice fashion frame during the hunts now. ^__^ Unfortunately there is also something that makes me really sad and I don’t want to be sad. >__< At the moment you can’t hit the Eidolons limbs when they come out of the water, if you are using a projectile weapon like the Lanka. That was already mentioned several times in the forums. Fixing that would make me really happy DE. ^__^
  12. I would replace Mag with Saryn, because why not. Saryn is a really good Frame. ^__^
  13. I'm really excited to see Gauss. I wonder if all those people who left warframe recently will come back with the mainline. Big drama. ^__^ Harrow Reliquary Collection. Some Harrow fashion for eidolon 6x3. That makes me happy. ^__^
  14. Vigilante Armaments is more dps than Hammer Shot. Sadly Lanka is "bugged" atm. You can't hit waterlimbs with Lanka. >__< For eidolons I would advise using Rubico Prime, because it's easier to use than Lanka and you can hit waterlimbs with Rubico Prime. ^__^
  15. New content at the end of August. Also "much more"... That makes me happy. ^__^
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