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  1. it's an improvement, but only just; pearls on kills changes little when the gun is this unusable. POOL NOODLE MELEE EDIT: so uh, did you intend to induce toxicity by counting only one's own kills for pearls, thus leading to infighting, killstealing, salt over both of those, etc, etc? just clarifying, because it seems like this is 2 different iterations of this event that are best played solo-only.
  2. you want people active in the event, excellent, agreed! except the Soaktron is awful, (you could stuff this down their throats and still miss!) and the Pearl costs reek of disrespected time. make it enjoyable with better equipment and make it viable with lesser costs, or you simply won't get that activity... because to be blunt, the event is not yet worth that, not while still this badly tuned. constructive criticism and tweak recommendations aside, i really do like the event idea; such lighthearted stuff is a welcome change of pace, would love to see more. register one vote for a pool noodle melee! 🙂
  3. any internal talk on making Energy Transfer innate and applying the transferable charge effect to Equinox's 3 as well? she's really lacking fluidity when you have to either treat her like 2 seperate frames, or sacrifice a mod slot on a frame whose buildspace is already very tight.
  4. a mission-long cooldown on the passive? randomly assigned (read:unreliable) buffs? that's incredibly bad design. it's a blatant push towards "bitesize" that utterly breaks worth/value for endless gameplay and further alienates those rare players who stay in a mission long enough to reach rotation B... include all methods by default, and make the passive's charges reset every 10 minutes; 10 minutes is s a fairly decent stand-in for average pub mission length, and dying more than 5 times in 10 minutes *should* be punished by having it stick.
  5. yet again, consoles hold back the glory of the PC Master Race. News at 11.
  6. IGN: OmegaVitae MR: 24 Country: Maplemongerland, same as DE 😛 Current Clan: Town Syndrome, it's quite dead. Preferred Clan: Quasars, but anywhere that's likely to to be good for upcoming events/Railjack is a-ok with me. Started Playing: joined with Plains and haven't put it down since. 🙂 Interests: having an active clan/alliance chat to replace region, joining some actually organized runs for stuff instead of designing my loadout to solo carry pubs (though that's often fun in itself), having a hope of hell of doing well in the new clan related stuff that's coming, trying the heavy endurance stuff and seeing what it's like when the scaling math shiitake mushrooms itself, and generally just havin fun with the many pseudo-endgames we've all had to choose for ourselves in lieu of anything official. XD Bio: heavy Nezha/Nekros player, melee main, likes a good meme/jank build, loves one that's janky/funky and also godly powerful, generally just likes to have fun. hit me up whenevs, i saw the ping in the Endurance Runs discord, you can reach me there too; changed my nickname there to match my ign. o/
  7. the visual bugfix for Sentinels and Warding Halo has resulted in the inability to Safeguard your Sentinel at all. please rectify ASAP.
  8. the changes to Warding Halo displaying underneath Sentinels seemed to have accidentally made Sentinels ineligible for Safeguarding at all, except in very strange circumstances where it sometimes works. please resolve asap, it's just about the only way to keep a Sentinel alive against Fortuna's AoE-happy enemies.
  9. Incursions provide(d) an important loot table with stances and other mods that aren't viably farmable anywhere else, break up the monotony of mining/fishing/etc, and are the best way for some riven challenges and the literal only way, for others. This part of the change seems ill thought out in regard to what they do provide, and tbh, incursions should come to the Vallis, not leave Plains; bounties alone is meh even when you can trigger them without leaving the openworld, as sometimes you don't want a full bounty, you only want a little random "here ya go" task to cleanse your metaphorical palette.
  10. we can hope, certainly. however, if a nerf of melee is the actual intent, then that's an entire different story, and no feedback will undo that unless it manages to actually change that intent; they wouldn't take such a kidgloves tone in this post if they thought we'd be exicted or glad about what's being said, they'd do it because in-house they know it's needed, to couch something *not intended* to be good. that's why i didn't ask about the mechanical changes, those are fluid as we've seen with the several differing internal iterations of melee 3 revealed over the past year; i asked about intent regarding melee's power level overall, because that's the part that's now questionable, and fairly unlikely to be recognized by enough people to give said feedback due to a "frog in a pot" effect caused by the piecemeal release.
