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  1. I hate everything about this. I play melee mainly because I have disabilities(hands shake/coordination issues/weakness/etc) and melee allowed me to play the game with some sense of skill and contribution. All I see here is nerfing and pandering to the barbie dress up crowd. I will try it but if it's not the exact opposite of what it looks like here, I'm done with this game. Played over 3k hours here and supported the devs as much as possible and then some financially, but they were told this sounded awful by many, many people before and yet here it comes, so... well, we'll see but I'm not excited.
  2. Forgot to mention this earlier too - one of the big problems with ember that resulted in nerds was she made it boring to play her and play with her when it was a WoF build. That said, I dislike the saryn rework for the same reason. Before anyone dealing toxin would spread spores. Now it's a race and she's more frustrating to play/play with than before. I can't tell you how many times me and my friends kitted out with toxin weapons and all had fun just wiping the world away in a team effort. All of us felt like we were contributing. I realize she's more powerful and the molt turret is thankfully gone but I have a hard time with that kind of "team competitiveness" - it's counter-intuitive to co-operative gameplay. So the 4 ability, while it will kill a screen full of mobs, can't just be fire and forget and then wander around watching stuff die at the edge of your line of sight (or now-a-days watching it not).
  3. Sure. And thanks for realizing the bluntness. 🙂 So in regards to her passive, moving is just a thing. I'd imagined she gains heat CONSTANTLY, regardless of movement (but since AFK penalties are a thing and just standing there typically pauses all the pros of things...) I can understand the personal dislike of cold/radiation but the big takeaway mechanic (no matter how it's implemented) would be a risk/reward proposition - playing with fire so to speak. Having tanking be on one side of that risk while high DPS on the other makes for a lot of variety in builds and interesting mechanics that can keep her gameplay fresh longer. I wasn't sold on any of that, just wanted a way to get the pendulum mechanic in place with two different incentives to play her. I also look at her "polar opposite" as Frost and he's got some amazing tank+DPS options (although I don't typically play him either) - I feel like if she's at least as versatile (or even solid for 60min Kuva for example) - that'd be great. she was a frame I played a TON early on, and several works (see nerfs) ago. I enjoyed her. But I also don't think, even with umbral investment, she can light a candle to any of the just "ok" frames more recently released (pardon the pun). That's sad. anyway will watch for your feedback bud.
  4. Yeah, so your feedback in a nutshell was "no". Well... thanks for the feedback. No need to explain later. I don't see you feeling it, and that's fine. Was just a suggestion for DE. Maybe it'll give them some ideas and maybe others will have a different opinion too... either way, felt like throwing the idea out there in the wind. I haven't really played her since I got bored enough to take my second ember Prime and make her umbral so I'm not exactly an ember " main". Seemed like fun to me.
  5. For your consideration: Brief Overview: Reworks ember with a new mechanic that offers a risk/reward mechanic. Adds some utility and a tiny bit of support, some tankiness while maintaining her role as a nuker. Should offer fun an versatile gameplay while not driving your team mates nuts. Also has a flaming whip exalted weapon, did I mention that? Yeah. So could be fun DE. Give it a look. EMBER Passive: Thermal Core Ember gains heat levels (1-10) by moving, being exposed to heat and using her Flame Tongue. When she's in her cold and cool states (1-3) she has 2000 armor but loses 200 Armor per stage. As her Heat Levels increase beyond cold and cool she gains immunity to fire (3-10), cold (5-10) and radiation (8-10) status effects. The higher her Heat Level the more damage her abilities do. Beyond 10 (overflow) Ember's abilities deal incredible damage but she suffers continual fire damage over time until she's cooled off. Ability 1: Flame Tongue A Flaming Whip Exalted Weapon. Deals basic IPS damage and Fire damage. In it's cold state, it deals more critical damage on hits, which declines as her heat increases. The higher her heat level, she deals more fire damage with each hit and an increased status chance, and at high heat levels (8-10) it deals radiation damage as well. Short press to summon. While summoned, Long-pressing will throw the whip like a bola, entangling and burning everyone caught in it's wake. after a short period the whip will return to her for re-summoning. Ability 2: Accelerant Ember expends some of her built up heat to increase her movement speed and radiate heat all around her. Anyone coming close is set ablaze, and while she's venting this heat from her body, she also restores a small portion of health. Single press for a short lived burst of speed, long press to "toggle" the ability, losing heat and energy continually but healing for a smaller amount. the movement speed and radial damage/status is most effective at high heat levels. Higher heat levels increase the chances for enemies ignited by this igniting their nearby friends like a spreading wildfire. If Ember fully Expends her heat levels this way she suffers a cold status effect for a brief period after the ability expires. Ability 3: Fireball Ember unleashes concentrated fire at a target, Which explodes on impact. At high heat levels this does radiation as well as heat damage (8-10 heat). Targets killed by this ability leave behind puddles of molten ferrite armor which Ember or allies can run over to increase their armor (but also taking fire damage on the initial application). This ability expends heat. Ability 4: World on Fire Ember Radiates fire in a huge radius around her, dealing fire and radiation (heat levels 8-10) as well as stripping armor. Single press to expend 2 levels of heat as a nova or long press to expend all her heat for massive damage and a short lived duration as an aura. Enemies are hit are set ablaze, and may lose their minds (radiation status effect at 8-10) as well as their armor melting on their bodies. Any enemies ignited but not killed have a high chance to ignite targets of their attacks. If Ember fully Expends her heat levels this way she suffers a cold status effect for a brief period after the ability expires.
