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  1. Issue: When playing as a client in a mission (not Host) - if my internet drops for even a few seconds (which it does frequently as it's summer and it's comcast - I experience 0-1 minute drops multiple times each day) - I get kicked to the login screen, losing all acquired loot, all earned MR, all completed objectives, etc. This makes the game UNPLAYABLE. One could argue that I need a better ISP and I agree, but in my area it's Comcast or the dark ages of DSL (which would also make the game unplayable as the only other provider offers piss poor connection speeds). I know my situation is not unique in this. If I'm HOST it drops me to a solo instance, which is fine because I can usually wait out the short drop, finish the mission and extract. But I can't control whether I am host or client so we need some kind of solution for this. Either a network option to prefer host, some kind of caching to cover 1-2 minute disruptions or a change in how the game handles disconnects. I can re-join the team but any loot, objectives and MR/focus earned is gone when I rejoin. Can this please get a look? When Comcast is behaving I'm fine, but it won't be behaving for months as summer usually leads to poor internet for my whole city all summer.
  2. I would say this is a VERY valid point. People who don't play during vacation periods or for college students, exam periods (who need to study) will effectively be denied access to the later stages of ranks. It's in some ways a very exclusionist type of system, but whereas you missed one alert you were watching for one day, this costs you weeks worth of grind if your real life obligations cut you short from reaching whatever rank award you were hoping for.
  3. An aside as an MR26 player though regarding the Umbral Forma. It rankles the crap out of me that now that Umbral forma's been released AFTER spending the equivalence in forma of $4.50 per frame on at least half of the frames in the game (averaging 6 forma at 90 Plat if you do the bundles and used only Plat) that the ONE umbral forma is locked behind weeks of mandatory grinding for hours a day on average. THIS is why it's doing more to push people into platinum purchases than it is rewarding players for time spent playing in my mind. It's a beacon of greed because it ultimately encourages more time in the game increasing the likelihood of spending money on micro-transactions. I sincerely HOPE that DE did not realize this when they organized it that way, because if so, i'd be very disappointed in what's been a largely impressive and consumer friendly business mentality from them historically. Sorry, it really bugs me...
  4. One thing I've noticed about this type of gameplay in online games is need vs bonus. For example, like Nightwave (to a much smaller degree) Anthem's "trials" on opening week were REQUIRED to progress, while other games it's not necessary but you are rewarded for these kinds of things. I remember playing LOTRO long ago and killing hundreds of enemies for a tiny bonus using specific skills. Absolutely unnecessary to progress but a nice reward for grinding out all those kills. If DE can work it out where these "challenges" are rewards for dedication then that's fine. However, the issues regarding nitain and blueprints like glaive that ONLY show up from alerts, this isn't the case. Also, some of those higher tier rewards shouldn't be unlocked only through this system. The helmets - any cosmetics are fantastic. The Kuva and slots are fine too, as you have at least one or two alternative methods of acquiring these rewards. These aren't "challenging" Because they're called challenges - some simply are not, not even close depending on the player. These ARE tasks but they're unfortunately currently falling into that same category as the "Tomb Trials" of Anthem - and I know DE Doesn't really want to be there. I would suggest this: Wolf crews can be earned anytime, up to X per week. The tasks for said wolf crews should be generic objectives that accomodate players of every level of skill, solo, etc. Things like "kill X infested" ,"hack X terminals" - very generic. Things you'd do anyway just playing the game. Either reduce the amount of creds earned per objective to keep thousands of wolf creds racking up quickly or increase some wolf cred purchase costs. This is where you'd place the exclusive items - like the glaive blueprints and nitain, the weapon augs, etc. It's time limited so those items either need to stay, come back with baro at a later date or be something we can stockpile and farm while the current season is active. For the seasons of Nightwave, award items that are cosmetic in nature only and thus make it a narrative driven event with the same types of "challenges" we've been seeing. If there are non-cosmetic awards then they need to be optionally acquired elsewhere. That's the biggest thing - if it can only be acquired through nightwave and especially if it's required to build warframes or earn MR, it needs to be non-invasive and not have an expiration date.
  5. That my friend was rather rude. People can reach the higher MR ranks quickly or slowly but they're always there to be reached and whether it takes four years or four weeks doesn't matter. Saying people aren't "meant to reach the higher ranks" Because they're taking their time is just a put-down. I could also point out that I've seen a LOT of MR20+ players who are incredibly bad at warframe, but they've been having fun so good for them. I've also seen some incredibly stellar MR<10's and some hopped those ranks quickly and some didn't. RANK isn't an indication of skill any more than free time.
