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  1. Are all our already existing max-rank Arcane going to be converted to Rank 5 or will they all be effectively nerfed as they're currently rank 3? If they're auto-upgraded, cool, if not, feel like that's gonna really piss off all the older players who really ground out those maxed arcanes (or plat for them).
  2. I'm just gonna throw this in here - was a melee main then this update came out and made melee boring garbage for the sake of mimicking other anime games (like DmC). I played warframe for 4k+ hours, reached MR27 and spent thousands. Bought every prime access since I started playing just to support the devs. Then they did this. I know some fanboi's love it. Good for you. I doubt I'll be returning to warframe at this point and regret my investment because the melee changes in 2.0 technique took away the last shred of fun in Warframe for me. I'm stating my opinions. You're welcome to your own. I did as @sj_sinclair asked and gave it a fair chance. It's bad. It's awkward. You broke melee to make it pretty and that's a choice that's hard to respect. And I know there's gonna be some fanboi's who feel like responding with harsh words for me expressing my opinions. The forum trolls also will discourage me returning to warframe. DE doesn't care about the voices who said "please don't" to these melee changes, and so I'm done caring about warframe. Sorry. Was good times until it wasn't.
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