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  1. im honored that you dedicate you 2 post to me after been 5 years in the forum.
  2. iS tHe R@iLjAcK aUt? jesus christ.
  3. Farm toroids, 27 toroid per day can max you daily standing. use standing to get system from the %utthurt npc. Still doing 5 profit taker daily or 3 if you have booster give you enough standing to get enough system,
  4. i recommend you to do casual Profit takers. Just dont try to follow a specific item because you will be burned out, just do it casually. If you are no competent with the fight dont worry most of the time i tend to carried a full team so maybe you get a chance to get a party with strong players.
  5. Is all that matter over here.
  6. I think they fixed, i was the whole night having fun with this new arcane, friendship ended with magus vigor, magus repair is my bestfriend now!
  7. T7 Amp is a mess when you are no the host, the kamehameha remain in the matrix and operator in real world.
  8. Buuuh they fixed, But reddit exist. .
  9. Fix magus repair, its no working unless you are the host.
  10. can i do that on windows phone? too lazy to tab monster hunter world.
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