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  1. i'm having a similar issue as well with the jotunheim; previews are fine but no matter which energy colors actually i pick, it just stays the default green Somebody please fix
  2. It's a terrible decision, deciding not to make any changes. They should just delete conclave altogether,
  3. why not just fix it please de
  4. Whyyyyyy? Why nyx and rhino again, why not literally anybody else that hasn't gone again? Why not something like nekros or valkyr prime access pls de just give us something good thanks for the gamefixes at least
  5. Super excited for the next stream! tho lately ive been having issues trying to stop getting twitch drops on switch and back on pc, i still try my best to make it! i ended up having to make a mixxer account so i could watch the stream twice and at least try to get one drop on the platform i want; well see tonight how it goes! love this game and love to stay updated and see whats new!
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