  6. Some people have lives, responsibilities, families and professions. Spending hours each day (at minimum half an hour for the sorties only) isn't "elite" and doesn't require skill, regardless of the challenge or task. Yes, if you're skilled or geared well it can take less time. That said, NONE of the nightwave challenges are hard for MR20+ unless you're doing something wrong, but they ARE time sinks. Time sinks are fine for a F2P game but they are not "elite". I have a friend with twice the logged hours in warframe because he leaves the game running when he goes to sleep. That's not elite either, but at least he gets something productive out of it, and based on the challenges thus-far, he probably has more fun. The problems with nightwave is they aren't ACTUALLY helping new players because they are challenging for new players to accomplish and very time consuming. Imagine yourself a new player, a parent working full time and you want something to play for those 30 minutes a couple nights during the week and maybe 3-4 hours on the weekend. You see this and know there's no way to get those points - you need rep standing you don't have for some, don't have the time for others and can't do still more because you're under MR10 and the stuff you have is barely able to keep you up for ten minutes on gabii. These roll every week and you'll lose everything after the season ends, so chances are good you'll maybe, if you're lucky get maybe a rank or two every few weeks, not every day. This system is replacing the old system that was oriented towards new players. The old system was luck-of-the-draw but even with your garbage weapons and frame you could still do it, or be carried at least if something you needed was up when you had time to login. Having HOURS to play EVERY DAY doesn't denote skill (which "elite" is a gradient of) - it just means you have time. I'm high MR, so the only thing even mildly attractive is the stuff tacked at the 20+ standing range. I also have a family, have real life obligations and have medical problems on top of it. I used to have a lot more time (and interest) for Warframe and could play for hours and hours. Now my time is more limited and Nightwave and the new operation hint at a new approach to future content, one that discourages all but the hardcore players with dozens of hours each week to play. It's discouraging. It's failing to meet the description that DE has presented it as, and it's a bad implementation of what could be a great system. EVERY grind game is about grinding. But every game that "locks you into their schedule" makes it hard to forget the staggering amount of hours it takes to accomplish anything. By doing so we're reminded it's not having fun playing a game, but slogging chores like our parents used to give us when we were children. So sorry friend, I know you have plenty of time and feel pretty "elite" having it, but it's not denoting any kind of skill on your part, just that you got the hours to do them. Maybe DE could re-work the term from "elite" to "Most time Intensive" and that would alleviate some of the confusion?
  7. Dang. Those coolant spiders were one of the VERY few things enjoyable enough to get me out on the Orb Vallis. Oh well. Back to the bland grind I guess. Still... it was about the only thing truly enjoyable about Operation Buried Debt!
  8. I would have to say that the most recent set of Nightwave challenges is discouraging for new players at the least. Five sorties is one challenge, but sorties ARE "MR Locked" in the sense that you need to progress so far in the star chart. Furthermore just because you can access the sorties doesn't mean you can do them. I'm MR26 but I know several players who are new and under MR10 who can do the sorties but would never be able to accomplish them without me or someone else carrying them. If they do it with a less-than-friendly pub group they may or may not have enough revives to succeed. And with a group of people who need carrying, gonna be a problem. Rare gems on PoE are (unless this has changed and I missed it) also reputation locked because of the need for the higher tier mining laser, which requires a specific rep level on cetus to acquire. rare fish on Fortuna - again bait for those fish is faction locked The unseen challenge requires Loki or Ivara - mind you loki isn't incredibly difficult to acquire but most people grind at spies for months to get ivara. Also I've known MR14 guys who had neither loki nor ivara because they didn't know where to get them. Overall, I'd say if the purpose of reworking alerts into something usable for new players in the form of Nightwave it's failing so far. The objectives are incredibly challenging for new players (60 min Kuva survival? For someone MR10 or lower? Come on....) What I see nightwave as being is a high grind-wall locking content down to encourage platinum expense. It'll work great for that. No more will people need to use their mobile app to watch for the alerts they could hop on and do in 20min to achieve the same results days/weeks of grinding could earn them before. Now it's a mandatory play time of several hours EVERY DAY for the same result and the challenge rate is much higher. These challenges are grind-heavy and for those of us who have been playing A LONG TIME, and now can only spend the time to log in for hours maybe one night each weekend, it just leaves a bad taste in our mouth. I'm MR26 - I am constantly dealing with content drought. This isn't new content, this is forcing old content on us and the only thing that interests me are the new mods (not great but something to mess with) and the umbral forma (not needed because I've already spend 6+ forma on most warframes/melee weapons I wanted an umbral build on, including a few frames "just because" ). So seeing a grindy, VERY time consuming chores list makes me disappointed. That combined with the mechanics of "operation buried debt" makes me nervous about future content being locked behind ridiculous amounts of tedium. What's new and fresh gets old and unappealing after about 10 times doing it. Just my two cents but I think nightwave is doing more to inspire new players to shell out platinum than it is to help them out.
  9. Can we PLEASE get in our Loadout UI a way to bind to each loadout a primary focus school? If we cannot get focus school selection in the arsenal loadout screens, please tell us the reasons why you won't add that feature. Have asked this a million times it seems, twitter, etc. Doubt I'm the only one interested in this being added.
  10. Just a random thought DE - what if, instead of locking primed mods and the login weapons behind daily logins you locked them instead behind played hours (and I mean mission hours, not sitting in your orbiter or dojo) - just send them in the mail when we reach X mission hours. Reward the people for ACTUALLY playing the game. Keep the daily tribute with fluff and discounts - put the meat behind played hours. Makes it more "Prestigious" , keeps people playing and gives them more content BY playing.
  11. Same boat as you except I got the zenistar and now have to wait forever for another weapon which will likely be MR fodder. If I could have skipped those damned sigils then maybe I'd feel more enthusiastic about these changes. The login rewards aren't prestige, they're more disheartening than anything at times. I made MR 24 before login 200. I consider that more prestige than anything, although I've seen MANY MR20+ players who still don't have a clue about the frames they're playing or the peculiars of the mission they're in. I will honestly say in that light prestige is hard to quantify, but it's not the simplest of mechanics in the game - login. It also doesn't do anything for DE as logging in and then out doesn't guarantee playtime.
  12. I personally spent easily 80 days of my 309 doing exactly that - logging in and *maybe* doing the sortie, then logging out. It doesn't help that I get a damned pineapple 96% of the time.
  13. Just got zenistar and it wasn't worth the hype. Was hoping to have this tribute system in so I could have instead picked sigma and octanis, only because it looks like something I might actually use. Oh well, only most of another year not... content drought is real... sigh. Well... it's better than it was I guess.
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