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  1. The time you spend in Cetus/Fortuna is added to the mission timer when you load into the Plaines of Eidolon/Orb Vallis (respectively). For clarification: you can AFK inside the hub areas, come back and load into the Free Roam mission, and the timer spent from being AFK in the hubs will be added to the Free Roam Mission timer example below from a twitch highlight
  2. As a non-host for any Archwing mission, there is a chance you will respawn back at the start of the mission and not where you were originally downed at. Host does not have this issue.
  3. I remember that the old archwing would close the gap when you're trying to melee an enemy but now it doesn't do it. Even with the settings turned on and off (image below), I didn't have the benefit of being teleported a short distance to easily melee enemies.
  4. sorry for some reason i meant to say mastery rank and i typed disposition but im not interested because its a d polarity, sry
  5. what is the disposition and polarity of the ohma riven
  6. WTB 85% electric/toxin weapons 1k ea also i hope the system can be less of a grind by having the kuva lich test for all slots on the requiem instead of just the left>middle>right slots for the specific parazon, as in if i dont have any known requiems and i failed a netra on left parazon mod slot that it would reveal that it actually was supposed to go on the right slot, and so on
  7. so basically what i read is something like the vectis will soon become the greatness of a 1.0 riven disposition while vectis prime sits back at the bottom at 0.8
  8. i support this i am fellow arcane acquisition tenno farmer
  9. ok but what are the numbers next to the stat
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