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  1. Clan Name: Void VoiderZ Tier: Ghost Platform: PS4 Role: Co-Founder\Main Architect I had an epiphany last spring and decided to scrap the entire dojo and start from the beginning believing we can make it look much better then it was previously. There's still a lot of work to be done, but I'm happy with what we accomplished so far. To begin with, the main hall was the most important room for us. It's the one we appear in and the one we spend most of our time, so we built it with a practical use in mind. It's the room we appear in, the room where we trade, and all 4 important labs are directly connected to this room. In fact, we created visual queues in the main hall to show what kind of lab lies beyond the door. Since it's our main room, we gave a theme of a command center for our operations. Filled with computers, monitors and a Jumbotron. Everyone should have a Jumbotron 🙂 We added a (unfortunately) fixed clock indicating the clan's base time for the daily reset at 8pm. https://imgur.com/a/3IARJmU https://imgur.com/a/73VLSno We also created a room that was themed around the ascension altar and created a ritualistic room. It's a place of worship and relaxation with a guardian Orokin based Eidolon. https://imgur.com/a/Q5jzrQl We also decided to play around with the new nature tiles and created two rooms so far with them. A main room that is a cave filled with plant life of all sorts. We chose a darker lighting for this room to simulate the ambiance of being underground. The second room is more of a Halloween theme with a giant spider in a swamp. The types of plants, lighting, and effect were chosen to create a bleak swampy feel. https://imgur.com/a/1EWmFMA Another room we liked to out some focus on was a place where we could show our success as a clan. We setup a room with all our trophies and everything we could get our hands on as decorations we could put on display. https://imgur.com/a/YVz6Wij Lastly, the lowest part of our dojo. This is where we hold all of the reactors for the dojo. We invested a lot on electricity effects for this level to give out the sensation of power flowing throughout the floor, maintaining the themes that we establish on every floor of our dojo. https://imgur.com/a/Kenut10
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