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  1. Dual Kamas Prime unvault before 2035? Epic Nyx buff/rework before 2035? Split Flights before 2035? Will Baro stop only bringing new cosmetic stuff before 2035? New epic Primed Mod from Baro before 2035? Third spooder boss fight in Orb Vallis before 2035? New leaderboard event before 2035? Raids back before 2035? Next Nightwave before 2035? Any chance that Primed Chamber will come back before 2035? Cute Khora Deluxe before 2035? Modular Archwings before 2035? Oh, and... Any changes to Eidolon sound effects? That's the only content I played recently, so that would be really interesting to hear. ^__^
  2. Hey Megan, the Nekros Prime accessories are kinda ebic tbh. Are there any plans to make Arch-Melee useable again? Without auto-targeting Arch-Melee is as useful as Nyx‘s abilities. Any chance that you will further balance the resource costs of Railjack related stuff? Titanium and Asterite are still very limited. It feels so bad when you can’t build any part at all, because of the lack of Titanium and/or Asterite. Rush Repair Drones from the market are gone now. The 0,25% drop chance for Drones was probably the biggest meme of 2020 so far. Please adjust the drop rate to a reasonable rate, if you want to keep them in the game. => 5 minutes Gian Point runs = 1 Drone every 2000min/33,3h at average => Bruh moment Some other stuff: Trinity and Dual Kamas unvault before 2035? Epic Nyx buff/rework before 2035? Split Flights before 2035? New epic Primed Mod from Baro before 2035? Third spooder boss fight in Orb Vallis before 2035? New leaderboard event before 2035? And most important… Will my friend get his Machete from logins before 2035? Imagine having like 1200 logins and still no Machete. ^__^
  3. Hey Digital Extremes, Thank you for the adjustments of Avionics Capacity for Reactors. Sadcat for all the people who scrapped their low Avionics Capacity Vidar Reactor, I guess. Will you adjust the RNG range of other stats/parts like engines and shields too? In the end it would be great if updates could receive a better balance when they get released. With future Hotfixes that often make things much more easy to obtain, you just devalue the time your loyal players have spent. If you just look at Vidar Reactor MK3 for example. The Avionics Capacity range before (30-100) and now (90-100). Drop Chance also increased from 2% to 4%. It gives the incentive to not play your updates when they release, because it’s basically just a waste of time. I think it shouldn't be the case that people wait to play your new content. At least not to that extent. A bit different with Repair Drones. So now that the Repair Drone got removed from the market, you have a 0,25% drop chance to get one as a mission reward. Let’s just assume that you can do consistent 5 minute runs on Gian Point with a decent team. So at average you can get one Drone every 2000 minutes. An entire day has 1440 minutes. That‘s an unfair drop rate. Blazing Step drop rates all over again. Please increase the drop rates of Repair Drones to a reasonable rate, if you want to keep them in game. In the end people just used the Repair Drones to bypass the totally unbalanced grind. Just make the repair costs fair please. Doubling Asterite drops was a first step into the right direction. More is needed I think. RNG stats also have an impact on this, because when you build something, there is the chance that a better part will drop in the future, which you want to build. Resulting in a resource sink. Removing the option to bypass grind is bad, because it was always the case for many things, that you as a player, can decide if you want to grind for something or spend plat to skip the grind. New Warframes for example. You can either farm, or buy the new frame from the Market. People who bought Repair Drones actually got a huge advantage, because now it’s nearly impossible to get them and repair costs are still kinda high. Much love goes to the epic Conclave Player, who gifted me a Repair Drone for Christmas. Can you please fix Conclave for that lovely person, DE? ^__^ Thank you for adressing the issue of the Tenebrous Ephemera. It was a pain to get. About Ephemeras in general. I would really like it if you actually need to earn them by doing something challenging. Until now, most of the Ephemeras are only earned by luck. That doesn’t feel rewarding. The Eidolon Ephemera had the potential to be earned by doing a Tridolon run in less than 10 minutes for example. Can all already existing/future Ephemeras please be earned by doing something challenging? It's not really enjoable when you get them from random drops. P.S. Any plans to make Arch-Melees useable again? They are pretty useless now, because the auto targeting is gone. A buff to the [Furor] Mod would also be great. Adding +10% Attack Speed at max. Rank is a bit weird. Oh, and… Can we get a toggle for hold heavy attacks. Losing your combo counter by totally random heavy attacks makes me sad and I'm totally not alone with this.
