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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Changes to Necramech controls prevent keyboard and mouse from zooming in / aiming while hovering REPRODUCTION: Replicable while trying to aim while hovering EXPECTED RESULT: Camera will not zoom in / aim OBSERVED RESULT: Could not aim while hovering REPRODUCTION RATE: Occurs every time
  2. I have had several ideas for Clan / Alliance improvements in the past. Things such as: - A customized clan cephalon to make the "Clan Log" more interactive then just a panel on the clan screen. If you had building permissions, it could sent you an inbox message when a room is finished, if you were a warlord, you could use it to issue warnings, kicks, bans, etc. Warlords or A new role could be made to send out an inbox message to all clan members, like event announcements, importants updates, etc. As far as customization goes, it could work like Stellaris Portraits, ie choose cephalon core s
  3. I've having this same issue, I hope it gets addressed, I spent a good half hour leveling my mech to find it reset.
  4. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Experience / Level Up Progress not being saved when exiting built necramech. VISUAL: n/a REPRODUCTION: Happens everytime mission ends / leaving and re-entering mech EXPECTED RESULT: Necramech's Rank is reset OBSERVED RESULT: No progress being made for necramech REPRODUCTION RATE: So far 100% reproduction rate.
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