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  1. Wahooo

    Hotfix 16.9.2 +

    Why are we told to bother to stay in our current mission? Lost all rewards from both missions I was in today when the red text popped up.
  2. Wahooo

    Warframe Ability Changes

    Blessing was: I cast it while playing trinity for - A) to make me invulnerable and use my Penta and Link as a massive close quarter AOE damage dealer and simply let me be lazy as I run through any mission. B) To allow my teammates to be lazy and take no damage through whatever mission C) To grant immunity to my teammates who need to go rez an overly aggressive player that thought they could be lazy because the trinity on their team. D) To heal the one guy taking a bunch of damage in a mission I didn't really expect anyone to be taking much damage. Frankly blessing needed to be changed because A and B were an issue in design, but right now I'm worried about how it works. If i'm watching health (and usually I do) and I see someone start taking damage to their shields by the time they start taking health damage they more often than not are down by the time I cast blessing. Now that cast is good to no one if the other players had no health gone? It does them literally no good. Can I cast it again right away? If I did get the cast off in time and saved the 1 player taking damage, then what about the rest of the team? They have no protection. What if stuff is starting to get hairy? Should I let one guy just die so I can make better use of blessing with an incoming storm? I'm basically worried blessing was, yes essentially abused and made the game overly easy mode. But with this change? where blessing as it was, was a skill that was more needed or took effort to use correctly? It won't do much good. Instead of damage mitigation or immunity maybe it can buff shields and health for a time and give them a continuous recharge. So say, if someone is taking damage that the damage rate would have to overcome the recharge rate to be noticeable. At higher level enemies this will get noticeable quickly but you can run, take cover and recharge? Something to make Trin more of a healer and less of a tank is needed, but the change as it is suggested doesn't make her a very good team healer. *Edit* I was typing when you posted this. But you said it more succinctly than I did. Though I do think reactive healing can work, you need a LOT more healing focus. Like a healing gun, or an ability to target players. Basically it becomes your ONE job to heal. I'm ok with that, but this change to blessing doesn't do it.
  3. Wahooo

    Hotfix 13.2.3

    Wow, after reading the last couple pages I wish I could be the one to buy DEskree that drink he so desperately wants right now.
  4. Wahooo

    Hotfix 13.2.3

    This is nice, but, just like the battle pay not being given when the last invasion mission is started in time but not finished, The battle pay for dark sectors needs to be subtracted from the total when the mission is started rather than finished. THEN if someone aborts or fails the battle pay can be added back to the pool. There is just no reason that you can start a mission that is to give a specific reward, complete the mission and NOT GET THE REWARD.
  5. Wahooo

    Rng Algorithm Bugs/changes

    Probably a different beast, but what should happen is that when the reward alerts happen we should no longer see streaks of 5 sword alerts, then 4 aura alerts, then 6 helmet alerts all in a row. The randomness of the rewards should improve. I wonder if I will get primary weapon XP 8 days in a row from log-in?
  6. Wahooo

    The Gradivus Dilemma Has Ended, Tenno

    Weird thing is I did them last night but this morning I had zero toward the battle pay, even though my mission total was the same. I started over and it ended at the end of my 5th mission but I didn't get credit for the battle pay.
  7. Wahooo

    Update 10.5.0: The Gradivus Dilemma

    Wish I could like this post twice, once fro clear answer to my question, then another for this^^
  8. Wahooo

    Update 10.5.0: The Gradivus Dilemma

    In the past if you had an open weapon slot it would get used by gift weapons that were supposed to come with their own. Does anyone know if that has been fixed or should I used up the last two weapon slots I have before the end of the event?
  9. Wahooo

    An Apology

  10. Wahooo

    Hotfix 10.0.3

    They are non-game effecting swag. This is the sorta thing platinum is for. yay for stamina change/fix. Much love DE.