  11. The sugar coated "don't worry, it'll be ok" tone this post takes makes it sound like ok is exactly what it won't be; that melee lovers/mains should prepare for the full final melee 3.0 to be a net loss of power compared to 2.0. Can you confirm or deny that melee's ability to scale as hard as our enemies do, power at clearing crowds, and simple fun level are intended to be preserved through the many mechanical changes made as melee 3.0 advances? as a melee main who'll often not even equip any guns at all, the thought of melee 3.0 being a nerf in disguise when all is said and done about it actually deeply worries me for the continued enjoyability of Warframe.
  12. Fellow Nezha main, I have 5 forma in him and play him so much I accidentally try to skate with other frames. A lot about this post is almost perfect, hits exactly the marks it needed to… right up until Halo, which breaks it all and makes me doubt their claims of maining him. It’s certainly the exact mix of “amazingly awesome changes” and “mistakes that undo/ruin all related amazingness” that I've come to expect from DE, so at least the inconsistency that is simultaneously DE’s greatest strength and greatest weakness is in itself consistent. 😛 The Halo change is pure bad, for a multitude of reasons: Build space: Nezha does not have build space for "warframe Serration" mods like Vitality or Redirection, meaning damage reduction is next to worthless as it's not going to have enough shield/health points to work with. Taking any damage, at all, is bad; it instantly breaks some of Halo's best synergies, from Health Conversion to Taxon’s precept. HC was already amazing on Nezha, EASILY eclipsing most Rhino builds if used right; it *should* be synergizing harder with him now that new Chakram does orbs(love that part, btw), but new Halo letting any damage through at all undoes even the previous Broken Scepter method of attaining and keeping health conversion charges, making the mod no longer usable on him when it already had limited usable frames as it is. It doesn’t even achieve the actual goal, literally doing the exact opposite: the only possible non-PR-bull reason for this otherwise needless change is to appease professional scrubs afflicted with preconceptions of Iron Skin false equivalency. the worst part is, Current Halo is already different enough, because of the damage aura, whereas New Halo has legitimately worse equivalency to Splinter Storm than current Halo ever did to Iron Skin! this change succeeds only in changing the relevant copyframe from Rhino to Gara… get ready to hear a lot of “Warding Halo is just a Worse Splinter Storm” and have it actually not be wrong, unlike the “Worse Iron Skin” spam. given that Halo would be health based, it's also going to be numerically worse than Splinter Storm by a much larger margin than it ever was to Iron Skin. just a bad change through and through. Current Halo is (despite popular misconception) a unique ability, a niche in itself, an Iron Skin-Splinter Storm hybrid with jack-of-all-trades balancing and the benefits/drawbacks of both; Splinter Storm is our Damage Reduction+Damage Aura, Iron Skin is our Damage Absorption Without Aura… let Halo stay our combination Damage Absorption+Damage Aura. The only mechanical change Halo needs is to draw attention to the damage aura’s existence by making it scale with a percentage of Halo health, and maybe a base range increase. Apart from the damage reduction nerf, the rest of the Halo changes are good; though I’d remove the radial proc on depletion, just to keep it balanced when reverting that stupid damage reduction mechanic. as for the rest of the rework, bloody masterful and touched everything that needed it, well done. just need that one halo reversion to be utter perfection. P.S.: No, no no no, no! Arcane usage should never be factored in to base mechanical balance at all; balancing any mechanic of any frame around endgame items rare enough to cost *literal thousands of platinum* is Bad Design, full stop, don’t @ me on that one (feel free on the rest tho, i do enjoy feedback). Act almost as if Arcanes don’t exist when making a base stat or mechanical change, because for the vast majority of players, they don’t and won’t exist. Expecting Arcanes to fix what you guys break will just make said thing unusable by most instead until said dependency is reverted.
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