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  1. Winners will be picked based on creative methods used to earn votes! This contest is on now until September 10 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. ALL PLAYERS FROM EACH PLATFORM CAN PARTICIPATE! The time is now, Tenno! The future depends on it. *Note: This election is all in good fun. Lotus will forever rule our solar system; long live the Lotus! ------------------------------------------- Not to criticize, but it seems the format for voting isn't really fair, since responses can get buried in page after page of entries. Is there any way to let all entries stand on equal ground? As it stands, if your propaganda is on the 25th page of the thread, it's unlikely to get votes, because very few people are going to go through all of those pages to even see it in the first place. Maybe have a per-candidate primary - so all volt candidate posters, hydroid candidate posters, mesa candidate posters, first compete among each other, then present the top 3 campaign postings to go into a general election? I think it would allow for everyone to in the very least have their efforts paid attention to, without demanding everyone look at every last campaign post.
  2. Tenno, it is time to empower not just yourself, but the future of the System! A vote for Volt recognizes his ability to be the benefactor our system needs; Whether defending the downtrodden with his electric shield, Expediting exchanges of goods; quickening commerce with his speed, Volt only shocks those that stand in the Tenno's way, And is the only Tenno that can overload the machines of oppression. Let us not shy from our guide - the Lotus.- for she only gave charge to Volt; Affirm her wisdom! Don't go to the polls to vote for a candidate -- Instead: Vote for the future of the System and the Tenno! For Volt shall bring energy to the entire solar map! For it is Volt that shall bring power back to its rightful keepers - the Tenno! Through Volt as the Leader, the Tenno shall be a light unto all factions! Empower Yourself! Take Charge! Bring Light to the System! Vote Volt!
  3. With matching carrier "eagle edition" and throwing stars to compliment the red, white, and blue.
  4. Can we get a middle ground? 25k rep for 4 void keys, rahdom type, but 1 at each void level I-IV, plus 4 rare fusion cores. 5k for 5keys to 25k for 4 keys and 4 fusion cores seems like a fair price increase, while keeping with the 25k rep system of purchasing from syndicates - I myself think the keys were too cheap. No disrespect intended. At the same time 15k for one key is kinda outrageous. and 25k for 4 random level, random type keys seems a little high too - what's stopping it from being 1 T3 exterminate, 3 T1 captures? I'd feel pretty screwed over with that random purchase. Especially if someone in my clan then goes and gets 4 T3 Sabotages. Just my thoughts on it. All IMO and YMMV.
  5. Interactive Items – drums, gong, bells, music player, teleport pads, jump pads, push volumes. Jump pads! Jump pads! And a bigger Dueling room, with JUMP PADS! Someone else mentioned a shooting range - related - how about a room that virtually loads a program where you can re-take mastery tests you've already completed, and compete with fellow clan members? And a way for others to watch it! Maybe I ask too much. Jump pads, jumps are good enough for me. But if we are to dream... Sorta-related: a way to handle a Warlord gone AFK for 30+ days. I understand having a life outside of warframe, but if you're a warlord, seems you should have an obligation to check in at least ONCE a week (or even once every other week) for Clan and Dojo wellbeing. Right now, if warlord goes AFK, there's nothing to be done.
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