  4. Hi DE. I think that I want to show you that the implementation of fixes is not as easy as you think. Maybe this can help you a bit in the future. I will use your first Hotfix of 2020 as an example for this. I just looked up the first Hotfix Notes of 2020. So I noticed that you can’t get any Intrinsics anymore when you have leveled everything to 10. In my opinion the only thing that this change will do, is that the people who are maxed, have even less incentives to play Railjack, because they are not able to get Intrinsics anymore. People who are not maxed out yet, can still save up Intrinsics for the new Command class, I think. Only level 3 of your classes to 10, so you can still get Intrinsics. Maybe this is unfair? Maybe it’s also unfair that people lost all Intrinsics they got, after being maxed out? You also removed Intrinsic gains when you abort a mission, which is probably okay. The problem here is that you haven’t implemented changes to get a meaningful amount of Intrinsics by actually playing Railjack missions simultaneously. That Ivara method was just used, because of the lack of Intrinsics you can get by playing Railjack normally. That’s the real problem. I also noticed that you increased the Vidar Reactor MK3 Drop Chance to 4%. That’s a first step into the right direction, but you haven’t adressed the RNG stats at the same time. So now I can basically still get low Avionics Capacity Vidar Reactors, but at a higher chance, which is still bad. Not to mention that the Drop Chance of 4% is still low. Also the Vidar Reactor is optimized for Avionics Capacity and can still be worse than a Zetki Reactor. The range should be like +60-100 Avionics Capacity at least, so every Vidar Reactor MK3 has really more Capacity than a Zetki Reactor MK3. As it is now, it doesn’t make any sense. Now let’s just assume that you can do consistent 6 minute runs on Gian Point with a really good team. So you need 150 minutes at average to drop one Reactor. After that you need to worry about repair costs and RNG stats too. RNG works in other games, not really in yours and you can see the reason for it above. Some people will probably never build anything, because they just have the hope to get better stuff. So they grind for a unhealthy amount of time. For me and many other players it just means to not play, because of all this RNG stuff involved. It feels like working for 8 hours and not getting payed for it. I also noticed that you have removed Repair Drones from the Market. Okay? But you haven’t really adressed the issue of unbalanced repair costs simultaneously. Doubling the Asterite Drops isn’t changing much at all. I wasn’t able to build anything, because Asterite was always missing before. So if we just assume that my Asterite is doubled, I would be maybe able to build 1 item now, which is still sad. With the Repair Drone we had a limited time offer item, which gave players who bought Repair Drones a huge advantage, to skip unfair repair costs. Now that the Pay to Win Drone is gone from the market, you are forced to play hours to build one part. One part that will probably not be the best in the future anymore, because a better part drops. Is that good balance? But don’t worry, Repair Drones can drop as a mission reward now. The chance is 0,25% as far as I heard. So let‘s just assume 6 minute runs on Gian Point again. Epic, you need 2400 minutes at average to drop one Repair Drone. An entire day has 1440 minutes in total. These Drop Rates are not funny. Looks like it’s not intended to get Repair Drones anymore. Maybe you just missplaced the numbers and the actual drop rate for Repair Drones is 25,0%? I would really wish that updates can be balanced and enjoyable when they release. So the time your loyal players spend will not be devalued by balance changes in the future. Sadly Empyrean was extremely unbalanced when it dropped and not that much has changed about it until now. And it looks like it’s very difficult for you to adress the problems in a proper way, even with that huge amount of feedback you received from the players. I never expected from you, that you can fix Railjack with the first Hotfix of 2020, because that would be too much work. But the things you changed look a bit weird and rushed out for me. You removed the stealth farm method, but you haven’t adressed the real problem, which is the low amount of Intrinsics you get by really doing Railjack missions. You increased the drop rate of the Vidar Reactor MK3, but you haven’t adressed the issue of RNG stats in any way. You removed Repair Drones from the Market, but you haven’t really adressed the problem with insane repair costs. There are always two sides on a medal and you only looked at one. Please think a bit more about your changes next time and don’t just rush out a Hotfix, because I don’t have the feeling that Railjack is any better with these first changes of 2020. Sadly the Hotfix was kinda pointless in fixing some major Railjack problems your playerbase have with your game mode. I still wish you the best for the future and I hope that your loyal players can get back a Warframe they love. A Warframe without insane next level Grindwalls and RNG factors. Sorry if my english is bad. It's not my main language.
