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  1. Thanks for doing all the bug fixes we throw at you guys but-> 1) Can we fix [auroxium alloy]? it costs 600 Oxium not 60 unlike the rest of its components. you can built a room in the Dojo for that amount. (built one set of 20x as a test and it's not just a visual glitch. not that its necessary but it would be great to get a slight refund after its fixed. 2) Fix fish spawns so that tenno can stand on the edge of the shore and still access the deepest part a pond, and not get a puddle most of them time. Without these changes most will continue only fishing if much at all with ivara and zip lines. I will continue play testing the "fish spawning in the ground trick" to see if it persists which i believe was a result of Poe having lower grounds in this update than its predecessor. it is also worth noting that once a fish spawns under a Grinner dock or walkway over any body of water, they tend to never leave into the open arms of very patient tenno. comment- although ill miss the golden P.o.E with its current germanic theme, I noticed the fine work you have done adding in trees, foliage, rivers, caves and will be curious to see what stories will develop there. if there was one good thing i could bring back to the plains i would start with being able to once again sit on the tops of the ancient enemies and spear fish from above.
  2. Thanks for the zipline fix, i myself had issues between it and the datamass on mobile defence missions. In fortuna and in relays is it at all possible to clear up clairity or volume of npcs? as far as i can tell Tenno should have sharp senses including smell if alad V's hypothesis is to be considered (insert Natah questline quote here, underwater scene second to last mission). also it feels sad when you cant get credit for animal rescues after hitting the standing cap of the day. Could we change this part to just reduce how many points are earned vs not getting any at all? thanks. PS: i wonder if there will be an event/bounty related to freeing those corpus caged vermink someday... <3
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    Update Failures

    In the orb valis mumsie dadsie k drive race there is this strange inability to gain any standing towards the ventkids after running at least four rounds with an average of 4700 points. To try to fix this ive done the following: 1) reloaded the mission and ran it again. no result. 2) reloaded warframe entirely. checking as we speak. okay after running two more of the same mission awarding 4600 followed by a 4780 None of these resulted in gained standing from 3846, whozit. I wonder if its because i havent built my own board yet? or do the ventkids have linked yet hidden max standing with the rest of solaris U?
  4. so about the old quests, mirage and limbo are they still broken? they may not be broken for most but its sad when after three major updates nothings been done to improve the fatal flaws they have. watched the youtube videos in order to check what i was doing for the mirage quest was correct and the click to search doesnt work, even if its on the correct mission node on that planet. as for the limbo theorem: i have not been able to complete them even though i already waited and built a limbo by hand without perchase, still claims its incomplete. is this going to be a problem until alot of new people complain i hope not. thanks for fixes bug team i know it gets anooying swatting one fly just to have 10 fly in the door the next day keep up the good work!
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