  6. Also, convince me I'm wrong. I don't see much from your post history to convince me and you don't seem to be reticent at all about your behavior but if you can contribute in some kind of positive manner, feel welcome. Effective discussion is far more preferential, I assure you.
  7. Didn't you set the precedence there? As far as my thread is concerned, I significantly doubt anyone from DE will actually read it or consider it so... Edit: they may actually read it, but it's unlikely considering it derailed much earlier than this.
  8. Yeah, which I changed. Speaking of setting precedence, I spent some time reading your comments in other threads and topics and it's clear to me you must have a low self esteem or get some kind of kick out of cyberbullying because you certainly do treat most people badly here. Which leads me to realize you don't matter. Your opinion doesn't matter. You already said earlier you don't represent the community, so go be abusive elsewhere please. You are the one unwelcome.
  9. I'd love the choice is the thing. I like enough of warframe in general too be able to mix that up. It would alter the perspective of the grind to something more manageable. I like most game modes (not a big conclave fan or lunar) - I don't get tired of survival or defense or any of them.
  10. I edited my post to be more precise and less "whining" but it's the kind of disenfranchising comments you make that do reflect badly on the community. It's a FEEDBACK post - the OP wasn't meant for you - it was meant for DE. Despite what you think, It's actually okay to express a response to a game mechanic - it actually makes/saves companies a lot of money. I read the reactions and re-read my post and realized I was being dramatic and probably did sound like I was whining. My opinion however is valid - to some people it's changing our perception of the game and making it less enjoyable. Because you don't agree with it and think we're whining because of it doesn't make it a valid point and thus a viable, useful form of feedback. Yeah I was triggered by your comment - it discouraged actual discussion, was disenfranchising and was dismissive of others (regardless of the validity or invalidity of the feedback). Plain and simple it was an attempt to make yourself feel better (maybe look better to your peers) by trying to alienate me and make me feel bad. It's also sadly typical of forums and it's a great example of why as gamers we get pinned with false "toxic entitled Gamers" label. Because your right, your behavior isn't representative of the community as a whole, and most gamers aren't either, just people. But from an outsiders perspective your commentary would absolutely sell that label - just an FYI
  11. Throwing forma in anything new takes me like 10min per. It's not really hard but whenever new content comes - that's like an hour of entertainment and then it's done. No need for spending forma when all my crap is done. I understand the catchup mechanics are better and it's not incredibly bad - you're right about the pressured feeling though - it's a perception issue. Before NightWave and it's exclusive rewards there wasn't too much outside of events that you couldn't farm at some point in the future, or at 2AM by yourself or whatever. But NightWave made it hard to see those things as anything other than chores, and that's not so fun. Also I realize not everyone is gonna feel this way. Some people love NightWave. It helps other players. Cool. Makes me happy. But some of us don't enjoy the fun-killing reminders and my WHOLE CLAN went inactive after NW came out, and all for the same reasons. I would be fine with ignoring NightWave altogether too if Umbral Forma wasn't locked exclusively behind that time-wall. It should be in the sortie or arbitration or one other way of acquisition. Do I need it? No. But I like umbral builds. Meanwhile Arbitration which I do enjoy is getting a bunch of "meh" auras - when it could be a virus offering. Or baro. Or whatever. A single Umbral Forma is never going to outshine a decent Riven and yet it's harder to acquire than Rivens as the time investment is staggering per-item in comparison.
  12. Yes grind mechanics are expected - but just like all other grind games when you play them you want to enjoy the grind - things like hunting floofs or fighting eidolons for the billionth time got old a long time ago, so I don't enjoy them. And why would I spend forma when MOST guns/melees/frames in the game have at least 2-3 forma each in my account? Etc. Just want some choice man. I used to spend hours playing warframe, doing stupid crap like hitting hydron just to help people level faster and enjoyed it. The Chores List thing created a perception change that reminds me of how much grind there is for minimal reward and it makes it a lot harder to enjoy.
  13. Oh I still play Warframe, just doesn't have the fun it did since the "chores list" came around. Garbage responses like these might. Certainly kills any respect I have for community members with this kind of attitude.
  14. I've provided ideas in the past - let us pick from the total list of weekly NightWave possible " challenges" would be Enough to balance out the "chores list effect". I've contributed ideas for new game modes. I've suggested a lot over Twitter or here over the years and in the OP - so how about you read it again?
  15. So my original post was is more detailed (and more dramatic apparently) and really got some fanboi's panties all in a bunch. So... I'll only say this after editing: NightWave creates a perception change in the grind inherent to Warframe. It makes the game hard to enjoy and my ENTIRE CLAN found the change only served to remind us of the grind, while reducing enjoyment. They are inactive and I only login once every few weeks now instead of the hours daily prior to nightwave (literally prior). Offering us more individual choice to pick tasks might change that perspective. Changing the reward structure to be more "story" oriented and new-player friendly might help. I am not a new player. I wait through content drought all the time. Before NW I'd wait playing Warframe. Now I don't.
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