  5. Hi DE. I’m here again to talk about the truth. Empyrean wasn’t the success it should be, I think. You can’t deny that, because numbers never lie. The majority of people hate that Mainline. Some people just play Empyrean for the sake of playing Warframe. That has nothing to do with enjoyment at all. Some others really enjoy it and that’s fine. Everyone can have an opinion. For me it’s just not that much understandable, because the update is still so bugged. Your update is also super grindy, but it looks like you finally start to address that. Grind to a proper extent is fine. I wouldn’t play Warframe, if I would hate Grind, but being forced to do the same boring, unrewarding missions 500 times is not enjoyable anymore. Grinding for a game mode that is totally isolated from the core game also doesn’t help it at all. You can’t hide all the problems behind insane Grind. The problem here is also that Empyrean is basically Archwing content. Something not many people enjoyed before and it’s not even that much different now. Except for the fact that there is a Railjack now. Making Arch-Guns projectile based with the projectiles being too slow to kill effectively and not adding auto targeting back to Arch-Melees is also not a help for your big update. The projectiles should be a bit faster at least. But your game is Free to Play, so it’s okay to give your playerbase such a mess. Some people actually believe that, for whatever reason. A game is living from their players, so they deserve at least decent updates. That doesn’t mean that there are no bugs or flaws allowed. But if you need such a high amount of Hotfixes and most things are still not addressed, that’s not okay. I have the feeling that all what matters is that it your game looks good. Bugs and enjoyment are not really important anymore. I would wish that this could change in the future again. It’s also not valid for some people that you point out what is wrong with the game in it’s current state. It’s only allowed to say that Warframe is a very good game, which is actually not wrong at all. But the recent changes and updates are totally going into the wrong direction in my opinion. Some next level of RNG and Grind, that’s not how Warframe should be in the future. Just to force people to use plat. At least that’s what it looks like. It’s super easy to say that everything is right, but it takes some courage to give some critic, so things can become better in the future. Most people choose the easy way without resistance. So it looks like everything is fine, but it’s not. It’s also very easy to just say: “Just leave the game if you don’t like it”. Just to bypass every single argument made by others. I still wonder… What are the reasons for these rushed and unpolished updates? Is it the playerbase, which constantly wants new content? I highly doubt that. Players have waited for 2 years to get their hands on Railjack and now they finally received it, but only partly and unpolished. Why is that? You also made false promises to your players with your Roadmap 2019, in which quite a lot of things are still not here at the end of 2019. Game development is quite complex and not always easy, but I think that something is really wrong when I look at Empyrean and the actual development time. Maybe you work on too many things at the same time, but I don’t really know. Working a lot on something doesn’t necessarily mean that the working process is effective. The players need to wait quite some time for new updates to even drop and then they need to wait again for weeks, until that content is bugfixed and adjusted to a playable rate. That’s sad. Updates should be enjoyable and playable when they drop and not weeks later. Don’t use your players as an experiment to test your alpha builds please. That’s not fair. The worst is when updates don’t get fixed at all, like Liches. Bad balancing is a big problem, because it will force you to some extent to implement changes later on. Which results in deceiving your loyal players, who played your update since day one, because they needed to invest much more time to get the same results. It’s a devaluation of time. The truth hurts DE, but the only way that players can get that Warframe back they once loved, is to tell you nothing but the truth. If you feel offended by this, you can delete that post, but just running away will not help your game. People will post tons of suggestions in detail here, I’m 100% sure. They also posted tons of possible fixes already. I’m happy that you started to address some of the problems already, but you could have avoided some of them easily by just testing your update a bit more. I’m nearly 100% sure that you wouldn’t enjoy that first released version of Empyrean yourself, but you still released it like that. Just involve your playerbase more again. It helps nobody if you start hyping your update and tell everybody how great it is, when it has big flaws in reality. Sometimes I have the feeling that you don’t really know the mechanics of your game that well. Resulting in unnecessary nerfs and changes. Sadly many loyal players left Warframe in 2019. I just wanted to share my feelings, again. All I want for 2020 is a game that I can love again, DE. I still have hopes that you can achieve that. I wish you a merry Christmas.
