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  1. Where would I go to report the limbo cataclysm and occasional dodging bug. Where aometiems dodging in the new areas don't actually put you in the rift. And cataclysm only deals damage without any sort of rift effects?
  2. The fact they said they were halfway through 20 hours ago worries me as well, having not recieved the sidearm or hydroid yet still.
  3. I assume since I only caught the panel before the reveal I am very very low on the totem pole for receiving my sidearm, and apparently I was lucky in receiving both the staff skin for entering the relay, as well as the statue when the almighty red text gave them out as a parting gift. I already owned hydroid prime, but when he does eventually get delivered I will be able to delete him for a slot, correct? Or would me having him get in the way of me recieving the free one?
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