  6. Hi DE. I tried out Railjack again today. I had the hope that it will be a bit less buggy after all these Hotfixes, but I was wrong. Glitches everywhere. I just aborted the mission and did some Fissures. I’m extremely disappointed with Empyrean. You worked for 2 years on the update and now that we finally received it, it’s full of bugs and insane Grind. It’s not even the full release of Empyrean, just a part of it. Also Railjack is totally disconnected from the main part of the game at the moment. Do you really think that this amount of Grind is Content? Do you personally enjoy Empyrean at it’s current state DE? Founders and people who buy Plat or Prime Accesses actually make Warframe possible and all what they deserve now, is to get a totally messed up Update? The second one after The Old Blood already…That’s extremely sad. I have the feeling that you are totally disconnected from your community at the moment. You hyped Empyrean so much in your Devstream. How can you hype such a Bug-fest? I don’t get it. You can’t really get players if you just hype everything and then just give them something totally messed up. People will notice that you made false promises and will probably just quit shortly after. You can see the numbers of your players. They are not that impressive at the moment, for valid reasons. If you would just test your game a bit more before a new release, you could probably just avoid some of the negative feedback and make updates better from the start already. Most of the Feedback never gets addressed. For example: Liches are still not enjoyable. Conclave is still broken. The drop rate of the Blazing Step Ephemera never got buffed. A proper Nyx rework is still missing, but instead you just talked about another possible Saryn rework. All we get are rushed updates, which receive some fixes and then will be forgotten. It’s sad to see that the game you once loved is going into a direction like this. I really hope that you will do better in 2020. Please start listening more to your player-base again, instead of just doing things nobody really asked for. It’s actually more valuable to listen to people who really point bad things out in the game than to people that just say that your game is perfect. Because if you just listen to the people who love everything in your game, you will never find out what is wrong with certain things. Wish you the best for the future.
  7. Hi DE. Thank you for making Pennant and Quellor Blueprints shared pickups now. Could you please revert the Hitscan for certain Arch-Guns or at least buff the projectile speed of them in space? Enemies are faster than the projectile of the Fluctus for example. Kinda difficult to kill enemies and space right now, because of this. Also make Arch-Melee useable. Arch-Melees should get higher range and should receive some sort of auto targeting again, to become somewhat useful. About Arch-Melee Mods: Buff [Furor] please. Adding 10% Attack Speed at maxed Rank is kinda funny, but not effective. Also [Galvanized Blade] uses 11 Mod Capacity. Whereas the other 90% Elemental Damage Mods for Arch-Melees need only 9 Capacity. Just adjust [Galvanized Blade] please, so it will cost the same. P.S. Revert that Arch-Gun damage nerf in space. Please also mention such a nerf in the Patchnotes next time. In my opinion it’s kinda sneaky to not mention it anywhere.
  8. Hi DE. Now that you can get Umbra Formas from Railjack missions, can you replace that Umbra Forma reward in future Nightwaves with Primed Chamber please? ^__^ Also about Baro. When will he bring back Pedestral Prime? Last time was October 2018. Also Baro tends to bring only new cosmetics recently, which is a bit sad. If he could bring a new Weapon or Primed Mod again, that would be great. Some new Primed Mods for Archwing stuff are probably a good idea, now that Railjack is here. [Primed Afterburner] when?
  9. Hi DE. Looks like I can farm the new Prime Parts now or I could test again how buggy and unfunny Railjack still is… Railjack is all about Archwing stuff and you just nerfed stuff with Empyrean. I mean changing every Archgun to projectile based is kinda weird. How can you kill enemies in space effectively when they are that fast and you are forced to use projectile based Weapons now? Also Archmelees are extremely useless. Archmelee also still has that ultimate Meme Mod [Furor]. Adding 10% Attack Speed at maxed Rank. Funny. Farming Intrinsics and other resources is some next level of Grind. Being forced to play the same boring missions hundreds of times just isn’t fun. Everyone should get all the resources that were collected during the Mission at least. Unrewarding Grind isn’t Content DE. With all these recent changes and updates I’m really wondering what will be next. Maybe it would be a good idea to ask yourself if the Content you create is actually enjoyable. I mean it’s kinda foreseeable that people will hate stuff like projectile based Archguns or Paracesis like Kuva Weapons. I have the feeling it’s all about new and rushed updates, no matter what. It looks like older Content never really gets fixed and updated. Liches are still not enjoyable. Conclave is still completely broken. Still no third Orb in Orb Vallis. Still no proper rework for Nyx, even after that fancy looking Deluxe Skin was released. You nerfed Itzal’s Blink in a way nobody asked for. I would really wish that you would start listening more to your players feedback again. Nevertheless, good luck with your future updates DE. P.S. Where is [Split Flights]?
  10. Update is a Bugfest. I hope that this Hotfix will help a bit. It's barely playable at the moment. Why are all Archwing Weapons Projectile based now? I have hard times killing enemies, because of this. Also Archwing feels too slow. Just revert Itzal's Blink please or reduce it's Cooldown. P.S. Empyrean is all about space fights. So what about making Mods like [Furor] finally useable? Plus 10% attack speed for Arch-Melee's is kinda weird.
  11. Hi. Oof, Riven changes arrived. Time to look what happened this time... Whoa, seperate Riven Dispositions for normal weapons and their Prime counterparts. I actually thought that the 0,4 Riven Disposition will see the light with the next adjustment to Rivens, but it looks like there is no 0,4 Disposition for the Catchmoon. Still waiting for a 2,0 Riven Disposition for special Weapons like the Stug tho. Disposition buffs for the Lanka, Vectis and some other Snipers? I haven't expected that, but that's very cool. I mean most people don't really use Snipers in normal Gameplay, so some buffs are welcome. I think it's also the first time that no Sniper Rifle received a nerf. Sadly the content where they are used the most, is pretty much dead now, because of the recent Itzal nerf. RIP Eidolons 2019. Still waiting for a Blink revert or an adjustment of the Blink Cooldown. Oof...further nerfs for Pyrana Prime. Was that really needed DE? Also nerfs to Tysis and Spectra Vandal Rivens? Have I missed something? P. S. Because Vectis Rivens got buffed a bit now... Can I get Primed Chamber please?
  12. Will that fancy Khora Deluxe Skin actually come before 2035? I'm really waiting for it. Any adjustments planned for Slide Crit Stats on Rivens/Maiming Strike (+150% Critical Chance on Slide)? Sacrificial Steel is +220% Critical Chance. Slide Crit is kinda bad in comparision now. P.S. I really want to see an epic Blink revert/buff in this Devstream. ^__^
  13. Those Hotfixes are decent, but will Raids actually come before 2035? "Fixed a crash when in Archwing mode." Cool, a fix for Archwing stuff, but what about making Itzal great again...
  14. Please make Itzal great again DE. Bring back the old Blink and make Eidolons enjoyable again. Whoever had the idea with the 3 seconds Blink cooldown must be enjoying super slow gameplay... I need like 1 hour to reach the Teralyst now.
  15. Hi DE. Blink nerf… Amazing. I totally waited for this. RIP Eidolon hunts. For me Warframe is a fast game. Making Blink slower with a cooldown effect doesn’t feel right for me. Even that doubled Blink range will not compensate that cooldown effect. All in all I hate those nerfs years later. Same with Catchmoon. That tiny pistol got nerfed decades after release. Please just think more about stuff at release and maybe fix it soon after. Blink never needed such a nerf in my opinion. Those nerfs years later literally rob me of all my desire to play the game. But not playing Warframe means that I can spend more time with my girlfriend, which isn’t bad at all to be honest. I wish you a good weekend DE. ^__^ P.S. I also hope that Khora Deluxe will come before 2035. I’m really waiting for that skin. Also [Primed Afterburner] when?
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